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Interest check: EAR 912 multi-function preamp with the best inbuilt phono out there

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by montesquieu, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. montesquieu

    montesquieu pfm Member

    I'm being offered an interesting deal on something I've long desired but always considered unaffordable. So putting out an interest check for my EAR 912 'Professional Tube Control Center'. If you are reading this then you know what it is:

    * Two tonearm inputs, both switchable between MM or MC via SUT
    * Four position Tim de Paravicini step-up transformer labelled 3, 6, 12 and 40 ohm
    * All tube LCR phono stage, absolute top quality
    * Three position interstage transformer - 0db, -6db and -12db settings for gain matching between phono and linestage
    * All tube output stage
    * Two balanced, four unbalanced line inputs; two balanced, two unbalanced preamp outputs, plus tape in/ line level tape out, mute switch and mono button.

    I think I counted 8 transformers/inductors inside, handmade at EAR - for all its relatively compact size, it's heavy as a proper valve power amp.

    I've owned for quite a while now, it was serviced at EAR last month:

    * bulbs changed in the meters to long life LEDs after one of the old-style fillament ones blew
    * the meters recalibrated, the valve bases tightened
    * a couple of tubes replaced
    * in a previous service, I had the internal remote control mechanism replaced and purchased the new fancy metal remote

    It actually came back initially from EAR with an oscillation problem (something disturbed in sorting the valve bases) that was rapidly fixed by EAR at no charge.

    It comes in the proper EAR box and packing with two remotes (the original 'flat egg' plastic one and the new metal one above that's £80 to buy on its own), and three full sets of five spare tubes - a set of TdP branded ones (Phillips I think), a set of Teslas, and a set of Telefunkens. (15 spare tubes in total). The Telefunkens routinely sell for £150 a pair.

    It's an interest check at this stage and would depend on me firming up the other thing (and making sure I could also fund the gap) before I could part with it.

    I'd need £5250 for it which is about the going rate for past sales of these if you exclude the obvious scam listings (mainly Russian or Italian). List is £10k these days and they very rarely come up.

    Many reviews online of this, uniformly glowing. I much would prefer collection so you can hear it in action, but the EAR packing is pretty robust and therefore I am happy to ship (fully insured) in the UK at the buyer's cost.

    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
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  2. killie99

    killie99 pfm Member

    If only I had £5k going free ... the best preamp I’ve ever heard (Puresound L300 wasn’t too far behind)
  3. Rockhopper

    Rockhopper pfm Member

    Oh dear Tom. The search goes on. I would never sell my 912 having had it from new.
    Never found anything that comes even close.
    I would though consider the JPA66 mk11, not to replace but to run along side.
    Dream on.
  4. montesquieu

    montesquieu pfm Member

    More pics



  5. Mr Underhill

    Mr Underhill pfm Member

    My dream pre-amp. But having just had my 868 fettled I would want to get it sold, so the whole thing would start to feel more like a house purchase!

  6. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    I am sure the 868 would sell fairly well if you price it right .
  7. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    Saturday bump and I think you are probably under-pricing this package, Tom. Like Russell (Rockhopper), I'd keep mine even if I sold everything else as I'm now hooked on meters and the 912's musical and dynamic presence. ! Heaven only knows what you are considering replacing it with! These so rarely come up and this is quite striking cosmetically !
  8. andyjl65

    andyjl65 New Member

  9. andyjl65

    andyjl65 New Member

    This could well be something I would be interested in. I've been casually looking for something to improve upon my 834P which seems a bit noisy these days since going for a much more sensitive speaker system. I also run EAR 509 mkII's ..
  10. montesquieu

    montesquieu pfm Member

    Actually one of the features of the EAR 912 is just how quiet it is - no external SUT can be as quiet as this Swiss Army knife internal implementation and the LCR phono stage is probably the quietest out there (the Achilles heel of most LCR RIAA stages is tube microphonics well TfP cracked it with this one.)
  11. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    Ditto (with 912) into 2905 ESLs Understandably, quite a match.
  12. montesquieu

    montesquieu pfm Member

    Now on hold pending payment

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