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Going to the pub on Saturday?

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Nigel, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    You live in Tad?
  2. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Cold War Steve is looking forward to Saturday (Twitter).
    farfromthesun likes this.
  3. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    You know you have a problem when you're on text terms with the local :D
  4. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    Before lockdown I went every evening, early and just for two or sometimes three drinks. With that habit broken I will probably have a little look midweek and stick to outside. If the infection rate goes back up in three weeks I will stay away other than the odd beer garden foray. The problem in Cumbria is we will be mobbed!
  5. JensenHealey

    JensenHealey pfm Member

    I am not rushing to the pub yet. My nearest is 15 paces from my front door, but it is a small operation. A one way travel system in there would be challenge. No word on how they are doing it. Local Facebook group has several pubs explaining how and when they are opening. I doubt they will be short of customers.

    As mentioned above we really miss dropping in to a pub on the dog walk at weekends - my wife is especially missing that aspect. A quick pint and pork pie in the sunshine was always a civilised part of our weekends. We might have to wait a bit.
  6. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK Feelin' nearly faded as my jeans

  7. Isobarik

    Isobarik pfm Member

    My landlady sent me a text last night asking me if i'll be coming in for a pint on Saturday,sadly I had to decline!

    Not worth the risk!
  8. PhilofCas

    PhilofCas pfm Member

    We’re f*cked then.
    Andrew C! likes this.
  9. Wine Man

    Wine Man pfm Member

    Steve C.. yes I'm in Tad - my profile pic is of our knackered bridge a few years back. Humphrey Smith is a fruitcake - google 'Nun Appleton Hall'. It is/was a beautiful stately home about 5m from me. He bought it many years ago, wanted to make a few period alterations but was refused planning permission as it was a listed building. He simply shut it down, built a fence around it and no one can get near it now. That's what he is like - if he can't get his old fashioned way he chucks his toys out of the pram. I do enjoy running through his grounds though - his home Oxton Hall is only 1k from me.
  10. Ponty

    Ponty pfm Member

    Sadly my local won’t be opening on Saturday, although kids are back at school (Wales). If it was, I’d go and sit outside, enjoy the magnificent view and a couple of pints. I do feel sorry for them as they closed the pub in January to do a full refurb, opened for a week then had to shut. I’ll definitely be supporting them once they are allowed to open.
  11. Tarzan

    Tarzan pfm Member

    Agree 100% it will be like silly season- which is just as well as l will be at work:(, so Wednesday will be jolly up day.:D
  12. Joe Hutch

    Joe Hutch Mate of the bloke

    My pub visits have in the past been few and far between. They will become even fewer and farther between, going forward.
  13. claire.foxx

    claire.foxx Trans lives matter more than cis feelings

    The government’s initial herd immunity policy never really went away did it?

    It’s hard to remain empathetic when people know the risks, know the potential outcomes and the problems it poses for everyone as a result. Enjoy your pint, hope it was worth it.
    Sue Pertwee-Tyr and Cambs12 like this.
  14. Cav

    Cav pfm Member

    My local will open on 13 July (Monday). I have not really been too inconvenienced by lockdown, but I really miss the social aspect of the pub. In recent weeks we have been meeting there a couple of times a week, bringing our own drinks, and chatting with the Landlord in the beer garden.

    Social distance should not be a problem. I drink there at lunchtimes and (Mon-Friday) there are only about 5-7 regular customers (more Sat/Sun lunchtimes). Cash free is a recent innovation but works OK.
  15. ducatiman

    ducatiman pfm Member

    Like that’s gonna happen
  16. Nigel

    Nigel pfm Member

    I see one of the measures JD Wetherspoons are putting in place are welcome signs which will give guidance to customers, including asking them to only visit their pubs if they feel well.

    Also members of staff only employed for the purpose of wiping down card machines and surfaces.

    The new front line?
  17. Dave***t

    Dave***t Revolutionary relativist

    Agreed. But please spare a thought for those who work in the industry.
  18. jimbob75

    jimbob75 pfm Member

    I wouldn't venture into a city centre on Saturday (virus or not) but will be doing everything I can to support my local business and community. Shockingly reckless and selfish behaviour I know.
    Woodface and tqineil like this.
  19. kensalriser

    kensalriser pfm Member

    We'll be there. See you Saturday. Can't wait!

  20. sean99

    sean99 pfm Member

    The governor of Texas has said that his one regret was reopening bars too soon. I feel for the industry but I think it’s a very risky move to reopen pubs.
    andrewd likes this.

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