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[FS] Falcon LS3/5A Gold Badge

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by novak, Jun 8, 2022.

  1. novak

    novak pfm Member

    Falcon LS3/5A Gold Badge speakers.

    Pristine, as new. Months old. Very light use. Boxed with receipt. The nicest small speakers I have ever owned. Amazing clarity and realism. We have moved, so I’m scaling things up.

    Cherry finish. Beautiful grain.

    Also available. Custom-made open frame stands. Powder-coated steel. Matte black. 600mm.

    Based in London, E1. You're welcome to arrange a courier if you cannot collect.

    £1900 for the speakers and £200 for the stands.

    Photos available via email.
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  2. novak

    novak pfm Member

    Friday bump!
  3. novak

    novak pfm Member

  4. novak

    novak pfm Member

    Final reduction
    £1800 for the speakers.
  5. novak

    novak pfm Member

  6. Ianp

    Ianp pfm Member

  7. benjaminreed1

    benjaminreed1 Benjamin Reed

    I sent a DM
  8. novak

    novak pfm Member

    Speakers and stands now sold
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