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[FS] Late 2017 MacBook Pro 1TB SSD 16GB RAM Touch ID

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by paulski, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. paulski

    paulski pfm Member

    Selling here my MacBook from December 2017 with the following spec:

    3.5GHz i7 7th Generation
    1TB SSD
    16GB RAM
    13" screen with Touchbar and Touch ID
    4 Thunderbolt (USB3) ports

    This is a US model and therefore doesn't have a £ symbol on the keyboard. But when set to UK the Alt + 3 combination will give a £. It was a 'refurbished' model direct from Apple but came with the full warranty (obviously no longer valid) and was as new when I bought it.

    It's in almost mint condition, there's just the slightest mark on the top of the front right corner of the lid which I only found when checking it over last night and a tiny blemish on the screen that I never noticed in day to day use but can be seen if you look for it. Original box with original power adapter and lead. It's hardly been off my desk and this means the screen and keyboard have had little use as I ran it into an external monitor with the lid shut.

    Before I wiped it and installed Big Sur there were just over 100 battery cycles and battery health reported 3,440mAh capacity against the original 4,315mAh.

    Selling due to having recently bought a new M1 MacBook - I do a lot of Photoshop work and, if I'm honest, I'd hoped the new M1 version would be way faster but sadly it's not. Maybe I fell for the hype! And I'm missing the extra ports...

    Asking price of £900 to include delivery by Royal Mail Special Delivery.
  2. paulski

    paulski pfm Member

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