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Hypothecated taxes are designed to undermine the NHS

Discussion in 'off topic' started by ks.234, Oct 12, 2021.

  1. Le Baron

    Le Baron pfm Member

    I am sometimes abrasive, but it's mostly because I've had 15 years of people not reading what they critique and then rolling up to confidently dismiss something. I'm thin on patience. Which is perhaps not the best situation, but...

    Sorry if it didn't feel like an engagement on civil terms. It's not personal.
  2. Le Baron

    Le Baron pfm Member

    This (excerpt from article at Deutsche Welle) is a reminder that the neolibs will persist in spreading their misconceptions even after they admit certain truths. The ECB launching its 'green bonds', and positing it as 'sustainable debt for funding'... blah blah. This after it already showed, during the GFC and later in the pandemic, that it neither borrows money nor is constrained. Instead of clearing fiscal space and allocating the money to targeted spending (which is what they claim this is for anyway) they are persisting with the sideshow that it is 'raising' money' from sales to people in the private sector who are by-and-large exchanging loaned bank money for bonds. The old left-pocket to right-pocket thing.
    There is an argument for sales of some bonds, as a way of postponing consumption and freeing unspent income in order to free space, which is more desirable than taxation which eliminates it entirely. Who are they selling to though? The same people who buy ordinary government bonds.
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  3. wulbert

    wulbert pfm Member

    So, what happens when we have tax evasion on an industrial scale as revealed in the Pandora Papers (and Paradise Papers and Panama Papers)?

    Are the super-wealthy who hide their income and don't pay tax driving inflation or any other nastiness in society? Their due tax money doesn't get "deleted" because they don't pay any.
  4. ks.234

    ks.234 pfm Member

    Yes, it does cause inflation, but as the super rich already have as much ordinary stuff like food as they want, the inflation occurs in things like yachts, footballers, and of course other places that the super rich spend their money like property in London. But the big inflation is in their donations to political parties that are part of their secret and the massively inflated influence they have on government

    But the big problem with hiding tax is therefore a moral question about how the super wealthy use their money to control government. It is also they who control the media which perpetuates the lie that government has to have your tax in order to fund your NHS.

    It doesn’t. People dying because of lack of care is a political choice.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2021
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