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FS:Chord DAVE,M-scaler, Studio connections IC and SC, amplifiers...

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Nikola Krivorov, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Nikola Krivorov

    Nikola Krivorov pfm Member

    The shock of meeting with the Dutch&Dutch 8C has been a revelation and I have decided to simplify my system. The 8C cannot compete with the finesse and audible illusion that my system creates but it is damn close and in some respect it is even more satisfying so I must part with some of my precious equipment. All stuff is in Plovdiv,Bulgaria but could be sent to London if you want to have a look or pay cash on collection, I have a friend who can assist there. I have a lot of feedback on audiogon for many years as both buyer and seller, I am not a fraudster, just a music lover as you. Please ask all questions and I will be happy to answer.

    1.Chord DAVE in great condition in black, I cannot see a mark and in black it really shows. All original packing and remote. 5500£

    2.Chord M scaler in black, comes with a custom MCRU PSU and a pair of Oyaide BNC links(close to a 1000£ new), also as new 3700£

    3.Studio Connections Black star 1m interconnects for solid state amps, 600£ each(have two). 2m Black star speaker cable 600£

    4.Valvet A1.3 custom 3 Channel amplifier, Class A operation and magnificent silky sound, I used only two channels by removing the fuse of the third. In black, great condition as well. 1500£

    5.Possibly a Resolution audio C50.2 amplifier. Possibly as I am not decided to part with it yet as it is the best amp I have heard so far, the best looking as well. That one has a small mark on the right back corner, probably from encounter with a rack or something, not easy to see but it is there. 1500£

    I am the second owner of each, have all original packing materials apart from the Studio connections stuff, I will be most accommodating to a serious potential buyer, I am not in a hurry and would like to talk to someone who can really appreciate these. This is the essence of more than 30 years of buying/selling all kinds of "this is the game changer" disasters.

    Pictures to follow.
  2. Nikola Krivorov

    Nikola Krivorov pfm Member

    Finding it difficult to upload photos... Send me a PM and I can forward some to your email.
  3. Foot Tapper

    Foot Tapper Enjoy the music, not the format or kit

  4. ZeLouis

    ZeLouis Member

    How would you consider for the Dave and M Scaler?
  5. billza

    billza pfm Member

    Wow always wanted to hear a Resolution audio C50.2 amplifier
  6. Nikola Krivorov

    Nikola Krivorov pfm Member

    I could certainly offer a great price I on the DAVE a d the M scaler when I come back from my vacation in Greece next week. :) Just send me a PM... And I plan to send them to London so a buyer can have a look if needed. A great package.

    The C50.2 is my true love, I already have someone who is interested but it sure is the amp that is simply music, it has that special quality that is difficult to describe that preserves the emotion in music. I never understood it till I heard it. The C50.2 and the Chord DAVE are one of the few that have it, the only other devices I have had with it were the Muse Electronics Thalia and the Resolution audio Cantata 3.0.

    I can also offer a pair of Suesskind audio Beo LX for 7500£ but I doubt I can describe how special these speakers are... It has to be heard to be believed and this is the latest 5.3 version in gloss black.

    Thanks guys!
  7. mikechadwick

    mikechadwick pfm Member

  8. Nikola Krivorov

    Nikola Krivorov pfm Member

    A few PMs and a few emails but no sale yet... Adding an Antipodes audio Komako balanced interconnect for sale, magnificent silver wire with gold and platinum inserts that transparent and warm. 450£
  9. Nikola Krivorov

    Nikola Krivorov pfm Member

    Chord DAVE and M scaler sold, the rest is still available...

    The Resolution C50.2 is on hold as I might need it for some time.

    The Valvet is the amp that I was sure will sell first, surprisingly not so... It is one of the best examples of Class A amps that sounds much more powerful than the 40 watts might suggest, for example it drove a pair of huge Swans 2.2 to extreme levels with no distortion. Here is the review of the smaller brother:

    Mine is a 3 channel version of the bigger brother A1.3, when used a two channel you get the better heat dissipation of the larger 2U case and of course by putting back the fuse of the third channel you can switch on a centre channel for movies.
  10. Nikola Krivorov

    Nikola Krivorov pfm Member

  11. Nikola Krivorov

    Nikola Krivorov pfm Member

    The Studio connections Black star set(2m speaker cable, 2 pairs of RCA interconnects at 1m) for 1500£?

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