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Discontinued audio-technica models that accept current VMN series styli

Discussion in 'reference' started by Craig B, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Craig B

    Craig B Re:trophile

    Beginning with audio-technica's 2017 phono cartridge catalogue, the replacement styli guide for discontinued models indicates that any prior AT100/400 series VM cartridge produced since 1979 will accept any current VMN series stylus.

    The styli A-T recommend for each discontinued model reflects the original stylus tip profile as well as whether bonded or nude, however, one could, for example, upgrade a bonded elliptical, straight pipe cantilever AT100E to nude MicroLIne® with tapered pipe, via purchase of VNM40ML, should one be so inclined.

    In many cases, the net differences will be down to the top mounting plate, coil wire (standard copper vs. PCOCC), coil inductance/DC resistance/impedance and output voltage. Certainly, an AT150Sa could have a new VMN50SH on and essentially become VM750SH, but for the latter having a coil impedance of 3,200Ω vs. 2,700Ω for the former.

    Also, for collectors of 78rpm records, VMN70SP will fit any AT100/400 series model, ideally with the L and R channels strapped in series for true horizontal mono (i.e. negating vertical modulation noise).

    Here is the list of previous AT100/400 series models, their original stylus types, and suggested current VMN replacement styli:
    • AT100E Elliptical VMN20EB
    • AT103 Elliptical VMN20EB
    • AT120E Elliptical VMN20EB
    • AT120E-II Elliptical VMN20EB
    • AT120E/T Elliptical VMN30EN
    • AT120Ea Elliptical VMN30EN
    • AT120Eb Elliptical VMN30EN
    • AT120ET Elliptical VMN30EN
    • AT125LC MicroLine® VMN40ML
    • AT130E Elliptical VMN30EN
    • AT130E Elliptical VMN30EN
    • AT130Ea Elliptical VMN30EN
    • AT140E Elliptical VMN30EN
    • AT140Ea Elliptical VMN30EN
    • AT140LC MicroLine® VMN40ML
    • AT140ML MicroLine® VMN40ML
    • AT150ANV MicroLine® VMN40ML
    • AT150E Elliptical VMN30EN
    • AT150Ea Elliptical VMN30EN
    • AT150MLX MicroLine® VMN40ML
    • AT150Sa Shibata VMN50SH
    • AT150Ti Eliptical VMN30EN
    • AT155LC MicroLine® VMN40ML
    • AT160ML MicroLine® VMN40ML
    • AT420E Elliptical VMN20EB
    • AT430E Elliptical VMN20EB
    • AT440LC MicroLine® VMN40ML
    • AT440ML MicroLine® VMN40ML
    • AT440ML/OCC MicroLine® VMN40ML
    • AT440MLa MicroLine® VMN40ML
    • AT440MLB MicroLine® VMN40ML
    • AT440MLb MicroLine® VMN40ML
    • AT450E/OCC Elliptical VMN20EB *
    • ATP-4 Spherical VMN20EB *
    • ATP-5 Elliptical VMN20EB *
    • ATP-6 Elliptical VMN30EN *

    * denotes models omitted by A-T.

    Note: ATP-4, ATP-5 and ATP-6 were 'professional' series models based on the AT400 series. Installing VMN styli converts these to none professional use.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2022
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  2. Craig B

    Craig B Re:trophile

    Full replacement stylus list from as of 21 Dec, 2018 (as linked to by @julifriend in the related audio room thread here):

    Models that have been missed and/or omitted by A-T:
    • AT90 Spherical ATN91, Choose ATN91R for aluminium cantilever
    • AT94E Elliptical ATN91, Makes cartridge conical, Choose ATN91R for aluminium cantilever
    • AT405/OCC Spherical AT91R
    • AT407E/OCC Elliptical AT91R, Makes cartridge conical
    • AT450E/OCC Elliptical VMN20EB
    • ATP-4 Spherical VMN20EB, Makes cartridge elliptical, Makes cartridge none 'Professional'
    • ATP-5 Elliptical VMN20EB, Makes cartridge none 'Professional'
    • ATP-6 Elliptical VMN30EN, Makes cartridge none 'Professional'
    ...more to come in time
    Last edited: May 1, 2022
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