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Jazz Guitarist Recommendations.

Discussion in 'music' started by wezzywest, Mar 11, 2023.

  1. Tumeni Notes

    Tumeni Notes pfm Member

    You could try working vaguely chronologically; the early pioneers - Eddie Lang, Charlie Christian etc., leading into the dominants of the Swing and Bop era - Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis, Tal Farlow, Joe Pass, through to modern exponents merging jazz and fusion with world music stylings - John McLaughlin, John Abercrombie, Bill Conners, Al di Meola, Mike Stern, etc.

    Kessel, Ellis and Charlie Byrd had a band with the three guitars to the fore - with due modesty, they went out under "The Great Guitars" - albums on Concord label
    Kessel, Pass, Ellis, Farlow all have albums as leaders under their belts - Discogs or Wikipedia for discographies.
    Kessel, along with Shelly Manne and Ray Brown, recorded a series under the heading "The Pollwinners", celebrating the three of them winning Downbeat readers polls...
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  2. Engels

    Engels pfm Member

    James 'Blood' Ulmer... Nuff said
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  3. kevinrt

    kevinrt pfm Member

    Jim Hall is worth a listen.
  4. Tantris

    Tantris pfm Member

    Three that haven't been mentioned so far;

    Attila Zoller, and in particular his quartet in The Horizon Beyond - an enduring recording, despite its relative obscurity;

    Mary Halvorson is a guitarist who seems to have inherited Derek Bailey's instinctive intuition. I like her work in large groups, and also her solo album, Meltframe.

    Jeff Parker's recent issue on eremite, Mondays at The Enfield Tennis Academy, is also worth mentioning - a slow burner that rewards repeated listening.
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  5. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Absolutely. His work on Sonny Rollins’ The Bridge is superb. That is an essential album. He crops up on a lot of cool CTI soul jazz stuff in the ‘70s too, as does George Benson.
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  6. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    The early Pat Martino albums on Prestige fit right in there too.

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  7. Aural

    Aural Once hornucopia.Now lying flat.

    Oscar Aleman to show that Django wasn't alone.
    And it seems no one has mentioned Pat Metheny.
    Vinicius Cantuaria too.
  8. GavinA

    GavinA pfm Member

    I really like Jim Hall. He is on the Jimmy Giuffre ‘Train and the river’ which opens the ground breaking jazz film Jazz on a Summer’s Day. You only see him right at the end though. He is also good on one of my longtime favourites the Chico Hamilton ‘yellow album’ which I bought in about 1960 and subsequently when it wore out and now have on CD.
  9. wezzywest

    wezzywest pfm Member

    Thanks for the replies, after the dog walk i will be watching them all. Cheers.
  10. wezzywest

    wezzywest pfm Member

    Thanks for the reply, yes as i find out about any artist, you find there is the next one to check out. Love it. Cheers.
  11. wezzywest

    wezzywest pfm Member

    Great guitarist and person, i was watching quite a few oh his acoustic videos a couple of years ago and nearly bought one of his Collings signature guitars. I stuck with what i had though.
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  12. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK Feelin' nearly faded as my jeans

    John Abercrombie can be a mixed bag but "Timeless" is worth a listen

    John Tropea can be a bit tasty, I first heard him with Deodato but his solo albums might do it if you like the 70s CTI / Tappan Zee style.

    And this is a bit different, just ignore the "New Age" label. John recorded two Jazz albums for Coda "Sirens" and "Ulysses and the Cyclops" and this compo was made of the 'lighter' tracks from those two albums. This track "Atmospheric Conditions" is from the second album.
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  13. kjb

    kjb Losing my edge

    He's playing touring and playing at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival in April ( I have tickets)

    His recent Blue Note record Squint is excellent - and beautifully recorded.

    Peter Bernstein is also worth checking out. Try Perpetual Pendulum from last year

    I'm also a big fan of Lage Lund

    For a record, Idlewild (Criss Cross, 2015)

    + 1 for Jeff Parker - I got Forfolks recently which is excellent. I love his solo playing

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  14. kjb

    kjb Losing my edge

    I could go on a bit as I love jazz guitar in all of it's non fusion guises.

    I consider Mark Ribot one of the great post 70's jazz players although he is left out of too many lists

    Playing Coltrane - check the Sun Ship record

    Or With Halverson and Jamaaladeen Tacuma doing Philly Soul from the Young Philadelphian's record which is basically Philly soul cross with Ornette's Prime time ( this is one of the best things ever btw - utterly noisy and joyous)

    I love the way they play this funky noise using charts - proper muso stuff!

    I also really rate his playing with John Zorn - the Bar Kokhba records are essential stuff.

    Miles Okazaki is a fabulous player - his 6 CD complete Monk on solo guitar is an amazing record

    Not a record, but to get really geeky. here is Okazaki with Julian Lage and Mary Halverson talking about and playing guitars

    And don't forget Nels Cline - his straight jazz playing is first rate - I'd recommend the Blue Note "Lovers" record

    Last edited: Mar 12, 2023
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  15. tuga

    tuga Legal Alien

  16. kjb

    kjb Losing my edge

    I forgot Charlie Hunter. He has a 7 string and plays both lead and bass parts which is quite mind boggling to watch.

    My most played of his is the self titled record from 2000

    Here's a taste of his playing

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  17. leroyd

    leroyd pfm Member

    The great Louis Stewart.

  18. Space is the Place

    Space is the Place pfm Member

    I always liked Stuart McCallum, i don't suppose you'd call it strictly Jazz, just great music really, i can hear Vini Reilly in his music, i can hear greater Manchester in his music, bit special IMO.
  19. mikechadwick

    mikechadwick pfm Member

    Have to give a special mention to Miles Davis’ Jack Johnson with John McLaughlin . Possibly the greatest Jazz/ Rock LP ever?
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  20. tuga

    tuga Legal Alien

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