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HiFi Choice A5 Best Buy Booklets

Discussion in 'audio' started by orbscure, Jun 4, 2022.

  1. orbscure

    orbscure My God, its full of stars...

    Good morning all... as many of you may know, these HiFi Choice A5 booklets were published between 1975 and 1987, so can anybody confirm if the list is correct, fill in the two missing entries and confirm if No.55 the last of the A5 format?

    No.01 CassetteDecks
    No.02 Receivers
    No.03 Loudspeakers
    No.04 Cassette Decks and Tapes
    No.05 Turntables & Cartridges
    No.06 Amplifiers
    No.07 Receivers
    No.08 Music Centers
    No.09 Tuners
    No.10 Loudspeakers
    No.11 Cassette Decks
    No.12 Turntables & Tonearms
    No.13 Cartridges and Headphones
    No.14 Amplifiers
    No.15 Loudspeakers
    No.16 ??
    No.17 Cassette Decks and Tapes
    No.18 Turntables and Tonearms
    No.19 Receivers, Tuners & Amplifiers
    No.20 Cartridges and Headphones
    No.21 Loudspeakers
    No.22 Cassette Decks and Tapes
    No.23 Stereo Systems and Accessories
    No.24 Turntables and Tonearms
    No.25 Amplifiers
    No.26 Loudspeakers
    No.27 Systems, Racks & Minis
    No.28 Cartridges and Headphones
    No.29 Cassette Decks and Tapes
    No.30 Turntables and Tonearms
    No.31 Loudspeakers
    No.32 Cassette Decks and Tapes
    No.33 Amplifiers and Stereo Tuners
    No.34 ??
    No.35 Turntables & Compact Disc Units
    No.36 Loudspeakers
    No.37 Cassette Decks and Tapes
    No.38 Cartridges & Accessories
    No.39 Amplifiers & Stereo Tuners
    No.40 CD Players & Turntables
    No.41 Loudspeakers
    No.42 Cassette Decks
    No.43 Cartridges & Turntables
    No.44 Amplifiers & Stereo Tuners
    No.45 Compact Disc Players
    No.46 Loudspeakers
    No.47 Cassette Decks & Tapes
    No.48 Turntables, Arms & Cartridges
    No.49 The Collection
    No.50 Amplifiers & Tuners
    No.51 CD Players
    No.52 Cassette Decks & Tapes
    No.53 Loudspeakers
    No.54 CD & Midi Systems
    No.55 Turntables & Cartridges

    Many thanks in advance
  2. ciderglider

    ciderglider pfm Member

    I don’t know, but you might want to ask some kind soul to move your thread to the Audio section of the forum, where it might get the attention it deserves.
    orbscure likes this.
  3. orbscure

    orbscure My God, its full of stars...

    Whoops... that might help... off to Spocksivers in the morning! Thanks for the heads-up :)
    pickwickpapers likes this.
  4. orbscure

    orbscure My God, its full of stars...

    Little bump for a relocated post on a miserable Monday night :)
  5. Pinky

    Pinky In suspense, not compressed

    Just checked the small number that I have and can confirm the titles of no's. 18, 24, 33, 36, 46 & 48 in your list to be correct.

    I don't know the answers to the other questions unfortunately.
    orbscure likes this.
  6. orbscure

    orbscure My God, its full of stars...

    Thanks Pinky… appreciate the confirmation
  7. orbscure

    orbscure My God, its full of stars...

    Roll up, roll up... anybody able to fill in the gaps or answer any of the other questions..? Many thanks in advance...
  8. Pinky

    Pinky In suspense, not compressed

    Just checked again and can also confirm no's. 5 and 14 of your list to be correct.

    Hopefully someone will be along soon to confirm a few more, particularly those missing ones 16 and 34!
    orbscure likes this.
  9. orbscure

    orbscure My God, its full of stars...

    Many thanks... I'm pretty confident the list I have is correct, its these pesky gaps and not knowing if No.55 was the last in this A5 format...
  10. Beobloke

    Beobloke pfm Member

    I’ve had a rummage in my collection and can confirm that Number 16 is Stereo systems and Accessories::


    Number 34 is Complete Stereo Systems:

    orbscure likes this.
  11. poco a poco

    poco a poco I'm Jim

    I had quite a few at one time, but I must have given them away or thrown them out? I can only find number 24 that I confirms as Turntables and Tonearms by Martin Colloms. I must have only kept this as it has unfavourable reviews of both the Syrinx PU2 Tone arm that I owned at one time (and liked a lot) and the Trio L-07D turntable that I still own and have run without problems since 1981 and it still to be better than most ‘oligarch buyers’ turntables I have heard. :p
    orbscure likes this.
  12. orbscure

    orbscure My God, its full of stars...

    Thanks Adam and Jim... your input is very much appreciated :)

    All I need to know now is was No.55 the last of the A5 format?
  13. cre009

    cre009 pfm Member

    Just to add a bit of confusion.

    I have copies of "The Collection" which is un-numbered and "The Collection II" which is number 49. Both are A4.

    Inside the Collection II there is a list of back copies and future editions and 54 and 55 differ from the list. Perhaps they changed their mind later in the year.

    Image01 — Postimages (
    orbscure likes this.
  14. orbscure

    orbscure My God, its full of stars...

    Many thanks for that... the Collection volume (49) is indeed listed towards the end of the run and at least they added volume numbers in their later issue adverts. I've just managed to secure a large number of the issues I was missing and once I have enough posts, I'll post my wants to the Classified. The latest edition I now have is No.52 and the "order your copies" pager is very similar to the scan kindly provided in the previous post.

    The Collection II (49) is one I'm missing, but the unnumbered The Collection has slipped under my radar. Any chance of a front scan and confirmation as to what year is was published? The year it was published should enable me to add it on my list.

    The unnumbered Best Buy Guide listed during the 1986 run between No.46 & 47 is also of interest, so if anybody can throw any light on that edition, that'd be greatly appreciated :)
  15. cre009

    cre009 pfm Member

    1986 the first collection was published - they show larger editions with an * so get a copy of 56 and it may tell you what size 55 was plus the contents

    Image02 — Postimages (
  16. orbscure

    orbscure My God, its full of stars...

    Many thanks again... so just for clarification, is that front showing The Collection or The Collection II? My guess is that its the first... so sorry to be a pain, but any chance of a scan of the cover of the one its not :)

    As for 56, I'm not even sure if that exists as an A5 booklet, I've not found any mention past No.55... its really the final unanswered question I have...
  17. cre009

    cre009 pfm Member

  18. orbscure

    orbscure My God, its full of stars...

    Brilliant, thanks very much... :)

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