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[WTD] Lampizator DAC

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Tim F, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. Tim F

    Tim F pfm Member

    What have you got that's better than the Amber? (I have that one already).

    Cheers, Tim
  2. extracampine

    extracampine Member

    Atlantic Plus balanced with VC (preamp) and upgrades including superclocks and Jupiter wax capacitors.
  3. Tim F

    Tim F pfm Member

    Send me a price please. Cheers, Tim
  4. heihei

    heihei pfm Member

    Golden Gate 2?
  5. Tim F

    Tim F pfm Member

    Guys let me know prices I’ll work out how to pay lol cheers Tim
  6. extracampine

    extracampine Member

    I’d be interested in the GG2.
  7. Tim F

    Tim F pfm Member

    Suggest you get a wanted ad!
    Rosewind and Bigman80 like this.
  8. Lordhenley

    Lordhenley pfm Member

    My friend has the following available for sale

    Golden Gate 2, single ended with no volume control he is asking £7,500 or close offers

    Pacific, single ended with no volume control, he is asking £14,500 this is the gold mirror finish

    Big 7, single ended with a volume control , this is the R2R Dac and is DSD 512 twin engine so its been fully upgraded and overhauled last year also has new power section etc. He is asking £4,500. The Big 7 is the older design and is fully point to point wiring.

    Drop me a PM if your interested and I will send you his contact details

    All Dacs are under warranty.

  9. graystoke4

    graystoke4 pfm Member

  10. Tim F

    Tim F pfm Member

    Seen that on Ebay thanks!

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