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Getting back into HIFI

Discussion in 'audio' started by neilo7, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Bigbobby666

    Bigbobby666 pfm Member

    Doesn't look like it has a pre out which neilo7 would need to go into his actives - interesting little unit tho!

    EDIT: The higher spec Marantz M-CR610 does tho.
  2. avole

    avole The wise never post on Internet forums

    You've not listened to Harbeth nor Sonus Faber, then:)

    I had some actives, a Swedish brand. Never, never again. Hated all the wires, the artificially boosted bass and overemphasized treble, and the sheer inflexibility of the things. OK if an iThing to speaker is all you want, anything else and you'll need a proper preamp, so you may as well get an integrated and go down the more flexible route.

    OK, rant over, and apologies for going off topic.
  3. beammeup

    beammeup pfm Member

    Consider getting yourself something with Spotify connect installed while you are looking for something new. Something not mentioned here is the single box solution from Yamaha called the R-N500.

    Or find another streamer as a source and squeeze in an additional small box from Arcam called the irDAC. The sound from this DAC is excellent in a very small package (small enough to squeeze in that extra box unnoticed)
  4. Bigbobby666

    Bigbobby666 pfm Member

    Yup had Sonus Faber, naim, dynaudio, rega... Not looked back since going active... Each to their own tho I guess!
  5. steve_1979

    steve_1979 pfm Member

    Check out the AVI DM5 active speakers (£700) and a suitable DAC/pre-amp (under £300).

    I have a pair and they sound incredible.
  6. neilo7

    neilo7 One day I'll stop upgrading

    I've already purchased my active speakers (KEF x300a wireless version). If they work well with the laptop then that's fine as they have a decent DAC in them. Although I'm still looking for a Streamer/network player that will sit hidden away and that can be controlled via phone/tablet. Thanks for all the suggestions I will look into them all.
  7. Bigbobby666

    Bigbobby666 pfm Member

    Mac mini, with J River and JRemote for iPad
  8. Bigbobby666

    Bigbobby666 pfm Member

    Nelio ... what was up with the Kefs? Not enough oomph?
  9. bonesetter

    bonesetter pfm Member

    Second time in a row - dull & boring

    I found Naim to sound like you're sitting in a pub with a big sub under the seats somewhere and a few tiny satellite speakers dotted round the ceiling

    Or on higher volumes a night club sound

    My mom likes her Niam all in one little 'big sounding' neat box in the corner

    Massively overpriced and totally unmusical
  10. bonesetter

    bonesetter pfm Member

    This brings cheer to a dull day

    'effortlessly communicates music like no other brand.'

    'most audiophiles stick with Naim.'

    Oh dear
  11. neilo7

    neilo7 One day I'll stop upgrading

    Not so much a lack of oomph more a massive hassle setting it all up.
    Plugs and wires everywhere. Not what I had in mind. So going to settle for a one box and a pair of passive speakers.
  12. Bigbobby666

    Bigbobby666 pfm Member

    Fair enough... I find my actives mean i have less boxes, but i guess an all in one amp / pre / streamer then speaker wire to speakers is pretty simple too! What all in one are you going for?
  13. flatpopely

    flatpopely Prog Rock/Moderator

    Pricy, yes it can be unless buying second hand.

    Totally unmusical.... Joni Mitchel 'Conversation' has me in tears..........
  14. flatpopely

    flatpopely Prog Rock/Moderator

    Burn the witch :D
  15. gary yeowell

    gary yeowell pfm Member

    No other hifi brand creates this level of discussion. Sure is a sign that the gear is seriously good at what it does.
  16. Bigbobby666

    Bigbobby666 pfm Member

    yup! I have the DM5's.... I was a massive box and speaker swapper... I've had the same set up since February... says it all really.
  17. bonesetter

    bonesetter pfm Member

    She could do that on an mp3 iPlayer though :)

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