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Classical vinyl

Discussion in 'record shop' started by Tony L, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Classical Collectables

    Info about some of the more collectable classical pressings can be found here. All prices on the classical listing include professional wet-vacuum cleaning using a VPI 17i record cleaning machine.

    Adam – Giselle, VPO / Karajan. Decca SXL 6002 wide-band deep-groove 1st issue. The thin laminated flip-back sleeve in VG++ condition due to some light creasing and general ageing, though it has no writing or tears, it's actually pretty respectable. The vinyl a lovely strong EX and it sounds great. Book value £50, I'll do it for half that £25.00.

    J. S. Bach - St Matthews Passion, Philharmonia / Klemperer. Legendary blue-silver Columbia SAX 5xLP box in VG+/EX condition with libretto. Box marked-down due to a little shelf wear and a corner split, the contents is in great shape. Inner sleeves non-original (new) as the poly inner layer were starting to go off. Records all cleaned and in immaculate shape with wonderful sound, this record deserves its reputation! Genuine original blue-silver copies like this can make anything up to £500, I'll price this competitively at £300.00.

    J. S. Bach - 4 Overturen-Suites BWV 1066-1069, Musica Antiqua Köln, DGG Archiv digital 2xLP box set with booklet, EX/EX £15.00.

    J. S. Bach – Golberg Variations, Rosalyn Tureck (piano), HMV ALP 1548 & ALP 1549 (mono, there is no stereo for this one). A legendary, hugely rare two record set, and this pair are exceptionally tidy, just beautiful. The thin fragile laminated half-moon flip-back sleeves show no creasing beyond a couple of very, very minor spine creases, no laminate-lift and no damage to the flip-backs, so a strong EX here. The vinyl is just superb, not the slightest hint of any spindle marking on any label, no surface marking, as fresh, shiny and clean as I've ever seen a record of this age. I played a side on the TD-124 and there's the odd quiet tick and pop here and there (I'll give it a good scrub on the VPI before shipping), but no distortion, no mistracking or any of the other nasties that routinely plagues 50+ year old vinyl, so a nice tidy EX. I've put a couple of pictures on my Flickr account here and here. This is a record set that can eBay for anything up to £450 in this condition, I'll let this lovely set go for £250.00.

    Beethoven - Symphonies 1-9, BPO / Furtwangler, 6xLP box set on HMV, digitally mastered from vintage mono and sounds quite reasonable for historic recordings. Considered the definitive Beethoven cycle by some and in immaculate M/M condition. £25.00.

    Beethoven - 5 Piano Concertos, Rubenstein / Boston Symphony / Leinsdorf, 1970 RCA, German pressing 4xLP, NM/NM £20.00.

    Beethoven - Missa Solemnis, New Philharmonia Orchestra & Chorus / Klemperer, early gold label HMV Angel stereo 2xLP in VG/EX condition (box a little tatty with some edge wear and a slight split), vinyl and booklet really nice £15.00.

    Berwald - Sinfonie Singuläre / Symphony In E Flat, LSO / Ehrling, 'wide-band' Decca SXL 6374 (1st issue for this title). Cover VG+ (small name on real, slight hint of sticker residue to front), vinyl EX £8.50.

    Boulez - Premiere/Deuxieme/Troisieme Sonate Pour Piano, Henck, Wergo 2xLP. VG+/EX, £12.00.

    Boulez Piano Sonata 1 & 3, Rosen, Columbia in VG+/EX condition £8.00.

    Brahms – Symphony 2, Philharmonia Orchestra / Klemperer, HMV Concert Classics, 'Factory Sample' stickered new old stock £5.00.

    Brahms - Piano Concertos 1 & 2, Barenboim / NYPO / Metha, CBS Masterworks 2xLP NM/NM £12.00.

    Brahms - Piano Concerto 2, Watts / NYPO / Bernstein, nice original 1968 UK blue label CBS EX/EX £6.00.

    Brahms/Schubert - Chamber Music From Marlboro (Brahms Horn Trio OP40, Schubert Auf Dem Strom OP119), Serkin, 1950s Columbia 6-eye mono, cover VG (rather nasty sticker damage top left and a little seam splitting/edge wear), vinyl a very nice tidy EX £5.00.

    Bridge - Suite For String Orchestra, LPO / Boult, Lyrita, EX/EX £5.00

    Canteloube - Songs Of The Auvergne, de los Angeles, Lamoureux Orchestra / Jacquillat, HMV ASD 2826, EX/EX £5.00.

    Elliot Carter - String Quartets 1 & 2, Composer’s Quartet. US Nonesuch original in VG+/EX condition (some age-spotting and discolouration to sleeve) £10.00.

    Couperin - Pieces De Clavcin Ordres VIII, XI, XIII, XV / Rafael Puyna, Philips 2xLP box, booklet, EX/EX, £20.00.

    *Debussy - Famous Orchestral Works, Concertgebouw / Haitink, Philips 3xLP box in very nice EX/EX condition £15.00.

    Dvorak / Smetana - Symphony 5 (New World) / The Moldau, BPO / Karajan, original blue-silver Columbia SAX 2275, very rare but has lightish scuff mark on the Smetana track so graded at EX/VG+ and priced accordingly £12.50.

    Dvorak – Symphony 5, LSO / Kertesz, Decca SXL 6257 wide-band deep-groove SXL 6273 in very nice EX/EX condition, non-original Goldring inner, no doubt replaced as the original Decca ones can be problematic to the record surface £25.00.

    Dvorak – Symphony 7, LSO / Kertesz, Decca SXL 6257 wide-band deep-groove SXL 6115 in very nice EX/EX condition aside from a very light removal hairline so light I can only see it in certain lighting conditions, non-original Goldring inner, no doubt replaced as the original Decca ones can be problematic to the record surface £20.00.

    Erkel – Bank Ban, Nagy / Hungarian State Opera House Chorus, Budapest PO / Ferencsik. Beautiful vintage 3xLP box set on Hungaroton, no indication of date but it has to be 60s. It's a really nice thing. £15.00.

    Falla, Weber, Ravel – Invitation To The Dance, Paris Conservatoire / Wolff, wide-band deep-groove ED1 Decca SXL 2105. A legendary and hugely collectable SXL, one of The SXLs in fact, though sadly this one has been through the wars a bit so I'm a fair way from collecting the £150+ mint ones routinely change hands for. The thin front-laminated cover is very respectable, just a little ageing, yellowing and shelf wear, it just looks a bit old, not abused, I'll go for a VG+ here. The vinyl has some marks, one of which I'd describe as a proper scratch, though I can barely hear it on the TD-124 after giving it a good VPI clean, though you should certainly expect the odd crackle, click and pop with this copy, but nothing too intrusive, again I'll go with a VG+. £25.00.

    Glazounov - Music For Saxophone, USSR Radio And Television Large Symphony Orchetra / Korneyev, Russian Melodiya VG+/EX (small sticker mark £5.00.

    Gounod – Faust (highlights) Corelli, Sutherland / LSO / Bonynge – Decca wide-band SET 431, insert EX / EX £5.00.

    Grieg / Schumann - Piano Concertos, Katchen / Israeli Philharmonic / Kertesz, Decca SXL 6028, wide-band deep-groove in VG/EX condition, cover marked down due to the presence of sellotape residue (some idiot taped the front-laminated flip-back sleeve and whilst the tape is long gone the yellow stain remains). That aside a nice copy £12.50.

    Handel - Concerti Grossi OP 6-9, 10, 12, I Musici, early Philips stereo with ‘Hi-Fi Stereo’ in panoramic text on maroon label, cat 835 017 AY, EX/EX £10.00.

    Haydn - 6 String Quartets OP76, Tokyo String Quartet, Columbia Masterworks 3xLP box, EX/EX £25.00.

    Michael Li-Paz & Zoltan Rozsnyn – The Magnificent Basso. Rare 1978 Miller & Kreisel Real Time audiophile direct to disk title featuring works from Mozart, Kopisch, Verdi etc, EX/EX £20.00.

    Mendelssohn - Italian And Reformation Symphonies (4&5), NBC Symphony Orchestra / Toscanini. 1958 US ’shaded dog’ deep groove RCA mono LM-1851 first pressing. Immaculate EX/EX condition with no spindle marking and the nice ‘Spectaculars for ’59’ advertising paper inner is pristine implying very low use, the only negative is a tiny dink to the outer sleeve opening where I guess it has snagged being slid onto a rack. A really lovely vintage record £20.00.

    Mendelssohn / Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto in E Major / D Major, Francescati / NY Philharmonic / Mitropulos, lovely early Philips ABL3159 mono, nice EX/EX £6.50.

    Mendelssohn - Lieder Ohne Worte (Songs Without Words), Barenboim (piano), German DGG 3xLP EX/EX £15.00.

    Olivier Messiaen, Michel Béroff ‎– Vingt Regards Sur L'Enfant Jésus, HMV 2xLP box in VG+/EX condition, some shelf-wear etc to box £15.00.

    Olivier Messiaen – Visions De L'Amen / Catalogue D'Oiseaux / Canteyodjaya / Turangalîla Symphonie, Vega 4xLP box in VG/EX condition, some wear and a small split to the box, vinyl looks lovely £25.00.

    Olivier Messiaen - Catalogue d’oiseaux, Robert Sherlow Johnson (piano) Argo 3xLP box in VG+/EX condition, just a little storage/age wear to the box £15.00.

    Mozart - Symphonies 26, 31 & 36, BPO / Bohm, UK 'tulip' DGG in VG++/EX condition (small corner ding) £5.00.

    Mozart - Die Salzburger Symphonien, Academy Of Ancient Music / Hogwood, Decca 3xLP box in EX/EX condition £20.00.

    Mussorgsky - Boris Godunov. Bolchoi/Melik-Pachaev. Lovely 4xLP Russian Melodya, I can’t say much about it other than it’s the real deal and everything is in Russian. A lovely strong EX/EX aside from just a little age-spotting on the cloth box, I’ve no idea how old it is, probably ‘60s or early ‘70s, but it is definitely stereo. A really nice item £30.00.

    Prokofiev - Symphony 4, Moscow Radio Symphony / Rozhdestvensky, HMV Melodia, VG+/EX (just a little shelf grubbiness to rear of laminated sleeve that would likely come off with a putty eraser if you wanted to try) £10.00.

    Puccini - Madama Butterfly, Opera House Rome / Gavazzeni, vintage mono HMV ALP1215/6/7 set of three individual records, VG++/EX aside from side three which has a couple of light marks. Nice vintage item and priced cheaply £7.50.

    Puccini - Spectacular (various highlights) / Kingsway Symphony / Camarta. Deep-groove Decca Phase 4 hi-fi stunt recording (these are fun!) EX/EX aside from just a hint of age to matt white rear sleeve £5.00.

    Raff – Symphony 3 / Ode To Spring, Westphailian Symphony orchestra / Kapp, Decca pressed Vox Candide EX/EX £6.00.

    Reubke/Bach - Sonata For The 94th Psalm / Fantasia In G, Jenifer Bate (Royal Albert Hall organ), Unicorn EX/EX £6.00.

    Schutz - Musikalische Exequien Deutsches Magnificat, Spieser, Hansmann / Vienna Chamber Choir / Gillesberger, deep-groove Decca-pressed Vox STGBY 608 in EX/EX condition, rare £7.50.

    Schoenberg- Piano Music, Jacobs, Nonesuch. Nice promo-stickered US original in VG+/EX condition (tip-on sleeve marked down for slight sticker mark, but still nice) £10.00.

    Schoenberg - Serenade For Seven Instruments & Bass Voice, Light Fantastic Players, Shulman, Nonesuch. Nice promo-stickered US original in EX/EX condition £10.00.

    Schoenberg - Moses Und Aron / Gielen, Philips 2xLP box in VG+/EX, some shelf/storage wear to box £15.00.

    Schubert - 9 Symphonies, Kölner Rundfunk Sinfonie Orcheter/Wand, EMI Digital 5xLP. A lovely item in nice strong EX/EX condition £22.50.

    Smetana – Ma Vlast (excerpts), VPO / Kubelik, Decca FFSS wide-band 10” stereo SWL8014, a first pressing from 1958, so right at the start of Decca's stereo production and in EX/EX condition £10.00.

    Stolz - Isle Of Dreams, Vienna Symphony Orchestra / Stolz. Lovely original Philips 838 132 GY with maroon label with ’Hi-Fi Stereo’ logo in cinemascope-style lettering, grades at EX/EX. World premier recording conducted by the composer. £7.50.

    J. Strauss – Johan Strauss Concert, VPO / Boskovsky, wide-band deep-groove Decca SXL 2082, VG+/EX, front-laminated flip-back cover knocked down just a touch due to a light crease and just a hint of age-discolouration to matt white rear, still a stunning copy of a very sought-after 2000 series SXL, priced very conservatively at £25.00.

    J. Strauss – Philharmonic Ball, VPO / Boskovsky, wide-band deep-groove Decca SXL 2198, EX/EX aside from a very small date written on rear sleeve and accompanying Pixall 'p' sticker (which I won't remove as they tent to leave a mark), a lovely copy of a very rare and collectable 2000 series SXL, a bargain at £20.00. (anyone wanting the three Strauss SXLs PM me as I have a couple more I'd thrown in on a deal!).

    R. Strauss - Arabella (scenes), Schwarzkopf / Philharmonia / Von Matacic, Columbia 33CX 1226, mono (no stereo) EX/EX £6.00.

    Stravinsky - L'Historie Du Soldat (suite). Very unusual teaching aid on the Music Minus One label, this one being the percussionist who is missing. Has full percussion score so one can play along with appropriate kitchen implements, EX/EX £10.00.

    Rita Streich - Opera Recital (Puccini, Massenet, Gounod, Mozart etc), German DGG 'tulip', EX/EX £5.00.

    Tchaikovsky - Symphony 6 "Pathetique", Chicago SO / Levine, RCA Red Seal Digital Teldec / Europadisk Audiophile Pressing, NOS still factory sealed £10.00.

    Tchaikovsky – Manfred Symphony, LSO / Previn, HMV ASD 3018, EX/EX aside from a very slight creasing to the cover, quite collectable £6.50.

    Verdi - Un Ballo In Maschera, Price RCA Italiana Opera & Chorus / Leinsdorf. Lovely early-60s deep-groove Decca-pressed RCA black-spot Dynagroove Stereo 3xLP box with libretto, grades at EX/EX aside from dealer ink stamp inside box £30.00.

    Verdi - Rigoletto, Moffo / RCA Italiana / Solti. Nice UK deep-groove 'black-spot' RCA stereo 2xLP with libretto in VG+/EX condition (a little wear to box) £20.00.

    Verdi - Rigoletto, Scotto, Cossotto / Teatro Alla Scala / Kubelik, beautiful 1964 German DGG ‘tulip’ stereo 3xLP with gold-blocked cloth-covered box and hefty libretto, a really stunning item in EX/NM condition £45.00.

    Verdi – Macbeth, Taddei, Nilsson / Accademia Di Santa Cecilia, Rome / Schippers, Decca SET 282-4, wide-band deep-groove, EX/EX throughout aside from a little light creasing to libretto £25.00.


    Decca Factory Sample/Test Pressings

    I currently have enough of these (many more to come) to merit a dedicated section! These are 1st pressings with a pink 'Factory sample' label and unless otherwise specified come with the full release album cover. They are very rare indeed as they were only issued for quality control and review purposes and can command very high prices indeed. I was very lucky landing these so can let them go at very competitive prices!

    Berlioz - Songs For Chorus, Davies / Norrington, Argo ZRG 635 test pressing, VG++/EX though missing libretto indicated on rear sleeve £10.00.

    Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique, VPO/Haitink, Decca SXL6938 test pressing, no outer picture sleeve, vinyl EX £6.50.

    Da Paperugia - Secular Works, Medieval Ensemble Of London, L'Oiseau Lyre DSLO 577 test pressing EX/EX £10.00.

    Faure - Ballade / Fantaisie For Piano & Orchestra, Johannesen / Orchestra Of Radio Luxembourg / De Froment, Decca pressed Vox Turnabout TVS34587 EX/EX £10.00.

    Francaix - Concerto For Piano & Orchestra / Suite for Violin & Orch / Rhapsody for Viola & Orch, Paillard-Francaix / Orchestra Of Radio Luxembourg, Decca pressed Vox Turnabout test pressing TVS34552 EX/EX £10.00.

    Greig - Incidental Music From Peer Gynt, RPO / Weller, Decca SXL 6901 test pressing EX/EX, slight warp but nothing to worry tracking £10.00.

    Handel - Messiah, AoSMITF / Marriner, Argo D18D3, 3xLP in full release box with insert VG+/EX (some wear and slight staining to insert, light scuff on one side that shouldn't sound) £20.00.

    Handel - Ode For The Birthday Of Queen Anne, Academy Of Ancient Music / Preston, L'Oiseau Lyre DSLO 541 test pressing EX/EX £10.00.

    Janacek - Vec Makropulos, Soderstrom / VPO / Mackerras, Decca D144D2 test pressing 2xLP box with libretto, VG+/EX, £15.00.

    Maynard - The XII Wonders Of The World 1611 / Character Songs, Consort Of Musicke, L'Oiseau Lyre DSL0 545 EX/EX £10.00.

    Pierne / Lalo - Piano Concertos, Dosse / Stuttgart PO / Kuntzsch, Vox Turnabout TVS 37125 test pressing EX/EX £10.00.

    Ruggiero Ricci: Opera Paraphrases For Violin & Orchestra (works by Wieniwski, Sarasate, Paganini, Ernst) Vox Turnabout TVS34720, EX/EX £10.00.

    Schumann / Schubert - Carnival / Sonata In A Major, de Larrocha, Decca SXL 6910 test pressing EX/EX £15.00.

    Villa-Lobos / Arnold / Benjamin - Harmonica Concertos, Reilly / LSO / Atherton, Argo ZRG 905 test pressing EX/EX £15.00.

    Villa-Lobos / Guarnieri / Chavez - Works For Guitar, Barrueco. Decca pressed Vox Turnabout test pressing TVS34676S EX/EX £10.00

    Vivaldi - Four Seasons, L’Estro Armonica, La Stravaganza, La Centra, Concerti For Wood & Strings, Academy Of St Martins In The Field / Marriner, lovely Argo 10xLP in gold-blocked cloth covered book in nice EX/EX condition aside from a couple of light yellowed age spots on the insert, a fabulous item £55.00.

    Wagner - Joan Sutherland Sings..., National Philharmonic Orchestra / Bonynge, Decca SXL 6930 test pressing EX/EX aside from slight yellowing to rear sleeve £12.50.

    Opera Paraphrases: Mozart, Verdi (Liszt), Meyerbeer (Thalberg) etc, Michael Ponti piano, Vox Turnabout test pressing TVS34674 EX/EX £10.00.


    Anna Moffo - Arias From Faust, La Boheme etc, 2x 1-sided Decca pressed RCA Victor 'deep-groove' vinyl in release sleeve. This one is from another source to the rest here, it is much older and in less good condition. The sleeve is unstuck and a bit tatty with signs of a past sellotape attempt, the vinyl is a very respectable VG++ with some noticeable marking to the blank sides (my guess is they were stored back to back in the same inner sleeve for some period). Even so it is clearly an exceptionally rare item £10.00.

    Harmonica Recital - various works (Chopin, Handel, Walton etc) transcribed or composed for a line up of Harmonica (Tommy Reilly), piano (James Moody) and harp (Sheila Kanga) Argo ZK55 test pressing in full release sleeve EX/EX £10.00.

    Classical Box Set

    The vinyl in these box sets is in superb condition, my guess is that many people buy them and never get round to playing them more than once (just like me really…). The boxes are at worst showing some light edge / shelf wear, but no corner splits unless mentioned. All inserts / books are present and in EX condition, i.e. the operas all have (usually heavy!) librettos. Unless stated 2xLP £10.00, 3xLP £12.50, 4xLP £15.00, 5xLP £20.00.

    Donizetti – L'Elisir D'Amore, Gueden / Maggio Musicale Florentino / Pradelli, Decca AoD 2xLP, some very light sleeve hairlines on S4 £6.00.
    Flotow – Martha, Rothenberger / Bavarian State Opera / Heger, HMV Angel 3xLP.
    Glinka - Ivan Susanin, Nesterenko / Bolshoi Theatre / Ermler, HMV ASD issue of Melodiya recording 3xLP.
    Handel - Hercules, Stich-Randall / Vienna Radio / Priestman vintage deep-groove RCA Victor 'black spot' mono 3xLP.
    Lehar - The Merry Widow, Harwood, Stratas, BPO / Karajan, DGG 2xLP, sticker mark inside box.
    Mozart – Cosi Fan Tutte, Peters / Metropolitan Opera / US Columbia Odyssey 3xLP.
    Nicolai – Die Lustigen Wieber Von Windsor, Ridderbusch / Bayerischen / Kubelik, Decca 3xLP.
    Schumann – Genoveva, Moser / Gewandhausorchester / Masur, German HMV 3xLP
    R. Strauss – Capriccio, Janowitz / Deitrich / Beyerischen Rundfunks / Bohm, DGG 3xLP
    *Verdi – Falstaff, Evans, RCA Italiana / Solti, Decca 3xLP.
    Verdi – Falstaff, Fischer-Dieskau / VPO / Bernstein, CBS 3xLP 1966 UK 1st press with textured blue labels, some very light surface bruising, I think from chemical transfer from the old poly inners, but nothing to worry about now it's cleaned and re-sleeved, a nice item.
    Verdi – Otello, Del Monaco / VPO / Karajan, Decca 3xLP.
    Verdi – Overtures & Preludes Complete, BPO / Karajan, DGG 2xLP.
    Wolf-Ferrari – Sly, Deiter-Badar / Choir & Orchestra Der Niedersachsischen / Maxym, Acranta 3xLP.

    I’ll stick a new section in here for an unusual selection of box-sets. I really can’t find much credible information about these, but they clearly belong together. They are all opera box sets and look to date from the 1960s or very early 1970s based on box, printing, pressing and inner sleeve style. My guess is they were either educational or private music society pressings. I’ll list the catalogue numbers. I suspect most are historic recordings and almost certainly all mono, some legendary names involved from very early years. They are really rather nice old things and I suspect rare even if of minority interest. I’ll do them at £12 each.

    Donizetti - Il Castello Di Kenilworth, Price, Kenny, Francis, MRF-143-S, 2xLP VG+/EX.
    Ponnchielli - I Lituani, Cassis, Hayashi, Gavazzeni, MRF-168-S 3xLP VG+/EX.
    Strauss - Salome, Ljuba, Welitch, Reiner, BLR 156-2, 2xLP, insert EX/EX.
    Verdi - I Vesperi Siciliani, Callas, Christoff, Klieiber MRF-46 3xLP, insert EX/EX.


    All single albums are at £3.50 and no worse than EX/EX unless specified and include free professional wet-vacuum record cleaning.

    Arnold - Symphony 5, City Of Birmingham Orchestra / Arnold, HMV ASD.

    J. S. Bach - Magnificat In D, London Bach Society Choir, Steinitz Bach Players / Steinitz, Unicorn, name on rear sleeve.
    J. S. Bach / Stravinsky - Magnificat / Symphonie De Psaumes, BPO / Karajan, DGG.
    Bach - Beruhmte Cembalowerke, Kraus, Sastruphon.
    J. S. Bach - Zuzane Ruzickova Plays Bach (organ) Supraphon.
    J. S. Bach - Double Concerto / Concerto in A Min / E Maj, Menuhin / Masters, HMV ASD (col stamp).
    J. S. Bach - Die Neue Bach Edition, nice DGG Archiv sampler for the huge Bach Edition series, gf, Archiv.
    J. S. Bach / Vivaldi / Handel - Concertos: In D for Oboe / In B Min for 4 Violins / Oboe concerto 1,2 & 3, Menuhin / Goosens / Bath Festival / Menuhin, HMV Concert Classics.
    J. S. Bach / Handel / Rameau / Scarlatti - Musik Fur Gesang Und Flote, Graf, Kobayashi, German Clavis label, gf.
    Barber / Ives / Copland / Cowell / Creston - Adagio For Strings / Symp 4 / Quiet City / Hymn & Fuguing Tune 10 / A Rumour, AOSMITF / Marriner, Argo.
    Barbiroli – English Tone Pictures, plus works from Ireland, Bax Delius etc, HMV ASD 2305, has sticker on mat rear of sleeve that I just can't shift.
    Beethoven – Symphony 1 & 8, Bavarian Radio SO / BPO / Jochum, DGG.
    Beethoven – Symphony 1 & 8, Bavarian Radio SO / BPO / Jochum, Heliodor.
    Beethoven – Symphony 2, BPO / Jochum, Heliodor.
    Beethoven – Symphony 2, BPO / Cluytens, CFP.
    Beethoven - Symphony 3, Philharmonia / Klemperer, Columbia 'red semi' mono.
    Beethoven – Symphony 3, VPO / Solti, US London, dc.
    Beethoven – Symphony 3, LSO / Stokowsky, RCA.
    Beethoven – Symphony 3, Halle, Loughran, ASV.
    Beethoven – Symphony 3, BPO / Jochum, 60s Heliodor.
    Beethoven – Symphony 3, Chicago SO / Reiner, RCA red label ‘silver-spot’ mono, this one is interesting as it’s a UK pressing, but not a Decca, it has a deep-groove, but it’s very different and I suspect older. It grades at VG/VG++.
    Beethoven – Symphony 3, LPO / Haitink, Philips.
    Beethoven – Symphony 3, BPO / Karajan DGG.
    Beethoven – Symphony 3 & 5, BPO / Fricsay, DGG Priv 2xLP £5.00.
    Beethoven – Symphony 4 LPO / Haitink, Philips.
    Beethoven – Symphony 5 Philharmonia / Klemperer, nice vintage blue-gold Columbia 33CX mono issue with laminated flip-back sleeve.
    Beethoven – Symphony 5 / Egmont Overture, LSO / Krips, vintage WRC mono.
    Beethoven / Schubert – Symphony 5 / Unfinished, LPO / Stokpwski, Decca Phase 4 Stereo (great sound!).
    Beethoven / Schubert – Symphony 5 / Unfinished, Vienna Festival / Krips, 60s Concert Hall Synchro Stereo.
    Beethoven / Schubert – Symphony 5, NYPO / Bernstein, interesting as the first half of side one is Bernstein discussing the score etc, CBS.
    Beethoven – Symphony 6 Philharmonia / Klemperer, HMV ASD issue with laminated flip-back sleeve.
    Beethoven – Symphony 6 Philharmonia / Klemperer, nice vintage blue-gold Columbia 33CX mono issue with laminated flip-back sleeve.
    Beethoven – Symphony 6, New Philharmonia / Giulini, HMV ASD.
    Beethoven – Symphony 6, BPO / Cluytens, CFP (music society sticker rear sleeve).
    Beethoven - Symphony 6, BPO / Karajan, DGG.
    Beethoven – Symphony 6. Concertgebouw / Jochum, Philips.
    Beethoven - Symphony 7, Philharmonia / Askenazy, Decca dig.
    Beethoven – Symphony 8, BPO / Karajan DGG (60s recording).
    Beethoven - Cantata On The Death Of The Emperor Joseph II, Steingruber / Kruss, US Vox Turnabout.
    Beethoven – Overtures (Leonore, Ruins Of Athens Creatures Of Promethius), Bayerischen / Davis, CBS Masterworks.
    Beethoven – Overtures (Fidelio, Leonora 1, & 3, Prometheus, Coriolan), Boston SO / Munch, RCA Camden.
    Berg - Lyric Suite / String Quartet OP3, Lasalle Quartet, DGG.
    Berg - Three Orchestral Pieces / three Pieces From Lyric Suite, BPO / Karajan, DGG Galerie.
    Berg / Berg-Altenberg - Lieder / Lulu Suite, Price / LSO / Abbado, DGG Galerie.
    Berg - Lieder (Seven early songs, Vier Lieder Vol 2 etc), various, DGG Galerie 413-802-1.
    Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique, Orchestre De National De La Radiodiffusion / Beecham, HMV ALP 1633 mono.
    Berlioz – Harold In Italy, Trampler / LSO / Pretre, RCA.
    Berlioz – Les Nuits D'Ete / Cleopatre, Te Kanawa / Orchestre De Paris / Barenboim, DGG dig.
    Berlioz – Harold In Italy, Zukerman / Orchestre De Paris / Barenboim, CBS Masterworks gf, sleeve VG+.
    Bernstein / Weill – West Side Story Suite / Klein Dreigroschenmusik, Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, Decca.
    Bizet – Symphony 1 In C, French National Radio / Munch, 60s Synchro Stereo.
    Blavet / Boismortier / Buffardian / Corrette / Quentin - Concerts, Musica Antiqua Koln / Goebel, DGG Archiv, gf.
    Blow - Ode On The Death Of Mr Henry Purcell/ Songs From Amphion Anglicus, Leonhardt Consort / Leonhardt, philips, gf, name inside gatefold.
    Blow / Croft / Gibbons / Purcell / Whyte – various pieces, Preston / Choir of Westminster Abbey / Guest, nice 60s World Record Club.
    Brahms – Symphony 1, Prague SO / Dixon, Three Centuries (seems to be a Decca spin off), insert, strong VG++.
    Brahms – Symphony 2, LSO / Monteux, Philips.
    Brahms – Symphony 2, LPO / Jochum, EMI.
    Brahms – Symphony 4, Halle O / Loughran, CFP.
    Brahms – Piano Concerto 1, Arrau / Concertgebouw / Haitink, Philips, writing on rear.
    Brahms – Piano Concerto 2, Jener / Vienna Volksoper / Dixon, World Record Club, small number in biro on rear sleeve.
    Brahms – Violin Concerto, Oistrakh / Saxon State O / Konwitschny, Helioror.
    Brahms – Violin Concerto, Korsakov / Grand Orchestre Symphonique Belgium / Defossez, Heliodor.
    Brahms – Serenade 2 / Hungarian Dances 5 & 6, NYPO / Bernstein, CBS.
    Brahms – Hungarian Dances 1-21, Kontarsky, DGG.
    Brahms – Clarinet Quintet OP 115, Michallik, Morbitzer, Martens, Buchholz, Gunther, Philips.
    Bruch / Mendelssohn – Violin Concertos, Ricci / LSO / Gamba, Decca World Of...
    Bruckner – Symphony 4, BPO Jochum, DGG.
    Bruckner – Symphony 4, Columbia SO / Walter, CBS.
    Bruckner – Symphony 4, BPO / Klemperer, German HMV.
    Bruckner – Symphony 7, VPO / Bohm, DGG Galleria dig.
    Bruckner – Symphony 7, BPO / Jochum, DGG 2xLP £6.00.

    Canteloube – Chants d’Auvergne Album 1, Von Stade / RPO / Almeida, CBS Masterworks, insert.
    Cimarosa – Il Matrimono Segreto (highlights), ECO / Barenboim, DGG.

    Davis – The Commanding Sea, (unspecified orchestra) / Davis, EMI.
    Delibes – Sylvia / Coppelia (excerpts) Boston SO / Monteux, RCA Camden, couple of hairlines from inner £2.00.
    Delius – Brigg Fair, A Song Of Summer etc, Halle / Handley, CFP.
    Delius – Sea Drift, RPO / Beecham, vintage Philips Minigroove mono, sleeve VG.
    Delius – Florida Suite / Dance Rhapsody 2, RPO / Beecham, HMV CC.
    Delius – Paris / Eventyr / Dance Rhapsody 1, RLPO / Groves, HMV ASD.
    Dvorak – Symphony 1, LSO / Rowicki, Philips,
    Dvorak – Symphony 7, NYPO / Bernstein, CBS, nice 60s blue label CBS.
    Dvorak – Symphony 8, Concertgebouw / Haitink, Philips.
    Dvorak – Symphony 8, Czech PO / Neumann, Supraphon.
    Dvorak – Symphony 8, LPO / Susskind, CFP.
    Dvorak – Symphony 8, VPO / Karajan, Decca JB.
    Dvorak – Symphony 9 ‘New World’, Philharmonia / Giulini, HMV CC, sleeve VG+.
    Dvorak – Symphony 9 ‘New World’, LPO / Macal, CFP.
    Dvorak – Symphony 9 ‘New World’, Halle Orchestra / Barbirolli, Readers Digest.
    Dvorak – Symphony 9 ‘New World’, BPO / Karajan, HMV ASD 3407, cover VG+ (couple of light creases).
    Dvorak / Glazounov - Violin Concertos, Milstein / Pittsburgh / Steinberg, Capitol mono, would be in collectables but the sleeve opening is badly cut/not straight, either a factory printing error or a later attempt to remove a tear or something, I can't tell, vinyl is very tidy EX.
    Dvorak / Grieg – Serenade For String Orchestra, Nocturne / Holberg Suite, Sinfonia / Faris, nice 60s World Record Club mono.
    Dvorak / Gounod – Serenade In D / Petite Symphony, Halle / Barbirolli, Pye.
    Dvorak / Vorisek – Czech Suite / Sinfonia In D, ECO / Mackerras, Philips.
    Dvorak / Greig - Serenade For Strings / Holberg Suite, AOSMITF / Marriner, Argo.
    Dvorak - Biblical Songs, Soukupova (voice) Moravec (piano), Supraphon, sleeve VG++.

    Easter On Mount Athos Vol II, interesting Christian monkery on Archiv, gf with book.
    Elgar - Symphony 1. LPO / Solti, late Decca SXL.
    Elgar – Symphony 2, LPO / Barenboim, CBS, name written rear sleeve.
    Elgar – Symphony 2, LPO / Handley, CFP.
    Elgar – Symphony 2, Philharmonia / Haitink, EMI dig.
    Elgar - Violin Concerto, Menuhin / LSO / Elgar, HMV APL mono (late postage stamp issue).
    Elgar - Violin Concerto, Kennedy / LPO / Handley, EMI.
    Elgar – The Wand Of Youth, Ulster O / Thomson, Chandos dig.
    Elgar / Parry – The Music Makers / Blest Pair Of Sirens, HMV ASD (nice 60s with flip-back sleeve).
    Elgar – Choral Songs, BBC Chorus / Boult, HMV gf.
    Epiphanias – Fes Der Ersheinung Des Herrn / Messe Am Feste Der Kirchweihe, Chor Der Monche Der Benediktiner-Abtei Saint-Pierre In Solemes / Gajard, German Bellaphon Aristocrate.

    Falla / Ravel – The Three Cornered Hat / Rapsodie Espagnole, Philadelphia O / Muti, HMV ASD dig.
    Faure - Requiem OP84, Jones / RPO / Hickox, RPO.
    Fibich – Symphony 2, Czech PO / Sejna Supraphon mono.

    Glasnouw – Stenka Rasin / A La Memorie De Gogol / Le Kremlin, Bamberger S O / Ceccato, RCA.
    Morton Gould – Conducts Marches Of Morton Gould, Knightsbridge Symphonic Band / Gould, World Record Club with flip-back sleeve.
    Greig / Falla – Piano Concerto / Nights In The Gardens Of Spain, Curzon / LSO Fistoulari, Decca Ace Of Clubs mono (cover VG+).
    Grieg – Peer Gynt Suites 1 &2 / 4 Norwegian Dances, Vienna Festival O / Rivoli, Synchro Stereo.
    Greig / Schumann – Piano Concertos, Katchen / Israeli PO / Kertsz, Contour reissue of classic Decca SXL material.

    Handel – Music For The Royal Fireworks / Concerti Grossi OP3 Nos 2 & 5, Virtuosi Of England / Davidson, CFP.
    Handel – Water Music / Music For The Royal Fireworks, RPO / Sargent, HMV ALP mono (red-semi).
    Handel – Water Music, Orchestre Jean-Francois Paillard / Paillard, RCA Gold Seal.
    Handel - Chandos Anthems / O Praise The Lord With One Consent / Let God Arise, Kings College Cambridge / AOASMITF / Willcocks, Argo.
    Handel – Music For The Royal Fireworks / Water Music, AOSMITF / Marriner, Argo.
    Handel – Music For The Royal Fireworks / Water Music, RCA Victor SO / Stokowsky, RCA Camden.
    Handel – Water Music, English Consort / Pinnock, DGG Archiv gf, dig.
    Handel - Dixit Dominus, Choir of Winchester Cathedral / Neary, HMV dig.
    Handel – Concerti Grossi OP 3, La Grande Chambre du Roy / Malgoire, CBS Masterworks.
    Handel – Concerti Grossi OP 3 Nr 4, OP6 4&10, Bayerischen / Schuricht, German Garantie (possibly mono).
    Handel - Music For Harpsichord, Robert Woolley, Saga.
    Handel - Coronation Anthems, AOSMITF / Marriner, Philips.
    Handel - Berühmte Orgelkonzerte, Dallman / Das Heidelberger Kammerorchester, Sastruphon.
    Handel - 300 Years Vol II (8x sonatas, recorder, oboe, bassoon etc), Bruggen, Schaeftlein, Haroncourt, Teldec 2xLP £5.50.
    Haydn – Symphony 44 & 45 SO of Radio Zagreb / Janigro, Philips mono.
    Haydn – Symphony 82 L'Ours / 86d, L'Orchestre De La Suisse Romande, Decca LXT mono.
    Haydn – Symphony 92 & 90, Philharmonia Hungarica / Dorati, Decca AOD, some laminate lift around spine but still nice.
    Haydn – Symphony 93 / 94 ,RPO / Beecham, HMV CC.
    Haydn – Symphony 94 & 101, BPO / Richter, Contour.
    Haydn – Symphony 94 & 104, Pittsburgh SO / Previn CFP.
    Haydn – Symphony 99 & 102, VSO / Woldike, Vangaurd.
    Haydn – Symphony 104 & 100, AOSMITF / Hogwood, L’Oiseau Lyre.
    Haydn - Trumpet Concerto / Divertment For Flute & Strings etc, Jeannoutot / Munich Pro Arte / Redel, World Record Club.
    Haydn 3 String Quartets OP 54, Juilliard Quartet, CBS (some evidence of sticker removal to sleeve).
    Helly-Hutchinson / Vaugn Williams – Carol Symphony / Fantasia On Christmas Carols, Pro-Arte Orchestra / Rose, HMV Greensleeve.
    Hovhaness – Saint Vatan Symphony OP 80, National Philharmonic / Hovhaness, Unicorn.
    Hummel – Septet In D Min, Nekar Septet, Oryx (couple of light marks and a slight crease to the cover, but still nice item, rare too).
    Hummel / Fesca – Grand Military Septet / Septet No 1, Collegium Con Basso, Vox Turnaout.



    Kalman – Countess Maritza (highlights) Vienna Volksoper / Paulik, Decca Eclipse.
    Klusak / Fiser / Feld - Variations On A Theme Of Mahler / Fifteen Pages After Duer's Apocalypse / Three Frescoes, Musica Nova, Supraphon.
    Kodaly / Prokofiev - Hary Janos Suite / Lieutenant Kje Suite, Cleveland O / Szell, CBS (small time written on rear sleeve).
    Kozeluch / Danzi – Sinfonia in Eb / Bb, AOSMITF / Brown, HMV.

    Lehar – The Merry Widow, Harwood / BPO / Karajan, DGG 2xLP gf, stapled book £5.50.
    Lehar – Anneliese Rothenberger sings… HMV CSD.
    Lehar – Nicolia Gedda Sings... (various works inc Count Of Luxembourg), HMV CSD.
    Liszt – Dante Szonata / Tane a Falusi Kocsmaban / H-Moll Szonata, Dezso, Hungaroton.
    Liszt – Dante Symphony, Bolshoi Theatre O / Khaikin, HMV Melodia.
    Liszt – Piano Concertos 1 & 2, Francois / Philharmonia / Silestri, HMV Concert Classics, sticker mark.
    Lloyd Webber – Requiem, Domingo / Brightman / Maazel, HMV gf.

    Mahler – Symphony 1, Columbia SO / Walter, CBS.
    Mahler – Symphony 1, LPO / Delogu, CFP.
    Mahler – Symphony 1, Czech PO / Ancerl, Supraphon (vintage mono, some cover wear).
    Mahler – Symphony 2, Philadelphia O / Ormandy, RCA 2xLP £5.50.
    Mahler – Symphony 2, New York Philharmonic / Walter, CBS 2xLP, envelope sleeve VG, £5.00.
    Mahler – Symphony 4, Saxon State Orchestra Dresden / Ludwig, 60s Heliodor, small sticker mark rear sleeve.
    Mahler – Symphony 5 / Lieder Eins Fahrenden Gesellen, Hermann / Symphonica Of London / Morris, Independent World release 2xLP, gf, cover VG++ £5.00.
    Mahler – Das Klangende Lied, Zylis-Gara / New Philharmonia / Morris, Decca AOD.
    Mahler – Kindertotenlieder / 4 Ruckert-Lieder, Fisher-Diekau, BPO / Bohm, DGG.
    Mahler – Leider / Eines Fahrenden / Gesellen / Ruckertlieder / 2 Lieder, Von Stade / LPO / Davis, CBS, gf.
    Mahler – Das Lied Von Erde, Thorborg / VPO / Walter, HMV mono.
    Mendelssohn / Bruch - Violin Concertos, Menuhin / Philharmonia / Kurtz, HMV ASD.
    Menotti – Amahl And The Night Visitors, NBC Opera Company Television Production, RCA Red Seal.
    Menotti – Amahl And The Night Visitors, Royal Opera House Covent Garden / Syrus, TER.
    Messager - The Two Pigeons (excepts) Orchestre De Paris / Jaquillat, HMV Greensleeve.
    Monteverdi – Tancredi & Clorinda, Societa Cameristica Di Lugano / Loehrer, vintage World Record Club mono.
    Monteverdi - Geistliche Konzerte, Dorow, Norden, Rogers etc / Jurgens, DGG Archiv, gf, booklet (some age-yellowing and slight laminate lift to sleeve).
    Monteverdi - Vespers Of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Ambrosian Singers / Orchestra Of The Accademia Monterverdiana /Stevens, Vanguard 2xLP, gf cover VG++ (some creasing) £4.50.
    Mozart - Symphony 29 & 35, BPO / Bohm, DGG.
    Mozart - Symphony 35, 39, 32, ECO / Mackerras, ASV.
    Mozart - Symphony 35, 32, 38, BPO / Bohm, DGG.
    Mozart - Symphony 35, 36, Academy Of Ancient Music / Hogwood, L’Oiseau Lyre.
    Mozart - Symphony 36 & 39, BPO / Bohm, DGG (2).
    Mozart - Symphony 36 & 39, Boston SO / Leinsdorf, RCA (2).
    Mozart - Symphony 38 & 39, BPO / Bohm, DGG.
    Mozart - Symphony 40 & 41, BPO / Bohm, DGG.
    Mozart - Symphony 40 & 41, Paris Conservatoire O / Vandernoot, HMVConcert Classics mono, number written on rear sleeve.
    Mozart - Symphony 40 & 41, New Philharmonia / Giuliani, Decca Jubilee.
    Mozart – Violin Concertos No 3 & 5, Menuhin / Bath Festival O, French HMV in tri-fold sleeve, sleeve VG+.
    Mosart - Horn Concertos 1,2,3,4, Brain / Philharmonia / Karajan, EMI (80s reissue).
    Mozart – Posthorn Serenade, BPO / Bohm, Swiss Ex-Libris.
    Mozart / Haydn – Haffner / Oxford Symphonies, BPO / Lehman, Hague PO / Otterloo, early 60s vintage Philips Minigroove in VG+ condition, very heavy vinyl.
    Mozart / Haydn – Sinfonia Concertante K297B / Horn Concerto in D, Stotijn / Netherlands Chamber Orchestra / Goldberg, 60s Fontana stereo with flip-back sleeve.
    Mozart / Haydn - Horn Quintet E Flat, Flute Quartet in D / Flute Quartet In D, Virtuoso Ensemble, vintage World Record Club RMG stereo.
    Mozart / Bach / Gluck – Flute Conc 2 / Suite for Flute & Strings / Dance Of Blessed Spirits, Monteux / LSO / Monteux, Contour.
    Mozart - Requiem, Armstrong, Baker / ECO / Barenboim, HVV ASD.
    Mozart - Die Entführung Aus Dem Serail, Koth, Schadle, Munich / Jochum, DGG Priv 2xLp, gf, libretto, some slight age fading to sleeve £6.50.
    Mozart - Masonic Music, Krenn / LSO / Kertesz, German Decca.
    Mussorgsky Ravel / Tchaikovsky - Pictures At An Exhibition / Serenade For Strings, LPO / Pritchard, CFP.
    Mussorgsky-Rimsky-Korsakov / Verdi – Boris Godunov / various, Burchuladze / ECO / Downes, Decca dig, insert.

    Nielsen - Symphony 4, Cincinati SO / Rudolf, Brunswick mono, VG++.

    Offenbach – Orpheus In The Underworld (highlights), Sadlers Wells / Faris, vintage mono ALP 1385.

    Prokofiev - Lieutenant Kije Suite, Chicago Symphony / Abbado, DGG.
    Puccini - Suor Angelica, Ricciarelli / National Academy Of Santa Celia / Bartoletti, RCA.


    Rachmaninov Piano Concerto 2, Tirmo / Philharmonia / Levi, CFP
    Rachmaninov - Das Grobe Abend-und Morgenlob, Akademischer Russischer / Sweschnikow, Melodyia/Eurodisc 2xLP, gf, sleeve VG++ (crease) £4.50.
    Rachmaninov / Respighi - Symphonic Dances / Feste Romane, LSO / Goossens, ‘60s World Record Club.
    Rameau - Pieces De Clavecin En Consort, Leonhardt, Harnoncourt, Vanguard Bach Guild.
    Ravel - Bolero / La Valse, Concertgebouw / Haitink. Philips.
    Ravel – Bolero / Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte / La Valse / Alboranda Del Gracioso, New Philharmonia / Maazel, EMI Eminence.
    Rejcha – Wind Quartets, Musica Antiqua Bohemica, Supraphon.
    Respighi – Deita Silvane, Tear / Argo Chamber O / Heltay, Argo.
    Respighi/Barber/Bartock/Britten - Antiche Danze Ed Arie Per Liuto / Adagio For Strings / Romanian Folk Dances / Simple Symphony, I Musici, Philips (record title: Romantic Contemporaries).
    Rimsky-Korsakov – Scheherazade, RPO / Beecham, HMV ASD, flip-back sleeve, mark side one but still usable £1.50.
    Rossini - Sins Of Old Age, Herbert Handt Ensemble, Philips.
    Roussel – Symphony 3 & 4, Lamourex Orchestra / Munch, 60s World Record Club mono, small top-seam split.
    Rubbra / Bliss – Symphony 5 / Five Dances From Checkmate, Melborne SO / Schonzeler, Chandos.

    Severed - Siljudance / Easy Pieces For Piano, Kayser (p), BIS, gf, rare, some cover spine creasing.
    Schawenka – Piano Concerto 1, Boston SO / Leinsdorf, RCA.
    Schmidt – Symphony 5, Slovak PO / Pesek, Supraphon dig.
    Schubert – Symphony 1 & 2, RPO / Beecham, vintage Philips mono.
    Schubert – Symphony 3, BPO / Karaan, DGG.
    Schubert – Symphony 3 & 5, RPO / Beecham, HMVConcert Classics.
    Schubert - Symphony In C Major (the Great) , Czech SO / Konwitschny, Supraphon.
    Schubert / Mozart – Symphony 5 / 33, BPO / Bohm, DGG.
    Schubert / Mozart - String Quartet 14 / Oboe Quartet In F, Gabrieli Quartet / Wilson CFP.
    Schubert – Trout Quintet / Sonata In A Min, Vienna Octet, Decca Eclipse (mono, "enhanced" for stereo).
    Schubert / Beethoven - The Trout / Piano Trio In D, Menuhin / Amadeus Quartet, HMV Concert Classics.
    Schubert – A Schubertiad: The Trout, To Sylvia, The Linden Tree etc, Dalton (piano), Souzay (baritone), Philips, some discolouration to lower rear of sleeve.
    Schubert - Piano Sonata in C / Four Imprompus, Falvai, Hungaroton.
    Schubert - Fantasia, Grand Duo Sonata, Brendel, Crochet, Vox Turnabout.
    Schubert – Die Schone Mullerin, Partridge, CFP.
    Schubert - Messe Es-Dur, VPO / Sangerknaben, German Philips, promo item including substantial stapled-in Philips label catalogue, as such pretty heavy!
    Schubert / Schumann – Wanderer Fantasie / Fantasie OP17, Perahia, CBS.
    Schubert - String Trio B Flat D898, Cortot, Thibaud, Casals, HMV Treasury, mono (historic).
    Schubert- String Quartet 14, Gabrieli Quartet, EMI CFP.
    Schubert – Octet in F D803, Music Group Of London, Enigma, small sticker blemish to sleeve.
    Schubert - String Quintet In C, Chilingrian Quartet with Jenifer Ward-Clarke, CFP.
    Schumann - Symphony 1 & 4, BPO / Kubelik, Contour. Schumann - Symphony 1 & 4, Philharmonia / Muti, EMI CFP.
    Schumann - Symphony 3, Philharmonia / Muti, EMI CFP.
    Schumann - Symphony 2 / Overture 52, New Philharmonia Orchestra / Inbal, Philips.
    Schumann - Symphony 3, BPO / Karajan, DGG.
    Schumann / Mendelssohn - Symphony 3 / 5, BPO / Karajan, DGG Galleria dig.
    Schumann - Symphony 3, BPO / Kubelik, Contour.
    Schumann – Etudes Symphoniques / Etudes Posthumes / Papillons, Murray Perahia, CBS gf.
    Schumann – Violin Concerto, Snitil / Prague SO / Hlavacek, Supraphon.
    Schumann - Dichterliebe / Liederkreis, Ian and Jennifer Partridge, CFP gf.
    Schumann – Lieder inc Shephard On The Rock, The Trout, Price, Lockheart, Brymer, CFP.
    Sibelius – Symphony 4, Luonnotar, NYPO / Bernstein, CBS.
    Sink - Mountains And Men, Randalu, USSR Melodiya (fragile sleeve VG++).
    Smetana – Richard III / Valdstynuv Tabor / Hakon Jarl / Pochod K Slavnosti Shakepearove, Czech PO / Neumann, Supraphon.
    Smetana / Dvorak – Die Moldau / Serenade For Strings, Boston SO / Kubelik, DGG.
    Stamitz - James Galway Plays Stamitz (Flute Concerto in D/G / Bach Sonata in A), RCA.
    Stamitz/Handel/Haydn - Orchestra Quartet / Concerto Grosso /Divertmento, Mannheim Chamber Players, Pan.
    J. Strauss – Waltzes, Vienna SO / Walter, Contour.
    J. Strauss / Weber / Liszt – Graduation Ball / Invitation to Dance / Mephisto, Detroit SO / Paray, Fontana.
    J. Strauss – Eine Nacht In Venedig. Grober Operetten Querschnitt, vintage Europa stereo, paper on board cover has some seam splitting.
    J. Strauss – On The Blue Danube, BPO / Karajan, DGG.
    J. Strauss – Sorgenbrecher, 2xLP, gf, collection of waltzes, polkas etc on German Interchord label, £6.00.
    J. Strauss / Suppe – New Years Day In Vienna, VPO / Boskovsky, German Decca.
    J. Strauss / Offenbach – Graduation Ball / Gaite Parisienne, Philharmonia / Mackerras, HMVConcert Classics.
    R. Strauss – Der Rosenkavalier (abridged version), Lehmann / VPO / Heger, HMV COLH 110/111, two separate vintage mono LPs in the 'Great Recordings Of The Century' series, nice hefty early 60s items with booklets.
    R. Strauss – Der Rosenkavalier (instrumental highlights) LPO / Del Mar, CFP.
    R. Strauss – Der Rosenkavalier Scenes, Crespin / VPO / Varviso, Decca JB.
    R. Strauss – Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks / Don Juan, Stadium Orchestra Of New York / Stokowski, World Record Club mono.
    Stravinsky - Le Sacre du Printemps, Boston DO / Montreaux, RCA mono.
    Stravinsky - Pretrouschka, Minneapolis SO, Dorati, UK Mercury Living Presence mono original (VG+).

    Tchaikovsky – Symphony 5, New Philharmonia / Stokowski, Decca Phase 4.
    Tchaikovsky – Symphony 5, Boston SO / Koussevitzky, RCA Victrola mono (Decca deep-groove pressing).
    Tchaikovsky – Symphony 6, BPO / Furtwangler, 70s DGG Historic mono, sleeve VG+.
    Tchaikovsky – Symphony 6, LAPO / Giulini, DGG dig.
    Tchaikovsky – Sinfonia No 2 / Romeo & Juliet Overture, Philharmonia / Muti, Italian HMV.
    Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto / Variations On A Rococo Theme, Parisot / VFO / Le Cont, Synchro Stereo.
    Tchaikovsky – Francesca Da Rimini / Hamlet Fantasy Overture, LPO / Handley, CFP.
    Tchaikovsky - Sleeping Beauty / Swan Lake, VPO / Karajan, Decca SXL, cover VG++.
    Tchaikovsky – Nutcracker Excerpts, Boston Pops / Feidler, RCA Camden.
    Tchaikovsky - Ballet Music From Operas (Eugen Onegin, Maid Of Orleans etc), Royal Opera House Covent Garden / Davis, Philips.
    Tchaikovsky – Suite No 1, Moscow Radio SO / Yansons, HMV / Melodyia CC.
    Tchaikovsky – Serenade / Souvenir De Florence / Camerata Bern, unnamed ensemble under the direction of Thomas Fueri, Erato.
    Tchaikovsky – Eugene Onegin excerpts, Kubiak, Royal Opera / Solti, Decca SET.
    Tchaikovsky / Prokofiev - Serenade In C / Classical Symphony, Pittsburgh Symphony / Steinberg, Capital mono (sticker rear sleeve, but lovely vintage item).
    Tchaikovsky / Bach / Boccherini / Handel– Serenade For Strings / Air From Suite 3 / Minuet From Quintet in E / Minuet from Bernice, Sinfonia Of London / Faris, 60s World Record Club mono with flip-back sleeve.
    Tchaikovsky / Laidov – Symphony 4 / Eight Russian Folksongs, L'Orchestre De La Suisse Romande / Ansermet, Decca Eclipse, a little sellotape on sleeve.
    Tchaikovsky / Rimsky Korsakov – Carpriccio Italien / March Slave / Procession Of The Nobels From Mlada, LPO / Boult, HMV ASD.
    Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture / Capriccio Italien, nice original 1958 Mercury mono, really tidy bar one light but lengthy mark on one side that prevents it hitting the collectable section.
    Telemann - Oboe Concertos, De Vries / Alma Musica Amsterdam, EMI.



    Walton - Belshazzar’s Feast, Philharmonia / Walton, EMI CC.
    Vaughn Williams – Symphony 5, LPO / Boult, HMV Greensleeves, sleeve VG+.
    Verdi – Nabucco, Winters, Rossi-Lemeni / Hamburg Radio SO / Singer, Saga.
    Verdi – Overtures (compilation) LSO / Dorati, nice 60s Fontana.
    Victoria - Motets, Scuola Di Chiesa / Hoban, Pye.
    Vivaldi – Four Seasons, Sillito / Virtuosi Of England / Davidson, CFP.

    Wagner Gotterdammerung, Hunter / LPO / Mackerras, CFP.
    Wagner - Sigfried Forgiving Scene And Duet, Windgassen / VPO / Solti, Decca SXL, insert.
    Wagner – Tannhauser, Bayreuther / Wieland Wagner, 1962 Philips mono.
    Wagner – Tannhauser Overture / Sigfried's Rhine Journey / Magic Fire Music, Boston SO / Munch, UK silver/red RCA mono with half-moon flip-back sleeve, couple of light marks but still a lovely vintage item.
    Wagner – Prelude To Lohengrin / Sigfried Idyl / Tannhauser Overture / Venusberg Music, Columbia SO / Walter, 60s vintage blue-label CBS mono.
    Waldteufeel – The Skaters Waltz, Berlin Symphony O / Stoltz, RCA.
    Walton - Belshazzar's Feast, Bell / Philharmonia / Walton, EMI Concert Classics.
    Weber / Rossini - Clarinet Concerto 1 / Theme & Variations, De Peyer / New Philharmonia / De Burgos, HMV ASD 2455 (col stamp, sleeve VG+).
    Weber / Berlioz / Lecoco – Invitation To The Dance / Les Troyens A Carthage / Mam’zelle Angot, NPO / Bonyge, Decca.
    Wolf-Ferrari – Susanna’s Secret / School For Fathers / jewels Of The Madonna / Il Campiello / La Dama Boba, Paris Conservatoire Orchestra / Santi, Decca Ace Of Diamonds.


    Maurice Andre - Le Grande Trompettiste de Notre Temps (concertos from Purcell, Telemann etc), AOSMITF / Marriner, Erato, gatefold.
    Janet Baker - A Janet Baker Album (Bach, Berlioz, Handel, Mahler etc) HMV.
    Carlo Bergonzi Sings Verdi, New Philharmonia / Santi, Philips.
    Adrian Boult – Conducts… Beethoven, Elgar, Wagner etc LPO, HMV, dc.
    Cream Puffs From Vienna (waltzes, polkas etc from Lanner, Beethoven Strauss, Ziehrer, Shubert), Boskovski Ensemble / Paulik, Vanguard.
    English Madrigals (Ramsey, Tomkins, Vautor etc), Tallis Schollars / Phillips, CFP.
    Famous Tenor Arias (Verdi / Puccini / Wagner etc), various tenors and orchestras, Contour.
    Fate A La Francaise, Orchestre Symphonique De Montreal / Dutoit playing works by Chabrier, Dukas, Satie etc, Decca dig.
    Katherine Ferrier – The World Of…, (many short pieces from Bach, Brahms, Handel etc) Decca mono.
    Fledermaus Overture / Barcarolle / Greensleeves / Ride Of The Valkyries etc, various (good) orchestras and conductors (Herbie Von K, Solti, Marriner etc) Decca Ovation digital.
    Great Tenors Of The World – Bjorling / Caruso / Gigli / McCormack / Melchior / Nash etc, HMV Treasury, small sticker mark, some tracks mono.
    Herbert Von Karajan – Hi-Fi Karajan, 70s DGG sampler / showcase of the great conductors work.
    Neville Marriner - Wagner Sigfried, Faure Pavane, Greig Two Elegiac Melodies etc, AOSMITF, HMV ASD 3943 dig, cover VG++ (just a little shelf wear).
    Mouvements Perpetuels (various works from Rimsky-Korsakov, J Strauss, Couperin, Bach etc), SCO / Leppard, Erato, gf (some cover damage to top edge).
    Music In London: Arne, Avison, Bach, Boyce, Purcell, ECO / Hiurwitz, nice Decca AOD.
    Music Of Mexico Vol 2 (various works from Revueltas, Galindo, Halffter) Orquestra, Sinfonica Del Estado De Mexico / Batiz, HMV Greensleeves.
    New Age Of Bel Canto – kind of an opera primer featuring many great names such as Callas, Caballe etc on EMI Angel, US pressing.
    Pastorales De Noel, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Alexandre Lagoya, Michael Legrand, CBS Masterworks.
    Prague National Museum: Historical Musical Instruments (Bach etc on museum instrument collection, various players), picture insert, Supraphon, a really nice item.
    Anneliese Rothenberger – Sings Operetta, HMV Greensleeves.
    The Soviet Army Ensemble, various traditional Russian pieces e.g. Volga Boat Song, Song Of A youth, Soviet Army Ensemble / Alexandrov, HMV CC.
    Joan Sutherland – Sings Noel Coward, Decca.
    Gunther Treptow – Ein Sangerportrat, nice German 2xLP, gf, many pieces, mostly Wagner (in fact all bar a couple of tracks on side 4) £4.50.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2023
  2. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Some nice fresh stuff added this week.
  3. vinylslug

    vinylslug pfm Member

    Verdi – Falstaff, Evans, RCA Italiana / Solti, Decca 3xLP.
  4. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Many thanks.
  5. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    Super vinyl. Thanks Tony.
  6. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Excellent, good to hear all is ok, thanks Alex.

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