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Keesonic Speakers anyone?

Discussion in 'classic' started by neiljadman, May 25, 2006.

  1. neiljadman

    neiljadman Senior Member

    I have two pairs of Keesonic Kubs. Both are in regular use. One one pair I had to replace the drivers with Focal 5K0013L units as one of my drivers blew. Then I re-did the internal wiring, binding posts and re-capped the crossovers. Mind blowing - 8 quid for the Kubs on eBay, the Focal's were being thrown out so got 4 for free! Everyone who hears them is stunned. The best 20 pound speaker anywhere. Super transparent and rock solid imaging. I'll re-do the other pair too in time.

    I hear that Keesonic did a larger speaker too - anyone know anything - or even have a pair for sale?
  2. Dick Bowman

    Dick Bowman Well-Known Member

    I remember a four(?)-way which was pitched as an alternative to the Spendor BC3 - allegedly used by some ITV stations for monitoring. A rather more "explicit" presentation than the Spendors. But they never crossed over into mainstream acceptance.
  3. alanbeeb

    alanbeeb pfm Member

    I used to have Keesonic Kubs - my first speakers, inherited from my brothers when they left home. Paired very nicely with a Sansui receiver which is probably now in my dad's attic.

    Ah fond memories..... I replaced them with Mission 780 in 1992, how much money has flowed under the bridge since then....
  4. weka02

    weka02 New Member

    I have a matched pair of absolutley mint Keesonic KRFs, with the associated speaker stands, they are abueatifully sounding speaker, if you are interested make me an offer. I live near Blackpool. Sam
  5. weka02

    weka02 New Member

    I also have pair Mission 760i speakers, castle speakers factory upgraded to stage 3, Kef 104abs, Tannoys T225s, Leaks ..then there is cambridge amps, denon tuner and many other bit and pieces if anyone is interested ? Sam
  6. Pulse Studio

    Pulse Studio TubeTech

    The Keesonic Kubs were highly respected in the very late 70's up to the mid 80's, in fact they were often used as nearfield monitors in smaller studios as a cheaper alternative to the popular LS3/5a of that period they were considered that good, nice find for 8 quid, well done.
  7. hifi_dave

    hifi_dave Hi-Fi Retailer

    Keesonic was basically a very nice and knowledgable chap by the name of Peter Keeley. He made a range of speakers which started off with the KRF, as I remember and I reviewed them for Hi-Fi for Pleasure at the time. This was a BC1 type/size speaker and was very good indeed.

    I think the Kub came next and then the KRM, which was a large BC3 type jobbie. I believe that Keesonic did sell a few speakers into the BBC and also the commercial TV companies.

    They never caught on with the mainstream and just disappeared, I'm very sorry to say.:(
  8. DSJR

    DSJR Between us and them

    If it's the KRF I'm thinking of, we had them side by side with the "classic era" BC1 (with original white cone surround). They were very close indeed and it's obvious that the KRF, using different drivers as I remember, used the Bc1 as a reference.

    We sold hundreds of pairs of Kubs. A bit toppy as I remember, but great fun in a low cost system. Other dealers sold the Videoton Minimax instead, but these weren't as refined as I remember.
  9. quick-sand

    quick-sand Member

    I have a pair of KBM's, a pair of KRF's and a couple of pairs of Kubs - I have a lot of respect for Peter Keeley's designs! When I recently re-read the review of the KBM published by the Gramophone in March 1978, I was reminded that a fourth speaker was apparently part of this range - The Kolt. Does anyone know anything about these? I recently picked up a pair (and a spare) of some Keesonic speakers smaller than Kubs. The bass unit is a Seas 11F-GX (4.5 inch) and the treble is a Seas H174 (no details of this yet). Are these Kolts? The speakers themselves have been "modified" to allow bi-wiring so I have yet to work out the circuit used in the cross-over and restore them to normal operation.

    I believe I did meet Peter Keeley in the ealy 80's when I blew a tweeter in the KBM's I then owned. I took them to the factory in Cookham (I lived in Maidenhead, so Cookhan was just only a short drive) where a replacement tweeter was fitted. It was then noticed that my speakers had cross-overs which were not to the latest spec... so I was sent home to get the other speaker. A couple of days later, I received a phone call to go and collect the speakers, both of which had been fitted with the latest cross-over and matching tweeters - all at no charge. Now that is true customer service!!
  10. jives11

    jives11 Member

    Does anyone know anything about the Keesonic Skout ? A friend of mine has picked up a pair for a tenner in a charity shop. The foam had rotted, which he's replaced and they sound good. Just wondered if anyone recalls anything of them, reviews, price etc.

    there is a reference in this forum that they might have been a BC1 clone ?
  11. hifi_dave

    hifi_dave Hi-Fi Retailer

    The closest (in size) to the BC1 was the KRF and it wasn't a ' clone ' . Peter Keeley was not one for copying, it was his own distinctive design and very good too.
  12. Martin M

    Martin M Crueller than April

    Ah! I remeber the Kubs. They used to sell them in Boots (the chemists) in Birmingham. Those wired upto an Aurex mini system was the first real hifi system I heard and made quite an impression. Strangely Boots used to sell Nakamichi as well.
  13. neiljadman

    neiljadman Senior Member

    Small world, still have my original Kubs (and about 3 other pairs one of which is now much modified - see above) which I picked up directly from Peter at the workshop in Cookham Dean and they are still in daily use and my Aurex SC(?)12 power amp...also still in fine fettle. The rest of the Aurex system died a while back but is was a musical combination and the cassette deck in particular was pretty good.

    Would love to try some other Keesonics..
  14. quick-sand

    quick-sand Member

    I hadn't heard about the Skout until jives11 mentioned them. Are these (ebay auction number 120625117672) Skouts? Size is quoted as 16 x 12 x 10 inches. The treble unit looks to be the same as the unit in the Kubs but I don't recognise the bass unit - and most Keesonics seem to use speaker units with rubber surrounds, not foam!

    Still haven't got round to working on the Kolts yet. The cross-overs have been 'modified' and it's difficult to tell what was done to them. I don't suppose anyone has a circuit diagram for these speakers......
  15. For years I've been trying to remember the name of a pair of amazing speakers I had in the late 70s. Bought them in a shop in Swansea I seem to recall. They were hooked up to an Armstrong 626 amp and a Trio KD1033B tt and an Akai GX46D cassette deck. Always remember that they were incredible speakers for their size. Saw this thread and they were Kubs. Won't forget again. (Odd how I can recall the model number of the cassette deck but not the speakers).

  16. antinchip

    antinchip pfm Member

    As a teenager in the late 70's Keesonic speakers were very popular where I lived as a school friend had a part time job in a hiifi shop in Aldershot and was able to sell at a slight discount to friends and family! He also offered an upgrade service, replacing the internal wiring with QED 49 strand and adding bitumen sound deadening pads.

    Brilliant for the price, I had a pair of Kubs for a while, moved on to SuperKubs, the larger stand-mount, before continuing upgraditis took me through several more changes eventually to Castle Howards.

    I pursuaded my father to get some modifed Kubs and he has them now, stll going strong.

    Several friends caught the Keesonic bug, several getting Kubs and one had the larger floor-standers, KBM's I think (modified of course). Sounded pretty impressive fed by his LP12 and Meridian set-up.

    Interstingly, Robin, the chap in the shop didn't use them himself, he had Briks!



  17. subsearov

    subsearov pfm Member

    Stumbled across this thread, which reminded me that I have a pair of Kubs boxed up in the attic. They haven't seen use for years, but I remember them as punching well above their weight for sound quality, on the end of an Armstrong 521 and Garrard 401............happy days!

    I might just drag them out and stick them on the end of my Naim setup just for a laugh. Who knows, they might be just as good as I remember.:D

  18. ZPE


    Peter Keeley just told me he has a lot of spares for his range of speakers
    also diags , tweaks esp for the KUBS ,ever heard of the 701A ?
    he is coming to my house in the next few weeks so any enquiries , let me know
  19. deltaunit

    deltaunit pfm Member

    I have had the pleasure of hearing the tiny Kolts, and would love to hear a pair of Kubs. The chap I bought the Kolts off ended up buying them back later on so they are well loved speakers.

    If he has any Kubs going cheap let me know!
  20. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    There was a pair of Kolts at the WigWam show this weekend, a very nice little speaker.

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