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Help: Where are DPA Digital?

Discussion in 'audio' started by Yeldarb, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. tomek

    tomek pfm Member

  2. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    I've recently got a LB3 and a PDM 1 series 3 converter. both not working and both soon repaired :)
    I must say I'm impressed with the sq even if they are very old now!
    I upgraded the op amps and output cap in the LB3 which made a very slight improvement but nothing massive.
  3. adrianw

    adrianw Registered User

  4. Martin D

    Martin D Libertarian Division

    looking at that, id say arrive in an Austin Allegro
  5. Legendz

    Legendz New Member

    Hi guys, I have an almost mint DPA Renaissence amp with the upper metal case in raw stainless steel, fully serviced with Rubycon caps. I'm thinking of letting it go, how much should this get nowadays? Thanks
  6. gabark

    gabark New Member

    Sorry for my poor english and thanks for patience.
    I have buy a N.3 chip Philips SAA7350AGP on ebay.
    One for my HARMAN KARDON HD730 and 2 for reserve.
    I have one LITTLE BITS Mk1 and BIGGER BITS Mk1.
    I want to ask at all if is convenient replace the SAA7350GP on there 2 converter with this new chips?
    But in the DPA DAC there is SAA7350GP instead I have SAA7350AGP. I don't know the difference.
    Thanks for answer.
  7. gabark

    gabark New Member

    I wanted to inform the community that I just repaired my HARMAN KARDON HD730 replacing the PHILIPS SAA7350 it was broken because I did not have the analog output.
    I would ask should replace the SAA7350 on LITTLE BITS with a new one (I bought 3) I have some sound improvement?
    And if you change the BITS BIGGER? Since in Biggers BITS it functions as a filter not from DAC.
    Thanks in advance for answers.
  8. gianp

    gianp New Member

    I know this thread is a 'few' years old but.....I brought my DPA Renaissance Amplifier out of the cupboard after a few years and I'm having trouble with the phono stage which I had never used previously. When I connect up any turntable (ground wire & phono leads) I get this drumming hum. The noise occurs with the turntable powered on or off and reduces when I touch the live/neutral pins of the turntable's plugs. I am pretty sure the fault lies in the amp as another turntable does exactly the same thing and I've swapped out cartridges/headshells etc to isolate the fault. Is this a)something that can be a diy fix or b) is the phono stage any good and worth having repaired if it's a 'no' to a).

    DPA_SERVICE pfm Member

    There is not very much to the Moving Magnet phono stage. Perhaps the mod wire connection has come adrift? First off you need to take the case off and look inside the amp. The disc stage electronics is bottom left looking from the rear of the amp.
  10. tomek

    tomek pfm Member

    Probably one of the last possibilities to buy DPA drive with Deltran.
    With a spare laser !

    DPA Enlightenment Drive


    DPA_SERVICE pfm Member

  12. tomek

    tomek pfm Member

    I got one DPA Enlightenment Drive and DX32 DAC, sound is phantastic. CD Drive Display is not working. Any hint ? I also have one Renaissance DX16, but the Teac (not philips) drive is broken (one big plastic part). Does anybody knows, which Teac drive was used by DPA ?

    DPA_SERVICE pfm Member

    The 12 volt dc bulbs have probably failed. Maplin used to be my source for replacements. But perhaps now ultra bright legs might be a better idea.

    DPA_SERVICE pfm Member

    Are you sure it is a Teac drive? They did come from Teac players but I have a suspicion that they are not Teac mechanisms and may in fact be another lesser make. I have a service manual for a Goodmans CD700 that physically looks very similar in size to the supposed Teac. Of course the service manual which you may be able to get from the internet may reveal all.

    DPA_SERVICE pfm Member

    I do have spare players to rebuild your player so all is not lost.
    ansis likes this.
  16. mrmaxy

    mrmaxy Member

    Just thought I’d add, I have the new Deltec DPM3 dac and love it, got it for a steal of eBay. I read a review which compared it to the rega dac, the rega lasted about three weeks and didn’t intest me at all, though I like their speakers and TT’s etc. Admittedly the rega didn’t have the boutique caps I was expecting so maybe an earlier version. But the Deltec is definitely a reference piece. I have Audio Sythesis Dax, audiolab Mdac, various pcm1702, ad1865 and tda1541 fiddle things. The DPM 3 can sound a bit ‘grand’ but very good with cuircuits like Naim.

    ...Any pointers for the Deltec lock appreciated
  17. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Still very much liking my PDM3, it is a very good DAC for sure. Got mine cheap off eBay too!

    DPA_SERVICE pfm Member

    You should check out the Audiogon site for refs regarding Deltec Precision Audio. Final version. You may have got your PDM3 on the cheap but there is no service function at all and the warranties are worthless.

    DPA_SERVICE pfm Member

    The " Deltec Lock " has different components and circuitry to Rob Watts original designs. I know because I built a few of them. Best person to talk to is Colin Yallop of Chevron Audio who was offered the work to do Deltran upgrades. I do not think that they worked very well. And unless Colin has technical notes on fitting them and I have some boards and assembly instructions this story is closed.
  20. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Do you have a link? I can never find anything on Audiogon!

    I was well aware DPA had gone bust (again!) when I bought the PDM3, but £325 was too good an offer for what looks like an unused boxed one not to take a punt on it. It is a very good DAC IMO. Sure, servicing may be an issue long-term, but I know fellow pfm member Martin Clark, who seems to know how they tick! Does the PDM3 have any reliability issues you know of? I must have had it a couple of years now and it is fine so far...

    PS I’m not using the ‘Deltran Link’ thing, mine is just hooked up with coax to a Rega Apollo-R as a transport. Sounds great to me.

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