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[FS] Copland CSA28

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by bernardhepworth, Mar 7, 2021.

  1. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member


    I have my Copland hybrid amp for sale. It's in excellent condition for its age. Comes with a remote.

    These is solid amplifier, which has been described as "built like a tank" weighs 13kg. I don't have an original box, but I do have box that it came in and I will make sure that it will be very well packaged.

    £525, postage is £25 I will only post out to the UK. Happy to arrange collection from Sheffield.

    The last one I saw on ebay went for £600 with a boken remote.

    If you need any more information pm me.






    Output power: 2 x 60 W into 8 ohms
    Phono Input impedance: 47 k Ohms
    Phono Sensitivity: 3 mV
    Line Input impedance: 33 k Ohms
    Line Sensitivity: 130 mV
    Power bandwidth: 5 Hz - 30 kHz - 3 dB - Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 120 kHz - 3 dB
    Harmonic distortion: Better than 90 dB
    Hum and noise : Line - better than 90 dB
    Hum and noise : Phono - better than 76 dB
    Phase: Non inverting
    Vacuum tubes: 2 x 6922 (All valves are hand selected and matched to ensure identical characteristics)
    Grounding: Separate grounding on power supply. Signal/chassis connected to signal ground.
    Power Consumption: 250 watts
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 430 x 125 x 375 mm
    Weight: 13kg
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  2. rescuest3ve

    rescuest3ve pfm Member

    I used to own a Copland. Bloody marvellous thing. GLWTS
  3. Curtis

    Curtis pfm Member

  4. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member

    Thanks for the comments.

    If it had a headphone stage, then I would keep it, I have gone down the route of simplifying my system, trying to lower the noise floor, so I can hear more of the music
  5. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member

    I've had a couple of questions about the phono stage. It is an MM. What I like about this amp is it's midrange which is open and natural. It plays a range of music very well.
  6. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member

  7. stairpost

    stairpost Average at best.

    I had to sell my CSA 28 last year due to financial troubles. It's a brilliant bit of kit, nicest amp I've ever owned. Sang a beautiful song with my TT.
  8. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member

    Thank you for the comment.

    Rainy day bump
  9. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member


    I don't have the original box, but I do have box the amp came in and I'll make sure that it is very well packed.
  10. gerlando

    gerlando Prog Rocker

    Bargain alert!
    bernardhepworth likes this.
  11. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member

    A silver CSA28 went for £620 on Ebay yesterday. My amp will end up on there soon, but I'd rather sell it on here......
  12. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member

    A sunny day bump

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