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[WTD] Entry level integrated amplifier

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Alvarado, Nov 30, 2021.

  1. Alvarado

    Alvarado pfm Member

    What have you got?

    Must have phono stage.

    Intended for my 15 year old nephew, he is currently playing vinyl only, using a rubbish turntable (if he continues to show interest I might gift him my old Linn Axis) and reasonable quality small-ish Q Acoustics speakers. Help a poor little lad in need.

    Looking for something of some quality (Rotel, NAD, Creek, Arcam etc), constrained obviously by budget (£50-£80 ish, I might be tempted to part with a bit more). If it's of ye olde worlde construct I would prefer it to have been recapped (wouldn't we all).

    Thank you for looking!
  2. unclefz

    unclefz pfm Member

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  3. Alvarado

    Alvarado pfm Member

    Thank you. I had seen that one, it's a good call but there's no mates rates with that, especially given the condition of the knob (fnarr fnarr) and no mention of service etc. Perhaps that's why it's not been snapped up.

    Remote is a nice to have but bearing in mind the budget it's certainly negotiable! At the moment he's having to manage with an e-bay bought Cambridge Audio A1 mk2, an alright (but not great) starter amp - however its principal problem is it doesn't have a phono stage (I think he's listening very quietly!)

    I've asked his dad what the speakers are and will report later.
  4. Jon

    Jon pfm Member


    I have an Arcam 8 (non remote control version) but it has a phono stage which I intend to sell eventually!

    I am based in NE London near the end of M11

    Please let me know if you are interested
  5. misterc6

    misterc6 Wasted and wounded, it ain’t what the moon did

  6. Funk

    Funk pfm Member

    @Alvarado I have a Marantz PM4400 up for £45 which I might be able to work out packaging for delivery for. I was trying to avoid shipping it but seems there's little local interest so I'd be prepared to do it if it ticks the boxes?
  7. Stemcor

    Stemcor I should be listening to music

    I’ll throw my hat into the ring by offering a Marantz PM55SE for £60 delivered. No remote but it’s in very good condition.
  8. AnilS

    AnilS pfm Member

  9. cj66

    cj66 pfm Member


    Yup, that's the beastie right there!
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  10. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    I'll say! I'd go for this but I'm not a good cause, despite holidaying for years in Saundersfoot. ;)
    AnilS likes this.
  11. misterc6

    misterc6 Wasted and wounded, it ain’t what the moon did

    There’s nothing wrong with Saundersfoot and it’s only a 40 minute drive away!
    Mike Reed and AnilS like this.
  12. Weeman1973

    Weeman1973 Big Country Member

    Absolutely, need to look no further, you'll struggle to find better for £99 all in plus Malcolm is a great guy to deal with.
    AnilS likes this.
  13. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    Misinterpreted? We loved it and my children and ex still holiday there annually. I had a 3rd floor Beach Court flat leading directly to the beach beside what my children called the pirate ship (big rock with weatherworn old tree looking like a sail). I would judge you're around Carmarthen rather than Haverfordwest way, then.
  14. misterc6

    misterc6 Wasted and wounded, it ain’t what the moon did

    Milford Haven
  15. AnilS

    AnilS pfm Member

    Another bump for Malcolm @misterc6

    Lived in Haverfordwest (Prendergast) and worked in Milford Haven (Gulf oil), many years ago.

    @Alvarado how has this Creek not been acquired yet? ;)
    Alvarado likes this.
  16. Alvarado

    Alvarado pfm Member

    Thank you everyone, there is quite a choice here (lucky nephew) but the Creek and the hard graft that have gone into servicing and recapping it are indeed my preferred option. PMs have been sent and received, not quite done and dusted but hoped for shortly.
    Sue Pertwee-Tyr and AnilS like this.

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