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Fuji X-H1 question

Discussion in 'photo' started by halvis, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. halvis

    halvis pfm Member

    I believe there might be a couple of users of this camera on here, so thought I would put the following questions out there.

    In general, even compared to my old X-Pro1, I find the interface to not be very robust.

    For example, with continuous focus on, with the shutter button half depressed I intermittently see the EVF go black for perhaps 1/2 sec at at time. Or sometimes just flicker rapidly. This can be annoying as at this time you are choosing the point at which to take the picture and you can't see the frame. The EVF image also appears to distort a lot and show a lot of noise, this also seems strange.

    Second issue is that when switching from shooting to image play back mode, the camera sometimes appears to lock up for at least 10 secs. My SD cards are quite old (around 90MB/s) but I still shouldn't expect this should I?

    Any body else had similar issues?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

    I've recently bought a second user X-H1 (I'm a long term Fuji user), I'm also using 95Mb/S SD cards (Sandisk Extreme 64gb)

    Firstly are you running latest firmware?

    Next the camera has an Auto Power Save Mode which kicks in after 10 seconds or so, I suspect to save battery when in Continuous IBIS mode, this causes the refresh rate on the EVF to drop. It can be switched off or be over-ridden using Boost Mode

    When you are in CAF if the scene you are viewing is dark - ie the camera is running at high ISO, then the EVF does become noisy. I've not experienced black EVFs or EVF distortion. Do these affects show on the image if you take one while they are occurring or is it just in the EVF. Also is there any difference in Normal or Boost modes??

    I've also not experienced and delays in image playback.

    I would suggest that you perhaps do a factory reset on the camera, then upgrade to the latest firmware, and then then format the memory card in camera - and then retest, at least that should remove any quirky settings.
  3. halvis

    halvis pfm Member

    Thanks for the insight.

    Yes, sorry, forgot to mention, it is on the latest firmware. I too purchased it 2nd hand about a week ago and I believe it was reset prior to me getting it, as I was asked to pair a phone etc when I first turned it on.

    I wonder if it was the Auto Power Save Mode that kicked in actually, as I would have had the camera on over 10 secs and the light was poor. I have never had a problem with the image quality, only the EVF.

    The fault is intermittent, but has always been on normal power mode when it has occurred. I will do as you suggested.

    Many thanks.

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