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[FS] Hi Fi Racks Podium XS (335mmx400mm) Oak finish, 3 tier rack

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by trumpetman, Jan 6, 2022.

  1. trumpetman

    trumpetman pfm Member

    For sale - Hi Fi Racks Podium XS (335mmx400mm) Oak finish, 3 tier rack

    • In good condition, please see picture, more available if interested
    • Oak finish with stainless steel spikes.
    • Has been used for an office headphone system and lately to support the extras in the main system, such as Phono stage, LPS for turntable and a Buffalo CD/DVD drive to rip directly to the Melco.
    • Surplus now due to no headphones and a major HiFi rack sort out making it redundant
    • This is still a current product, please do your own Googling
    • I am sure it would be ideal for the Cyrus range of kit.

    Top tier has the full 335x 400mm available

    Usable width for lower tiers is 220mm between the legs

    Fixed height for lower tiers, is 100mm, including spikes

    Offered at £195 via Bank Transfer or PP

    Collection from near Kidderminster is preferred.

    I will post, but the buyer needs to decide the carrier and the level of service and pay! I have loads of bubble wrap and a sturdy box. It will be heavy.
  2. trumpetman

    trumpetman pfm Member

    Nice HiFi rack still available, office or headphone system......?
    PM for more photos or questions answered
  3. trumpetman

    trumpetman pfm Member

    Ideal for all Cyrus kit
    Ideal for all extras that won't fit in your main rack

    All sensible offers considered
    Could meet up within 25 miles
  4. trumpetman

    trumpetman pfm Member

    Still here, pm if interested
  5. trumpetman

    trumpetman pfm Member

    Perfect rack for all sorts of HiFi shizzle - man cave stuff, reading glasses, tablets......:)
  6. trumpetman

    trumpetman pfm Member

    Still here, but also on EBay

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