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Exposure 5010 Pre/ power vs Naim SN3/HCDR

Discussion in 'audio' started by seadog7, Jan 15, 2022.

  1. seadog7

    seadog7 pfm Member

    I want to get back into hifi after a divorce cleaned me out of the system I had. That was a full Naim 252/300DR/NDS/555 and Spendor D9.

    Currently have an IEM based system,with a Chord HugoTT2 DAC. I will never have the funds to get what I had before. But I’ll have the money to do this in stages again, starting with Pre/power or integrated amp. Then in 12m time the speakers, which is looking like the Spendor D7.2.

    Never heard Exposure before, but it’s a very highly regarded company and a lot of Naim people appear to like it too. I’m a rock,pop, country music exclusive guy, loved the punchy, PRaT sound that the Naim system had.

    So thoughts on either a Naim SN3/HCDR or Exposure 5010 or/power into D7.2 speakers? The price is almost exactly the same for either where I am.
  2. Emericanpie

    Emericanpie Active Member

    Into ATC SCM40 I tried Rega Aethos, Hegel H190, SN3, Exposure 3010 pre with stereo and mono power amps and the full phat 5010. Close decision with the Naim but no power button put me off. It sounded good but didn’t want to get snagged by the Naim ecosystem, HiCap etc, The monos just had that bit more than the two channel amp. Noticeable because it was a back to back comparison at an extended demo. In terms of pricing the 5010 were a lot more expensive but gave a bigger sound than the 3010s that I thought was epic, although that dem was a week apart from the 3010s. I paid a deposit on the 5010 but due to domestic agro ended up with the 3010 pre/power. Still regretting not getting the 5010s as they really made the ATCs sing. With a more forgiving speaker that may not be relevant anyway.

    Having had a H360 with PMCs the H190 sounded constrained with bass and didn’t have the same effortless progress the more I turned it up. IIRC Exposure are in the process of revising the 3xxx range and new 3510 pre/power is planned. You may not know Fanthorpes have had some offers on Exposures. The 3010 set up ex demo in silver. They also reduced the two channel so a deal might be had there. IIRC RossB has 5010s into Neat Ekstras on here.

    If funds permit, the Hegel H390 is well worth a listen. Its RRP was almost twice what I paid for a new but discounted H360.
  3. Confused... you signature says:

    MSB Technology Premier DAC/ Preamp. with Premier Powerbase PSU & MSB Ethernet Streamer Renderer Module V2, Naim Fraim, Naim HDX 2TB,Wireworld Starlight Ethernet Cables, Nordost Q Base 8 Power Board, ATC SCM50ASL Classic Speakers in Walnut.

  4. seadog7

    seadog7 pfm Member

    Well spotted !! I wrote the first post poorly.

    That was my last system, but in hindsight not my favourite. The Naim set up I mentioned was what I liked best upon reflection, I guess that’s why I got divorced in the end - LoL

    So it was my second last set up I guess you could say. I’ve amended my Sig.
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  5. So you didn't like the MSB/ATC combo?! what was it you didn't get on with about it?

    PS - been through the same processes, selling everything > getting divorced > rebuilding life from just a few boxes and a suitcase; its very liberating to purge an old dysfunctional life, so enjoy the journey :)
  6. seadog7

    seadog7 pfm Member

    It was mostly the MSB DAC/Pre. In hindsight, a bit soft and lacking in dynamic range / punch for my taste.

    The SCM50A however was simply sublime, sadly COVID and the cost of shipping around the world has driven these up in price where I am. So they are off the list - price wise. The more that read about the 5010 the more I’m inclined to go that way. I could just get the mono power amps and drive them direct from my Chord HTT2. Then as funds permit, the 5010 preamp.
  7. If you don't mind me asking, were are you; which country?

    I had the SCM50 ASLs too, with various DAC/preamp in the £5-7K mark. At the time I got a brand new pair of 50's for £8K!!
  8. PerF

    PerF Scandinavian Member

    Perhaps look for used kit ?

    A SN2 usually half of new SN3 price.
    You can get 202/200 for less.

    I had Exposure 3010 integrated amp but preferred SN2, which in the end was replaced with a Rega Aethos.
    Andy1912 likes this.
  9. Bairnstorm

    Bairnstorm pfm Member

    Worth having a think about Musical Fidelity M6 pre/power. Well made and drive anything. You can get deals on buying as a pair.

    However I am told that the next step up from the M6 PRX power which I have is the 5010 monos.
  10. seadog7

    seadog7 pfm Member

    I’m in Perth, Australia. The RRP for these is AUD$29,590 they were AUD$23,000 only 2 years ago.The local Importer is superb, but he cannot eat up all the COVID related Manufacturer and shipping costs etc forever. As great as the ATC’s are, they are off my budget list. I can get the D7.2 and a full 5010 Pre/power incl. cables for AUD $ 5,000 under the ATC price ( and in stages).
    Cereal Killer likes this.
  11. Gervais Cote

    Gervais Cote Predator

    I have both Naim and Exposure pre/amps and it always seems to me Naim has a little more PRaT while Exposure is more tone accurate when you compare both. Not a night and day difference though.
    I I was to buy new, Exposure would make more sense to me as they are about half the price of the equivalent Naim gears.
    It also seems to me that the brand new Exposure will be easier to repair over time as the Supernait has a ton of surface mounted components making them difficult to service.
  12. seadog7

    seadog7 pfm Member

    Thanks for that. I love Naim, but with the recent price rise, the SN3 is the only Naim kit left that I would remotely call a great VFM component.

    At least in my corner of the world anyway.
  13. @seadog7 have you considered anything from Avondale Audio? they seam like the natural progression when looking for the Naim type presentation.
  14. seadog7

    seadog7 pfm Member

    No I haven’t. I shall have a look though, thanks for that.
  15. If you have Dutch & Dutch representation there, the 8C’s would also be worth investigation - they are considerably better then the ATC50s I had some year back.
  16. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    just a lateral thought . march audio are an australian company which makes some superb products . might be worth trying some

    just one review ...

    Hi Alan,
    This is some feedback on my purchase of the P452.
    P452 amplifier replaced my Class A/B monoblocks of 240W into 8ohms. The result is stunning. Clarity, space and musicality have all improved drastically. I have heard monoblocks that are several times the price and yet not as good. Thank you for building such a wonderful amplifier.

    Kind regards,

  17. RossB

    RossB Member

    I have Exposure 5010 amps and have previously owned a Supernait 2. If the SN3 is anything like the SN2, the Exposure amps will be vastly better.
  18. seadog7

    seadog7 pfm Member

    Cheers Ross, it looks like Exposure is going to win. The VFM is simply unbeatable, but it’s a 3 box solution vs SN3…… hmmmmmmm
  19. @seadog7 FYI - I also really like the sound and look (in natural oak) of the D7's. Demo'd them instore and at home; they worked really well with a Naim Nova, Devialet D220 Pro Ci, and Densen B175XS. The D220 Pro Ci SAM settings worked surprisingly well on the D7's
  20. S-Man

    S-Man Kinkless Tetrode Admirer

    Wouldn't it be better to get the speakers and a 2nd hand cheapo amp (e.g. big Rotel power amp), then buy the decent amps a year later?
    That way you have 1 year's more music. And you will get (most of) your money back on the Rotel.

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