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[FS] Hana SL cart

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by DarrenW, Apr 22, 2022.

  1. DarrenW

    DarrenW Oxygen User

    In great nick, can’t guarantee the usage as bought it with a couple of hundred hours on (run in) and used as a back up cart to my ikeda 9TT. Boxed and very good condition.

    looking for £350 plus post
  2. Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall pfm Member

    Great cartridge, highly recommended.
  3. DarrenW

    DarrenW Oxygen User

    Yep spent quite @ bit on improving on it with the ikeda which retails at over £3k, amazing vfm and works with most SUTs
  4. DarrenW

    DarrenW Oxygen User

    Part ex for avi type amp as my telly system gave up the ghost this week
  5. DarrenW

    DarrenW Oxygen User

    £325 of any interest?
  6. Paul Gravett

    Paul Gravett Good Bot Gone Bad

    Message sent.

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