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Garmin Edge 800 series silicone case in black

Discussion in 'charity' started by RobFTM, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. RobFTM

    RobFTM pfm Member

    Boxed and as new.

    I thought these were quite expensive but not as much as I thought so £5-00 to CRUK secures. I'll pay the postage as well!

    Thank you.
    FC united likes this.
  2. FC united

    FC united pfm Member

    Would love this please if still available?
    Might get me a bit fitter
  3. FC united

    FC united pfm Member

    Sorry, misread your post.
    No point having a case when I've no Garmin.
    Silly me!!!!
  4. RobFTM

    RobFTM pfm Member

    No problem - use this advert as the push to get fit(ter) anyhow!



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