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[WTD] First car for 17yr old learning to drive, anyone selling?

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Peter McDermott, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. Jamie

    Jamie pfm Member

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  2. Stuart Frazer

    Stuart Frazer pfm Member

    I would avoid a Nissan - they are not what they were years ago and from experience, their customer service is shocking when you do encounter problems. They are in partnership with Renault nowadays and their reliability problems are now part of Nissans.... I've had a few Nissans and I would not have another, unless it was a company car, or under the manufacturer's warranty.

    The Toyota Yaris advice is good. Also consider the VW/Skoda/Seat family.
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  3. Peter McDermott

    Peter McDermott pfm Member

    Again thanks for the advice. Peter
  4. awkwardbydesign

    awkwardbydesign Officially Awesome

    If that's the second style, 2003 on, then I would agree. I still have the one I used as a driving instructor, incredibly easy to drive, and it just won't die! When (if) it does I would have another like a shot, but a low mileage one.
  5. Colinb

    Colinb pfm Member

    We have a very well looked after low mileage 2005 Toyota Corolla T2 1.4 VVT-i 5DR in Red, Manual. Full Toyota service history. vehicle which has been in the family for 7 years. Only selling as the current main driver has moved to London and no longer requires a vehicle. It has a full Toyota service history and MOT until 22nd September 2020 with no advisories. Current mileage is 96056.
    Recently had new tyres on rear and relatively new on front, new fan belt and v belt, new exhaust rear box and tail pipe, battery, brake discs and pads. A full visual health check was carried out at the last Toyota Full Service plus main dealer service by Listers Toyota in Cheltenham (10/9/19) at 95280 miles.
    The vehicle is currently in Taunton and was the first car for both boys to learn to drive and registered initially in my partners name whilst her boys learned to drive.
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  6. paulc

    paulc Registered User

    We found a Toyota IQ 1.3 to be very cost effective to insure with junior on my wife's policy both as a learner then once he had passed. For some reason it came out a lot cheaper than the usual cars you think of for this requirement.
  7. Peter McDermott

    Peter McDermott pfm Member

    Thanks Paul.
  8. JensenHealey

    JensenHealey pfm Member

    4 seat cars are also less expensive to insure for your teenagers to use.
  9. beammeup

    beammeup pfm Member

    A Toyota IQ - fascinating car - pity they are not making them still - didn't have the popularity of the Smart Car. This has the honor of being world's smallest four seater car I believe.
  10. Jamie

    Jamie pfm Member

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  11. JensenHealey

    JensenHealey pfm Member

  12. I’ve just listed an 03 Polo 1.2 for £400 every receipt for the last 6 yrs but I’m in Belfast. So I think that’s even out of your range.
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  13. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    Your biggest cost is insurance so sort this out first. Then find something that fits the bill. There are some strange anomalies in insurance, as others suggest sometimes a bigger bodied car with a small engine can be cheaper than a typical learner car like a Fiesta, Yaris, etc.

    I'd also buy something cheap enough to not worry about. It's going to get bent and abused. So abuse £500 or £1000 not £2k.
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  14. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    yes these anomalies are crazy . so we got a quote off go skippy prior to buying a golf worth about 600-1000 quid . third party fire and theft . 2600 quid . then bought the car , checked the insurance and it had gone up to nearly 5k !!!! oh my gosh , what a nightmare . and go skippy were so totally useless , they were not even interested at all . in desperation i put in fully comprehensive [ compare the market] and raised the excess to 600 total ....with a parent on the policy as before thankfully that bought it down to 3.2k in instalments. . why on earth is fully comp less money than TPFT ? crazy [ black box to be fitted ]
  15. Peter McDermott

    Peter McDermott pfm Member

    Again thanks for the comments and advice. Peter
  16. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    I read a scary story years ago.

    Daughter was going off to uni and insurance for the car she needed was epic. So they insured the car with her as a named driver at her parents address rather than in the city, where she actually lived.

    Kid runs into the back of queuing traffic, shunts about four cars into each other. Big mess, people hurt. Bill comes to about 60K, this was decades ago. Insurance company realise they've tried to be clever and refuse to pay out. Family fight it in court, using the insurance companies own legal cover, no idea how that works but that's what the article said.

    They lose and have to sell their house to cover the cost, which have now escalated quite a lot.

    We bought a Seat Leon years ago and it's been so good we now have another and my two boys have Ibizas. I had a Golf before the second Leon and under the skin they really are practically the same car.

    You need to really research any specific car you are looking at. For example the chain driven 1.4 VW engine found in early Ibizas is scary. As is the Ford Ecoboost in current Fiestas.

    For reliable and cheap I'd be looking at Swifts. Zero boot though.
  17. JensenHealey

    JensenHealey pfm Member

    We have a 2016 3 Cyl Suzuki Celerio for our now 21 yr old - deeply uncool, she doesn't care, but actually not a bad car and super reliable. I drove it down the motorway at an indicated 80 and it was very happy, if a bit noisy. Bluetooth and Aircon built in.

    My other 19 yr olds (twins) share a 2010 very low mileage Ford Ka. I think it is great as a runabout. Cheap to run and insure...was £1400 for both girls as new drivers. Electric mirrors, heated screen, air con - did not get that when I was young driver!

    I have heard that insurance can be less expensive if you do NOT buy a £500 banger.
  18. zippy

    zippy pfm Member

    Nobody has mentioned them so far, but I'd go for a Suzuki Swift - they're very reasonably priced on the secondhand market, pretty reliable and cool enough for a first-timer.
    Even Jeremy Clarkson likes them.

    (edit) sorry I see MrPig has put a word in for them.
  19. deebster

    deebster Half Man Half Biscuit

    In a cars for teenagers Top Gear episode Clarkson bought an old Volvo, which he said was cheapish on insurance and built like a tank.

    Quite clever that I thought.
  20. vinyl_paul

    vinyl_paul pfm Member

    We went for Skoda Citigo 1.0l 2-door as the first car after passing test - not sure how many are around under £2000 though
    Another one of these that is the same VW in this case the VW Up
    Insurance group 1
    Great little car
    (Especially once those of us of a certain age get over it being a 3-cylinder Skoda! Youngest daughter has no such preconceptions and loves it)

    Also, I agree with others on the thread: never try to outsmart the insurance companies as they will only start digging once the £1,000,000 million personal injury claim comes in, and that is not the time to find you gave the wrong postcode or 'fronted'.
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