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[FS] JBL L96 speakers

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Philv, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    For sale -

    JBL speakers.

    The best speakers i have owned imho.

    I'm moving shortly and sadly these will not fit in our next home.

    Pretty much gutted as they look and sound wonderful.

    They are in lovely condition, with original grill covers,
    They have had the woofer surrounds replaced in recent years.

    The old wire connectors have been replaced to accept banana plugs.

    They come with very nice custom wood stands.
    Also, custom covers.

    I think it would be difficult to find such a nice pair with stands and covers.

    These were a star of a Wam show in recent years i believe.

    I have had JBL 4312mk2, kef 104/2, snell AIII, ruark equinox.
    These are my favorites, but unfortunately they won't fit our next lounge.

    Compared to the JBL 4312mk2, these are punchier, tighter in the bass, but still with very deep bass.

    One of the best vintage JBL made.

    I have used these with primaluna prologue 2, 5.5 w el84 set, mf A1.

    Collection from Grantham, Lincs.

    £750 cash on collection.

    Thanks for looking.

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  2. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    Bump for vintage JBLs.
    Everyone should try JBLs.
    They are addictive.

    I never even considered JBLs years ago, knowing nothing about them.
    I then bought some L26 to go with an old marantz receiver and now love vintage JBLs.
  3. jonesi

    jonesi pfm Member

    Somebody please buy these speakers. I would buy them but I have no room (for a couple of months at least).
  4. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    I will be moving to Windsor in September in a month or so.
    So possibility to collect in that area as well.
  5. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

  6. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    I'll be looking at our new house later this week.
    I'm hoping they fit in the bedroom.
  7. Jono_13

    Jono_13 Duffer

    Enjoy the Great Park, it's the best thing in the area.
  8. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    On hold for now as i like them too much.
    I want to try and see if i can fit them in my new place.
    effinity likes this.
  9. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    Sadly up for sale again.
    They won't fit my new place and i guess they have to find a new home.
  10. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

  11. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

  12. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    Everyone should try JBLs.
    And they don't get much better than this.
  13. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

  14. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    I couldn't bare to sell these in the end.
    Apologies to the previous buyer for mucking him around.

    But after moving, although they sound great, they are far too big for my small Victorian terrace lounge.
    They stick out like a sore thumb and it isn't fare on the other half.

    So reluctantly back up for sale.

    At least i tried.

    The price is £700 for speakers and covers (stands not included).

    For the build, sound and condition, i consider that a bargain.

    Collection only please form Eton Wick, near Windsor.
  15. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    Possible swap with aundio note dac 0.1x
  16. oldius

    oldius Can pleasure be measured?

    My mate wants these - I will PM you.
  17. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    Sold stp.
  18. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    oldius likes this.

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