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[FS] Christie LCD projector

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by shrink, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. shrink

    shrink pfm Member

    no longer used Due to house move

    Christie lwu420 projector in full working condition, was about £8000 new!

    -brand new lamp with only a few movies use on it

    Lovely high def image, huge brightness capacity and loads of inputs. More of a data projector than home cinema, but I ran it in low power mode which not only suits movies better it also extends lamp life

    Would be looking for £300 for this, which is nearly half the price of the only one on eBay
  2. vinyl_paul

    vinyl_paul pfm Member

    Where in world are you based?
  3. shrink

    shrink pfm Member

    Edinburgh UK

    Can package up securely for UK shipping
  4. shrink

    shrink pfm Member

    Any further interest out there?

    If sold at full price I’ll throw in insured shipping to the Uk
  5. shrink

    shrink pfm Member

  6. shrink

    shrink pfm Member

    offers considered
  7. BenS

    BenS pfm Member

    I’m interested - pmed
  8. Gingerbeard

    Gingerbeard pfm Member

    Christie, in the Pro AV world are one of the defacto manufacturers of projectors so you are definitely buying into a great product and company. Realibilty and support are all top notch also - Seems a bargain, only negative being the cost of replacement lamps!

    Have a bump on me and GLWTS
    shrink likes this.
  9. shrink

    shrink pfm Member

    Brand new lamp installed and in low power mode is good for around 3000hrs so imagine the next owner would get their money’s worth from the unit
  10. shrink

    shrink pfm Member

    Any further interest? this will be getting thrown on ebay at the weekend, and for a higher cost than i'm asking direct here. So limited time to grab it on the cheap.

    Happy to accept £250 inclusive of UK postage.
  11. shrink

    shrink pfm Member

    Sold. Thanks all for the interest

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