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[IC] D&d 8c’s

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Paul Burke, May 27, 2021.

  1. Paul Burke

    Paul Burke pfm Member

    Not sure what I’m planning with these for a while, being boxed up and unused for the last 12 months so just an interest check and would listen to a good offer, or happy to keep and use again one day when the time suits

    Black baffle and oak cab, no pics atm but essentially mint and as a new pair would look

    Based in lancs and happy to deliver within reason and able to measure in room with calibrated mic, would have to discuss options and work around time frames of running businesses

    No low offers please, 50% rrp simply won’t be replied to, thanks! Less than 12 months use btw
  2. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    wonderful , so the price is ? as many may not know the rrp
  3. jamington2004

    jamington2004 pfm Member

    Shame I’ve just bought some Cabasse Pearl - but I think I could have only afforded to make you an offer that you wouldn’t have replied too anyway ;) ;)

    Paul Burke likes this.
  4. bencat

    bencat pfm Member

    So for those that as noted do not know these are about £10750 brand new .
    hifinutt and Paul Burke like this.
  5. Paul Burke

    Paul Burke pfm Member

    Yes, about 11k rrp is what Id thought, studio version available for 9k, though mdf cabs rather than birch ply and hardwood external

    Haven’t listed a firm price yet as this is an interest check post and may well decide not to sell eventually if can’t part with them... and haven’t been able to find many used examples to find what seems fair both ways
    Last edited: May 28, 2021
  6. Elephantears

    Elephantears Trunkated Aesthete

    A shame that I'm skint. It would be fascinating to hear how these compared to my more conventional set-up.
    tuga likes this.
  7. I've just got a pair, and they are wonderful. A true full range sound in sealed box 270x370x485mm (WDH). Soon to be roonready too (in about 2 months IIRC)
    Paul Burke likes this.
  8. shrink

    shrink pfm Member

    may want to check out your typo here!
    Rug Doc, Paul Burke and fim like this.

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