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Help with a TEAC VRDS-9's digital out please

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by Maxbertola, Mar 18, 2023.

  1. Maxbertola

    Maxbertola pfm Member

    Hello DIYers,

    I have just discovered that my TEAC VRDS-9's digital out card is dead. The rest of the CDP works fine, but I can't use it as drive.
    Does by any chance anyone have one as spare part from an otherwise dead player?

    Thanks in advance,
    pics with part number here:


    I have already searched the auction site.

  2. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Have you removed it and visually checked it carefully? The first thing I’d check for are cracks around the solder joints where the sockets meet the board. Really not uncommon with that kind of board-mounted socket.

    Is it dead on all outputs? I’d have thought that board was repairable, it doesn’t look to have anything bespoke on it.
    Mike P likes this.
  3. Maxbertola

    Maxbertola pfm Member

    Hi Tony,

    thanks for your suggestion. I took the player to a friend's audio store where his technician briefly checked that the two wires on the left (gray and brown) take power to the board and the ferrite-shielded two others take the digital signal. Both are active at the input, but the board is not working. No signal is present at either output - the optical and the coaxial.
    So the next step would be to have someone (I am not sure that I can properly) check each contact to finally spot the failed solder or component. I plan to have it done by another technician friend, more and better equipped for the task.

  4. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    It could be a variety of things, though to my eyes there is nothing on that board that is not replaceable. Even the 74HC04 IC is available.

    If it was mine I’d start by looking for cracks around the sockets as described (I’d actually just reflow it to be sure), that done I’d look for open or shorted caps. There isn’t anything in there that should strike fear into a service tech to my mind, though I must admit I’ve no idea what the silver square thing in the middle is! I guess you may have issues if the optical connector is actually broken, but at the least I’d expect it to be possible to restore coax functionality.

    PS I’m sure someone who specialises in CD players (maybe Mike P?) could fix it for you for a fee.
  5. Maxbertola

    Maxbertola pfm Member

    Thanks Tony. I have contacted my friend technician (he runs the authorized service lab for Naim in Italy) and will drive to him with the TEAC next week. If the card is easy to fix, I plan to use the player with a Levinson 36S DAC that a friend is about to give me, astonishingly enough, for free. Working. :)
  6. Mike P

    Mike P Trade: Pickwell Audio

    The square thing is the transformer for the coaxial output.
    Tony L likes this.
  7. Maxbertola

    Maxbertola pfm Member


    thanks. I'm always amazed/amused by the sight of such simple, minimal contacts for 'precious' signals that are subjected, outside the player, to expensive cables and connectors..
  8. chartz

    chartz If it’s broke fix it!

    Not much that can go wrong here. Find a competent tech that is really willing to help.
    Maxbertola and Mike P like this.
  9. Mike P

    Mike P Trade: Pickwell Audio

    I repaired a TEAC with a dead digital output a few years ago. IIRC the optical output module had failed short in some way. I removed the module and then suddenly the coaxial output started working again. The owner didn't want to use the optical output and so I simply fitted a blanking plug in the casework and left it at that.
  10. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    You're forgetting that before TEAC fitted those little grey cables they would have cryo-ed them and stuck them in a quantum field manipulator surround by shakti stones ;-)

    Hope you get the TEAC running with your new DAC. What an amazing gift!
  11. Maxbertola

    Maxbertola pfm Member

    That would be a very good solution, because I too don't plan to go optical. I'll probably take the unit to a good technician on Wednesday. If I were more technically self-confident I'd try removing the optical myself..
  12. Maxbertola

    Maxbertola pfm Member

    Yes, indeed. I really hope the 36S is still working, it's been stored for some years it appears..
  13. Mike P

    Mike P Trade: Pickwell Audio

    I'm certainly not saying that it's definitely the problem but it might be helpful to your tech.
  14. Maxbertola

    Maxbertola pfm Member

    Goes without saying. It would surely be one good way to solve the issue though, just removing a relatively useless part and the rest resurrects.. Thanks for the opinions and help anyway.

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