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Fujifilm X-E2 or X-T1

Discussion in 'photo' started by Fulci, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Fulci

    Fulci pfm Member

    Hello everyone! Spec wise they seem to be very identical. I can’t decide which one to get?

    Has anyone ever had or tried both and can share their experiences with handling and preference?
  2. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

    I’ve had both, the big difference other than SLR style v Rangefinder style is the size if the EVF, the X-T1 EVF is much bigger (size to the eye when viewing) and fir me that is worth the entry price alone.
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  3. Fulci

    Fulci pfm Member

    Thanks! Coming from a Nikon DSRL, would I notice too much difference in the X-E2? It’s smaller but if I put a grip it’d get to the same size and weight as the X-T1, right?
    How is ergonomics in both models?
  4. JemHayward

    JemHayward pfm Member

    The XT-1 viewfinder is a thing of wonder, but it is a bulkier camera. I had one for some time, but gave it to my son, and bought an XE-3 as this suits my 'style' better.
  5. JemHayward

    JemHayward pfm Member

    My main issue with the XT was the fact that the only way, on the camera, to adjust ISO was the dial. On the XE's I have a collection of custom settings with ISO and film simulation. I couldn't do that on the XT.
  6. Fulci

    Fulci pfm Member

    There is no auto iso mode in the XT? What’s the red A in the iso dial?
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2020
  7. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

    The weight differences are negligible especially once a lens is on, the bigger lenses balance better on an X-T series camera.

    Ergonomics is really down to your preferences.

    I interchange between an X100F and an X-H1 without too much thought
  8. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

    What Jem effectively means is that you can assign ISO to a function button on an X-E2, but you cannot on an X-T1, you can only set it via the top dial. And yes there is an Auto-ISO function.

    The later X-T cameras 2 onwards and X-H1 allow you to assign ISO to the front command dial. For isnatnce on my X-H1 I have exposure compensation on the front command dial, but if I I press in the front command dial (as it is a switch as well as a dial on later cameras), I can adjust ISO, pressing it again reverts to exposure compensation.
  9. Cesare

    Cesare pfm Member

    Well i'm still using an X-T1 and it's a great little camera. I've used a number of X series cameras, having got an X-Pro1 originally (still got that). I think you can't really go too far wrong with either of your choices, it coming down to which handling style you prefer.

    One thing to consider with the X-T1 is that a number of them suffered from problems with the rubber peeling off. They did resolve this, so it's only an issue for some of the earlier ones, but worth checking when buying second hand.
  10. JemHayward

    JemHayward pfm Member

    We also had issues with the dials sticking together on the XT-1 but the solution is to clean between dials with dental floss.
  11. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

    Never had that issue on X-T1, X-T2 or X-H1, but I can see how dental floss would be an ideal solution!!!
  12. kjb

    kjb pfm Member

    I've currently got a XE2s and a XT1 - both are great to use and neither have given me any issues over 3-4 years of use. I find the XT1 feels better with the longer zooms and the XE2 with primes so you might want to consider which lenses you are going to use. The 55-200mm zoom feels a little less balanced on the XE2s. I slightly prefer to have the ISO on a dial.

    If you're going second hand for around £100 more you can get a s/h XE3 which has an ungraded sensor - I think 24 v 16 megapixels.
  13. Fulci

    Fulci pfm Member

    So, I got an X-E1 for €99, and I’m using a Pentax SMC 50mm f1.4. I thought it was a f1.2 but still it’s very good. This is a fun camera And shooting with manual focus is more fun And easier than I remembered. I’ve not yet transferred to the PC but seems to have very good image quality. It’s a bit slow, but not much slower than my old Nikon DSLR. But i’ll be exchanging for a X-T1 or X-E2 for the speed, the Wi-Fi and the Chrome simulation.

    My only problem is using the EVF with sunglasses. I didn’t have any problems with an OVF.
    Thank you all for the replies.

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