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HiFi repairs - London

Discussion in 'audio' started by Middlemex, Oct 26, 2021.

  1. Middlemex

    Middlemex Well-Known Member


    anyone know of reliable and affordable repair shops for hi fi amps? Taken a knock in the shipping ,, and not powering up proeprly

    thank you
  2. Elephantears

    Elephantears Trunkated Aesthete

    What part of London are you in? There is Armstrong Audio, but they are quite far north-east.
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  3. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    Tony at coherent maybe or ad audio in Wimbledon. Both are active on forums. The latter is well known for his valve amps like the satchmo pre
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  4. Middlemex

    Middlemex Well-Known Member

    thanks, I am north west, but i do venture east occasionally
  5. atcman

    atcman pfm Member

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  6. monya

    monya pfm Member

    +1 for Tony at Coherent.
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  7. mercalia

    mercalia pfm Member

    maybe a stickie for posts like this?
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  8. Bairnstorm

    Bairnstorm pfm Member

    I am in West London and just been through the same problem with my amp.

    I tried a number. Some wouldn't touch it as it was too heavy and one had never heard of the make.

    I spoke to John Caswell who is retiring soon but well known on this site and World Audio Design and he recommended Deco Audio in Aylesbury where I have taken it.

    I have just got off the phone from James there and he knows his stuff. Number is 01296 422224. They do valve and SS.
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  9. CTank

    CTank pfm Member

    Seconded for Deco Audio, worth the trip.
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  10. Darmok

    Darmok "They're going to need a much bigger dock"

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  11. docstocker

    docstocker pfm Member

    Have you actually used Londonsound?
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  12. Darmok

    Darmok "They're going to need a much bigger dock"

    Yes, Mike Solomans London Sound is one of the very few Authorised "Radford Audio" service agents.

    He repaired and serviced my Radford SPA50 power amp when I damaged it with a faulty Stax SRD7 electrostatic coupling energizer transformer.

    Not too cheap but very good service, He really knows his stuff.


    Lots of internal pictures in link above.
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  13. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    If you can make it as far as Leatherhead @toprepairman is excellent.
  14. sls4321

    sls4321 pfm Member

    I've used mentioned above and was very satisfied. Also very reasonable. Works from home, in Mill Hill/Edgware area.

    Audio Gold, a big business in Crouch End, also do repairs and rebuilds on specific kit, in particular Quad.
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  15. Bairnstorm

    Bairnstorm pfm Member

    Mike Solomons is shut due to Covid and if you have anything with him for repair he won't release it. You can ring and listen to his voice message. I did 2 weeks ago.
    Middlemex likes this.
  16. baitrunner

    baitrunner pfm Member

    Another recommendation for Deco Audio . Repaired my Whest Phonostage for £500 less than quoted by Whest Audio , Now sounds like new.
    Make of that what you will Whest Audio .
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  17. G T Audio

    G T Audio Trade: Manufacturer and Distributor

    Beware. I know several people who have had bad experiences...
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  18. G T Audio

    G T Audio Trade: Manufacturer and Distributor

    Deco used to use John Caswell.
  19. Bairnstorm

    Bairnstorm pfm Member

    John is finally retiring in March so is passing stuff on. I think he has earned it.
  20. andrewd

    andrewd pfm Member

    Used him about 10 years ago to get some valve amps serviced and had excellent experience.

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