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Deborah James RIP

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Tony L, Jun 28, 2022.

  1. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    The bowel cancer campaigner who raised so much public awareness and money to fight this horrific disease has died at just 40 (Guardian). RIP.

    Her ‘Bowelbabe’ fund is still active here on JustGiving.
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  2. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart Avoiding Stress, at Every Opportunity

    Such saddening news.

    RIP, and shine bright
  3. irons1965

    irons1965 pfm Member

    RIP brave lady
  4. canonman

    canonman pfm Member

    RIP for an incredibly brave lady. Sad.
  5. seagull

    seagull Seabird flavour member

    RIP Dame Deborah. She was an inspirational lady taken far too young.
  6. Weekender

    Weekender pfm Member

    Very sad. RIP.
  7. gavreid

    gavreid pfm Member

    I'd never her of her before I saw the news. All seems very sad...
  8. Nic Robinson

    Nic Robinson Moderator

    She's been very much in the news since the announcement she was receiving end-of-life care and her highly publicised Damehood.

    Apparently her campaign has saved many lives (one was interviewed on Today) and raised a fortune.

    RIP. Amazing person.
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  9. Snufkin

    Snufkin pfm Member

    RIP Deborah
  10. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    RIP and a life well lived in a short time.
  11. Bart

    Bart pfm Member

    Such a tough situation for a young parent to deal with, from what I saw she did amazingly. Her family and friends must be truly heartbroken.
    sean99 likes this.
  12. Ragaman

    Ragaman Mentalist

    A sad day & my condolences to her loved one's.
  13. sean99

    sean99 pfm Member

    What an awful situation for a young parent and what a wonderful response to the tragedy. RIP. Sadly bowel cancer is affecting younger people (screening now starts at 45 in the US). Be sure to do your poo sample and post it back to the NHS, and if called up for colonoscopy be sure to go. The procedure is really not uncomfortable - the preparation is the worst part (but way better than bowel cancer).
    Snufkin, Weekender and PsB like this.
  14. Chops54

    Chops54 pfm Member

    I think they’ll be extremely proud of her too:)
  15. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    bowel cancer creeps up so fast ... not a nice disease . sad news indeed
  16. Retro

    Retro pfm Member

    RIP Deborah.
    I find it remarkable that some people faced with such a diagnosis find the energy and determination to create such a legacy.
    Benefits, she knew were never likely to help personally.
    A life lived, money raised, people apparently already saved and all done at only 40. Makes some of the occasional teacup storms on forums across the net seem more than ludicrous.
    sean99 likes this.
  17. MJS

    MJS Technical Tinkerer

    My Dad casually mentioned that something wasn’t right one Xmas a decade back. He got it checked out ASAP and they found bowel cancer, and early enough to treat purely by surgery. It’s been hard work for him since but he’s still with us today. I shudder to think what the outcome would have been if he’d just ignored it.

    When I mentioned some stomach issues to my GP they couldn’t do the diagnostics fast enough. I got given the all clear but I’m very astute when it comes to these things as I’ve lost family and colleagues to stomach cancer.
  18. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    My mother died of bowel cancer and it was brutal. Just a horrific disease. I’ve had a couple of colonoscopies since to keep ahead of the game. Not an exit route I want for myself at all!
  19. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    FiL has it. Finished chemo and moving on to radio therapy.
  20. Spraggons Den

    Spraggons Den pfm Member

    Speaking as someone who was on the receiving end of one of these recently, I can highly recommend the sedation for the procedure if offered.

    Also, follow the white diet instructions to the letter, make the preparation drink in advance and chill it in the fridge as that at least makes it almost palatable. The Doctor rejected the bloke before me for an inadequate bowl prep whilst mine was complimented for being clean as a whistle.
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