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Christine McVie has died

Discussion in 'music' started by kasperhauser, Nov 30, 2022.

  1. rmcin626

    rmcin626 pfm Member

    Over 50 years of enjoying her voice and songwriting, very sad news
  2. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

  3. Joolzdee

    Joolzdee pfm Member

    So sad to read this news. This month has been a horrible one.
  4. Aethelist

    Aethelist pfm Member

    Was listening to the Dolby Atmos mix of Rumours earlier on today.

    She left some bloody good music behind.

    Suffolk Tony likes this.
  5. TimF

    TimF pfm Member

    RIP Christine. Bloody bummed about this.
  6. cctaylor

    cctaylor pfm Member

    A sad loss of a great talent. Such a soulful voice. She will be missed, but she has left a wonderful body of work.

    Search BBC Sounds for her Desert Island Discs. Well worth a listen.

    RIP Songbird
  7. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

    Very sad about this - RIP
  8. evand

    evand pfm Member

    RIP Songbird, thanks for the wonderful memories indelibly linked to your timeless songwriting. You are among a few that compelled me to stop and listen.
  9. tobermory

    tobermory pfm Member

    Ken Garner's 'In Session Tonight' book came with a CD of selected tracks from Peel sessions over the years. First song on there was Chicken Shack's version of this. I would offer that that version is better than this. Opinions?
  10. cobbers

    cobbers pfm Member

    Always was the Chicken Shack version I went back to - always Christine though - just a perfect rendition.
  11. madscientist

    madscientist pfm Member

    Very sad news RIP Christine
  12. kjb

    kjb Losing my edge

    Another person gone whose music has been in the background of my life since primary school when my best friend's brother, who loved Chicken Shack, played us their records. I then went from loving Fleetwood Mac as a teenager to holding them as a guilty pleasure.

  13. cobbers

    cobbers pfm Member

    Vaguely remember through the haze ,Chicken Shack performing at Henry's - or could have been the Eagle up the road.
    So many small clubs with live bands in those days.
  14. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    Woke up to this news. Very sad news. RIP songbird x
  15. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Some good stuff on BBC4 tonight including a re-run of the ‘Songbird’ documentary.
    chiily likes this.
  16. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK Feelin' nearly faded as my jeans

    A very sad loss. RIP.
  17. twotone

    twotone pfm Member

    Her version of I’d Rather Go Blind is the best version IMO, Rod Stewart’s version is very good too as is the original, one of my favourite ever songs.

    RIP Christine Perfect.
  18. Eyebroughty

    Eyebroughty JohnC

    Very sad news, RIP Christine.
  19. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    She was a massive talent, never really ‘got round’ to Fleetwood Max but appreciate their significance. I too was surprised she was such an age. RIP.
  20. peter312

    peter312 pfm Member

    RIP Christine and thank you

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