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Getting back into HIFI

Discussion in 'audio' started by neilo7, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. davidjt

    davidjt pfm Member

    I'd say your choice of speakers is far more important: your chosen box (Naim or otherwise) through 'cheap bookshelf speakers' simply won't deliver all the music. There's no point in downloading StudioMaster flac or wav files if they sound the same as mp3s.
  2. alan967tiger

    alan967tiger pfm Member

    Have a laptop into CA Dacmagic into Focal CMS 40 actives, small office system - impressed with the SQ. I recommend the DAC and Active spks.
  3. Mick P

    Mick P Retired and content


    Naim started out as a one man band and rapidly rose to become Britains most dominant hifi manufacturer.

    The reason why it is so popular is that it effortlessly communicates music like no other brand.

    It has a legion of devoted followers for one simple reason, there is nothing else that can hold a candle to it.

    If you prefer something else, then fair enough but most audiophiles stick with Naim.

    I have two systems because it sounds good, is totally reliable, it has a brilliant after sales service, is built like a tank and goes on and on day after day.

    The bodging fraternity are the only downside, you have to make sure you have got a pure and unsullied piece of kit and not something that some old soldering iron monkey has got his hands on and murdered the sound.


  4. davidjt

    davidjt pfm Member

    You really had me going there, for a minute!
  5. gary yeowell

    gary yeowell pfm Member

    I like this reply. Well said, nuff said.
  6. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    A good pair of actives, just add source of your choice, superb value and SQ, they will also have filters for room placement ,which will further enhance sound quality.
  7. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    That long?:D
  8. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    Mick, you are deluded, but in a nice way !:) The Naim 'sound', which has changed somewhat through the ages, is just one take on sonic presentation; no better, no worse; just different.

    Despite Naim's following (and I am a Naim user), I very much doubt that they represent the majority of audiophiles.

    Your reasons for having two such systems (which I don't understand) would point me to a far better single system. Apart from the recent Statements, the top 552/500 etc. is not exactly in pipe-dream territory if you're already well up the ladder.
  9. neilo7

    neilo7 One day I'll stop upgrading

    We'll I've just purchased a pair of Monitor Audio BR2 speakers so active is off the list. Still looking at a one box solution. The Qute or Cocktail x10/30 don't look too bad. I'm not looking to reach 552/500 levels my days of spending ridiculous amounts are I'm afraid over.
  10. Sue Pertwee-Tyr

    Sue Pertwee-Tyr Well, I can dream, can’t I?

    The nice thing about small, simple systems is that you can quite easily get 80% of the performance, from 10% of the spend, and with fewer ways to mess things up, in my experience. Chasing that last 20% of performance can be great fun, of course, and can be hugely rewarding when it all comes together, but getting off the treadmill can also be a relief, in its own way.

    Don't obsess. Just get on with enjoying your music.
  11. Mick P

    Mick P Retired and content


    I have a CDX / NAT05 / 32.5 + Hicap / NAP 250 / SBLs on Mana in the dining room

    I have a Garrard 401 + Loricraft plinth + Loricraft PSU + Naim Aro + Prefix / CDS3 / NAT01 / Naim NAC 52 / Supercap / NAP 300s / Briks on Mana in the lounge.

    The reason for selecting Naim is that it communicates music (this is the most important reason ) like no other make that I have heard. I listen to a lot of Jazz and in this area, Naims presentation rules supreme.

    I admit that my days of scurrying around doing dems are over, but a few years ago I listened to nigh on 100 top systems and nothing compared to Naim.

    Add to that the high build quality and customer service, it just seems the perfect choice.

    I am content with what I have got and I now listen to more music than ever before, but I am retired, so I do have the time.


  12. Sloop John B

    Sloop John B pfm Member

    The cocktail certainly looks interesting and if one hadn't ripped a cd yet it clearly would be a great way to start. (Presuming it sounds half decent)

    The Qute sounds great, replaced a Nait 2 in my front room. There has been some good s/h ones on here lately. Worth checking the classifieds, not sure if Mandy sold his/ hers.

  13. colasblue

    colasblue pfm Member

    1K Ok forget anything made by Naim - they just don't do 1K!

    If it has to be new then your best bet is something like an M2tech hiface for the laptop to give it a decent SPdiff output or a cheaper usb soundcard that can do spdiff out and a pair of Genelec digital monitors or some AVI ADM9's

    Maybe genelec 8130's?

    You will be so glad you did!

    PS if I was buying new kit today there would be no Naim in it at any price point!

    There's only any reasonable value in the used stuff IMO.
  14. neilo7

    neilo7 One day I'll stop upgrading

  15. Bigbobby666

    Bigbobby666 pfm Member

    Actives... get active speakers AVI DM5's, Dynaudio, Genelec... Once you've heard the clarity of active speakers its hard to go back to passives!

    for 1k i'd pick up a good second hand DAC with volume control, and look for some second hand actives!
  16. neilo7

    neilo7 One day I'll stop upgrading

    I've got the actives, just looking for something to pair them with. Would a DAC not mean I would still be stuck with a laptop? I'm trying to have a little boxes as possible.
  17. Bigbobby666

    Bigbobby666 pfm Member

    yup - but i thought from your original post you were happy having the laptop as a source?

    If you want an all in one, maybe look at a streamer/DAC like:
    • Cambridge Audio Stream Magic series
    • Sonos
    • Bluesound Node

    lots of streamers to choose from, you could even look out for a Naim streamer.
  18. neilo7

    neilo7 One day I'll stop upgrading

    Been looking at the Cambridge one. Do Sonos have one? I haven't heard of the other but I'll look into it. If I can get rid of the laptop I will as I've already bought a nas drive.
  19. Bigbobby666

    Bigbobby666 pfm Member

    well Sonos is a streamer. Its not really known for its DAC, but there are threads on here that suggest that in blind tests it's DAC is indistinguishable from a 1k dac...

    The cambridge audio looks good to me - i'd trial it with your Kefs. Id be tempted if it had a analogue input for my record player!
  20. dif

    dif pfm Member

    Marantz Melody is a low cost solution, amp, streams, plays files from usb pen drive and there is a version with CD player, I use the basic model which can be had for around £200 with DVD player for discs.

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