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CD ripping, if you were to start anew.......

Discussion in 'audio' started by Somafunk, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. awkwardbydesign

    awkwardbydesign Officially Awesome

    Morality is a personal choice.
  2. narabdela

    narabdela who?

    Very true.
  3. Tumeni Notes

    Tumeni Notes pfm Member

    Only if what you want to listen to is actually on Spotify or (say) another streaming service.
  4. chartz

    chartz If it’s broke fix it!

    Sure but that must be very marginal.
  5. Tumeni Notes

    Tumeni Notes pfm Member

    Why? Based on what?
  6. chartz

    chartz If it’s broke fix it!

    I have yet to find something I have on CD or LP that I can’t find on Spotify or Apple Music (or Deezer or Amazon).
    As daft as that.
  7. Somafunk

    Somafunk pfm Member

    Cheers all for your comments/advice, I'll try and address a couple of the valid issues raised in the replies.

    <blockquote> chartz Why would anyone rip their CDs when we have Spotify and the like anyway? I just don't get it.</blockquote>

    I have 100's of cd recordings of dj sets, from dj mates that recorded their sets at various events round the world to recordings I made myself from source, I/we used to put on dance events and these are not on streaming services. All recordings were made with full allowance from the DJ's in question as long as they were for personal use, not to be shared on other platforms this I have stuck to religiously as once trust is lost in this industry then you are quickly and rightly shunned. On attending events where I knew the dj from previous encounters i usually ended up getting a few of their latest sets burned to cd along with other dj sets they have collected at various gigs/festivals they had played at. Ive a mate who's a successful well known dj/producer/remixer - he has millions of streams yet the remittance he receives from Spotify is pathetic.

    <blockquote> Bob McC
    Oh the irony!
    Ripping is an illegal breach of copyright in the UK.
    Bad enough, but selling on CDs after ripping is bang out of order.</blockquote>

    Given the fact that I've booked DJ's and paid them fortunes to play many 100's of sets at festivals/club nights and introduced them to new audiences over the years since the late 90's I feel I've paid my dues regarding this issue, quite a few of my DJ mates are selling parts of their collections running into the 1000's of 12"s and have zero qualms at ripping their records before selling on - is this wrong as well?.

    I stress im not having a go at your very valid points but merely attempting (rather poorly) to put my point of view across, I'll never attend a gig/dj/festival ever again due to my worsening condition (ms), no more lost weekends at the sub club, no more wandering around festivals, no more experiencing that rush of wandering into a packed tent that is kicking off at 2am in the morning, so in the confines of my own home I feel im perfectly well served and entitled to do as I wish with what I have left to continue my love of their music.

    So it seems I'll investigate getting a superdrive, a few large ssd's and have a look at the various ripping programs outlined in the thread such as dbpoweramp to flac- many thanks for all your replies - much appreciated.
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  8. chartz

    chartz If it’s broke fix it!

    Yes then, get a SuperDrive. Yours is a particular situation that justifies the trouble.
  9. geetee1972

    geetee1972 pfm Member

    BTW Somafunk do you also like mountain bikes?
  10. Somafunk

    Somafunk pfm Member

    geetee from singletrack?, allo (waves furiously).

    s'funny.........hifi...bikes...and coffee - the perfect trifecta to cure all that ails us.

    Just bought a superdrive for ripping duties, 2tb sandisk extreme ssd and now to investigate/buy dbpoweramp - do I need/is it worth it to buy "PerfectTUNES software as well as DBpoweramp - they are on offer for the pair here for £43*1-0_2-1*1-0_2-1
    Now to decide....ALAC or FLAC?....
  11. Amber Audio

    Amber Audio This is the Day

    @Somafunk Sorry to hear you’re living with MS, my BiL is also.

    I can recommend dBPoweramp and associated utilities wholeheartedly.

    This is useful to sort incorrect album art and organise it based on rules, might be useful even if most of your CD rips are custom to assign certain pics of people/places/events/decks

    If you have a large volume of data to manage a QNAP or Synology NAS device is worth looking into


  12. AndyU

    AndyU pfm Member

    If you have lots of rips you have already done, PerfectTUNES is a way of checking them for accuracy against an online database. It is no use if they are rips of non-commercial CDs, or gigs, since there won’t be anything to check them against. If you use DBpoweramp for your own rips, it will already do the same checks against online databases for accuracy, metadata, artwork etc. so perfectTUNES will be redundant. Don’t agonize over ALAC or FLAC, dBpoweramp will let you convert between them - or even rip to both formats simultaneously. Hazard a guess as to which one will be best for your playback situation and go for it. As you start ripping check your playback software to see that your rips are being handled as you want them - the things that usually cause a bit of aggro are multi-cd sets - are they one big CD or CD1, CD2 etc, and compilations - what artist do you want the album under, or do you have an artist called “Various”.:dBpoweramp has settings for all this stuff, so just get stuck in and sort things out as you go. Dbpoweramp also lets you control the folder structure into which you put your rips - make sure this is useful in case you need to find them later.
  13. Somafunk

    Somafunk pfm Member

    I’ve got 500gb ish of rips to an old spinny style hdd that were done years ago and I only noticed I had a number of poor quality mp3s when playing back through roon so I plan to start again from fresh with ALAC, as for all my other non commercial recorded cds I’m happy to manually affix metadata for them and include suitable artwork to identify the gigs/DJ sets/festivals where they were recorded, it’ll give me a good excuse to sort through my photos over the past 20+ years.

    I’m keen to get started.......let’s hope my initial excitement will see me through to the end ;)

    cheers all for help & advice
    AndyU and narabdela like this.
  14. geetee1972

    geetee1972 pfm Member

    Also you don’t need to buy DB Poweramp at first. You get a month free I think. I managed to rip 500 cds in ten days and finished the job before the demo period expired.
    And yes, formerly of STW parish etc before my ‘flounce’ ;o)
  15. Somafunk

    Somafunk pfm Member

    Don’t think a month would be enough time to rip all my cds as I have a decreasing amount of time every day to function muscle wise as I’ve come to accept my limitations due to ms and need to pace myself otherwise my entire body shuts down and I go into “standby mode” due to the mental/physical effort involved. If dbpoweramp works as well as the posts above say then it’s a small price to pay/support the developer if they offer me the opportunity to relax, sit down with my iPad and control roon to explore my music collection.

    geetee - so you flounced., was this a “goodbye and thanks for all the fish” flounce or a full on “toys out of pram, throw shit around and pee in everyone’s boots” type of flounce?, I drop in to stw every so often but nothing like a few years ago, can’t ride these days so talking bikes is pretty low down on my priorities. Shame you flounced as I used to love your posts of street portrait photography, ps I saw your system in the other thread..........bloody hell those tubes are things of beauty.
  16. mandryka

    mandryka pfm Member

    I’m going to use this thread to ask a tangential question, if the OP wants me to delete it just say and I will.

    Here goes.

    Why do some CDs take longer to rip than others? Is there any trick for speeding up the process?
  17. Del monaco

    Del monaco Del Monaco

    I just stream.Life’s too short!
  18. Somafunk

    Somafunk pfm Member

    Christ, no one owns a thread so post away - it’s meant to be a discussion so fire away, this forum seems relatively free of tiresome thread nazi’s.

    Mandryka- is that not due to error correction as the software re-reads the same section time & time again to correct missing information. I seem to remember back in the mid 2000’s when I originally ripped a few cd’s having to adjust the error correction rate it took eac to read dodgy cd’s, some took longer than others due to scratches/blemishes on the discs.
    Amber Audio likes this.
  19. Amber Audio

    Amber Audio This is the Day

    Bit of a simplification:
    CD’s are manufactured using different machines/blank media. Depends on thickness of data layer and how the laser in your drive reads it. Also error correction kicks in, even if a CD looks spotless it may have issues so the drive slows down and re-reads that part until it gets a good read or gives up and “guesses”. ​
  20. geetee1972

    geetee1972 pfm Member

    LOL yeah It got so toxic at one point that I got told by one of the moderators I was being given 'a break' and I just aksed to be deleted completely. I had had enough by that point and recognised that engaging in debate on that forum was having a very negative effect on me, so I asked to be deleted. ISo yeah, I 'flounced'. The thread on which it happened was all deeply regrettable.

    Thanks for the comments about the tubes; the system is new and significant for me as it is the thing I promised myself I would buy again when I finally got my own place and my independence back. My marriage had been exceptionally difficult and not made easier by being 'obliged' to sell my previous system (my wife hated music and noise in general so I never had any chance to listen to music and in the end just gave up the battle). Now that I am independent again and in my own house, I have indulged a little. It's all financed by mortgage debt ostensibly; hardly what you would call a prudent investment financially but definitely an exceptional return emotionally!
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