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Introducing The Print Shop

Discussion in 'photo' started by Lefty, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    I'm excited to announce the beginning of a new venture: The Print Shop! A place to get high quality giclée prints of your own work :)

    As many of you who hang around in the PFM Photo Room know, I'm a big advocate of printing your own images. The reasons for this are:

    1. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing your own images in print. Photography is now more accessible than ever, yet the majority of images never exist beyond a screen. This is a huge shame.

    2. Printing makes you a (much) better photographer. The single biggest improvement I saw in my own photography came when I started printing. Keeping the final print in mind made me approach image making in a completely different (and better) way.

    The advantage with giclée printing is that it allows you to experiment with many different paper types. From textured German etching papers to fibre based baryta papers. (If you've never seen one of these prints before, you're in for a treat!) These papers offer a luxurious, heavyweight feel which (IMHO) really makes them stand out and gives a pride of ownership unmatched by the typical C type prints offered by the likes of Photobox.

    Giclée prints also have more saturated and vibrant colours than C type prints. See below for an example of some of my prints, made on Fotospeed PF Lustre 275:


    The prints are made on an Canon Pro-1000 using a fully colour managed workflow with a calibrated monitor and custom ICC profiles created by myself using my x-rite i1 pro 2 spectrophotometer. (I have found these to be superior to custom profiles I've had created by the paper manufacturer)

    To start with, I will be offering 3 different paper types (but this will expand over time) These are:

    • Fotospeed PF Lustre 275

    • Fotospeed Matt Ultra 240

    • Fotospeed Platinum Baryta 300 - an absolutely gorgeous, fibre based baryta paper, particularly well suited to black and white images - highly recommended

    Print sizes are A4, A3 and A2 over time. My pricelelist can be found below:


    I am working on an online ordering system but for now, please PM to place an order.

    I do hope some of you will be placing orders. There is so much photographic talent in this forum and it would be great to help you all experience the joy of the printed image :)

    Last edited: Aug 27, 2018
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  2. drummerman

    drummerman pfm Member

    Great idea. Will you do B&W? Not that I ever take any of those.

    Edit. Just read the Baryta details.
  3. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    Many thanks drummerman :)

    Yes, I love printing B&W. In fact, here's one I did earlier (not my image, but it is my print). Paper is Platinum Baryta 300


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  4. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

    Good luck with this Amar, the prints look great.
    Lefty likes this.
  5. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    Thanks Mr P. Really appreciate it mate! It's something I've been thinking about for a while but only just plucked up the courage to do it :)

    drummerman likes this.
  6. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

    Nice, Amar: very nice!

    I've a couple of images in mind to try... - shall pm another time.
    Lefty likes this.
  7. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    Thank you so much Martin!

    That would be great. Let me know when you're ready and we can discuss :)

  8. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart Avoiding Stress, at Every Opportunity

    Good luck with this venture, you may well receive some business from me.

    Will you be able to trim the paper to suit non-standard image formats?
    Lefty likes this.
  9. John Barry

    John Barry pfm Member

    I would also be very interested, especially if the printed image could reflect standard sizes, eg 16 x 12
    Lefty likes this.
  10. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    Thank you both - trimming the prints to match the image's original aspect ratio is no problem at all. The price will be the same as for a print made with white borders on the appropriate paper size.

    E.G. an 8" x 10" trimmed print would be the same cost as an A4 print, and a 15" x 10" would be the same cost as for an A3 print.

    @John Barry 16" x 12" is no problem, but would need to be printed on an 'A3+' paper size (13" x 19"). If you or anyone else is interested in these larger sizes, please let me know and I can buy in some A3+ size paper to meet demand.

    Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions / need more info :)

    Tony Lockhart likes this.
  11. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    As part of The Print Shop's offerings, I have decided to offer my own prints for sale :)

    Below is a price list and some recent A4 prints (all of which are for sale)

    Please see my Flickr account here for images which are for sale: Flickr Account



  12. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    As discussed on the "Printing Thread" I finally bit the bullet and got myself a Canon Pro-1000 A2 printer. Needless to say, it's a big beastie! (40KG). Here's a picture of the box, next to my washing machine to give a sense of scale :eek:


    I'm pleased to say that it's now setup. All that remains is for me to create custom icc profiles for the papers and we're away. I'll update the price list once this is done with A2 printing options.

    So.... who's going to be the first to order a print from this bad boy? :cool:

    Mr Perceptive likes this.
  13. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

    So what's the paper options and prices??
  14. Tantris

    Tantris pfm Member

    Good luck, Amar, with this enterprise! How have your first prints with the new Canon printer turned out, and have you done any B&W in A2?
  15. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    Here's the updated pricelist :)

    Hopefully folk will find these prices very fair / reasonable, particularly for A2 prints. (The Print Space charge £25 for an A2 giclée print)


    Many thanks Tantris :) I've just finished profiling the PF Lustre and Matt Ultra and am absolutely blown away by the quality! Just stunning. I'll post some of the results when I get a chance but suffice to say I am very happy indeed.

    I've only printed A4 sized black and white images (with fantastic results - the blacks are wonderfully deep / intense and the images really 'pop' off the page) so far but I've got an image in mind which I want to print at A2. I'll make sure I post thew results :)

    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
  16. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    A little collage I put together to showcase my open edition prints :)

    These make the perfect gift. Either for someone special or just as a treat for your home. I can also supply prints to decorate a retail, office or restaurant space.

    Prices start from just £15


  17. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    Rather pleased with this A2 print produced for @Paulicus :)

    It will look stunning framed and up on the wall. Hope you like it Paul!


    Mr Perceptive, Paulicus and saturn9 like this.
  18. Paulicus

    Paulicus pfm Member

    Thanks, Amar. I'm going to be like a tramp with a bag of chips when this arrives.
  19. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    Haha - my pleasure mate :)

    So pleased you like it.

  20. Paulicus

    Paulicus pfm Member

    Well, silent praise is no good to anyone, so just to say thanks, Amar. The print arrived today and is a beauteous print!

    If anyone is wavering about getting a print done. Amar sent me two soft proofs to show what the image would look like on the different papers he uses. As a keen amateur photographer, I've had lots of "custom" prints done over the years, but never had a soft proof preview from the actual person printing the image. This helped me in my paper choice decision, which has turned out to be a faithful representation to my profiled screen image. Marvellous work.

    Give it a go folks, you won't be disappointed.

    A nice print is a thing to behold, or giveaway as a gift!

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