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Floorstander Speakers Recommendation

Discussion in 'audio' started by johnacurtis, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. johnacurtis

    johnacurtis pfm Member


    I’m toying with the idea of replacing my stand mounted speakers with floorstanders.
    My system is WT Simplex into Naim SN2 amp, driving Russell K Red 50’s. I really like the sound, but would like a bit more “Omph” at times! I used to have Royd Doublets many years ago and really liked them, but back then, was in a tiny room and they were too much at times!
    I’m now in a 16’ x 12’ room. Listen mainly to rock music!
    Budget would be around £1000 and most likely looking at secondhand.
    Thanks in advance for suggestions!
  2. mil46

    mil46 pfm Member

    Neat Elite SX on ebay. under your budget. Great detail, tight bass. I have a pair and they are great IMO. Quite compact for a floorstander.
  3. Snufkin

    Snufkin pfm Member

    When you say “Omph” are you looking for more bottom end? I am not familiar with your current speakers but because of their size I am assuming they don't go that low; I may be wrong. As you already have one part of the WT/Dynavector/Shahinian trilogy, have you thought about trying the Shahinian Compass's as they do have a surprising amount of bass for such a small footprint.
  4. samz

    samz pfm Member

    A well intergrated subwoofer would support the bass your existing speakers are producing.

    If intergrated correctly it will add some heft or weight to the sound your system is producing.
    fatmarley likes this.
  5. johnacurtis

    johnacurtis pfm Member

    Thanks all so far!
    I have only demoed small Neat stand mounts in the past, too my ears, they sounded a bit lifeless, but not to say the floorstanders are anything like that!
    I was after a bit more bottom end definition, but I don’t have room to fit a sub in my system or in my room it’s in.
    I did have Mk1 Obelisks for a week, admittedly with a Roksan amp, they sounded great, but so much bass at the levels I listen, that the walls shook and my wife got a bit “upset”!
    Not sure about compass’s - I do have a local Shahinian dealer, so could possibly demo, as he sold me the rest of my system, he might have something interesting to listen too!
  6. Yomanze

    Yomanze pfm Member

  7. coltrane

    coltrane pfm Member

    John, you may not have noticed that I sent you a p.m. yesterday...
  8. heihei

    heihei pfm Member

    Got a pair of Wilson Benesch Square 2 in birds eye maple that might fit the bill......
  9. Charlie_1

    Charlie_1 pfm Member

    Have you ruled out the larger Russell Ks?

    Linn Ninkas are good fun and would shift a lot more air. Great for rock. Sealed cabinet helps them boogie. Save yourself £500 in the process. You might need some K20 though, depending upon the balance you end up with. Mind you, I find K20 more musically coherent than NACA5 anyway, albeit not as clean and punchy sounding.
  10. johnacurtis

    johnacurtis pfm Member

    PM’s replied to!
    Hadn’t considered Linn speakers, but might be worth a try!
    I use EWA LS20 cable, liked it better than the TQ Black I was using, slightly better detail and with better bass definition!
  11. Conster

    Conster pfm Member

    I am still having a hard time to find a replacement for my Royd Doublets. Have heard both the Neat SX1 & SX2 and while they were better in some areas I still preferred the Doublets. There is something about their sound I always keep coming back to. The neats seem a bit lifeless.
  12. JonR

    JonR Brainwashed Bloke

    You wouldn’t go far with Kudos X2s or their (slightly larger) successor X3s, and I speak from experience of owning both.
  13. Taff63

    Taff63 pfm Member

    Ruark Crusader 2's marvellous things.
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