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[FS/SWAP] John Coltrane Vinyl

Discussion in 'music classifieds' started by Natara, Sep 27, 2021.

  1. Natara

    Natara pfm Member

    A Love Supreme - GR 155 (2015) U.S Repress of the 1995 Remastered release. Gatefold sleeve distinguished from other GR 155 issues by TML in the runout.

    Ballads - GR 156 (1995) U.S Limited Edition Remaster. Gatefold sleeve distinguished from the much later
    GR 156 Reissue by MASTERED AT CAPITOL GR 156 A F-1 Wally in the runout instead of just MASTERED AT CAPITOL.

    Both are in very VG+ condition inside and out I'm clearing out a few doubles and have the recent Acoustic Sounds reissues of both these.

    I'd prefer to swap for any pre A Love Supreme Coltrane I do have a few so let me know particularly I'd like Soultrane or Coltrane the early prestige one but any others considered.

    I'd also take any Chet Baker, any Tone Poet, Classic Series or 80th Anniversary Blue Note again I have some so let me know what you have I'd also consider any Jazz though. Plus Cash for the right records.

    If after a week or so I haven't swapped then I'll sell them.

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