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Car Youtubers

Discussion in 'off topic' started by richardg, Nov 18, 2021.

  1. matthewr

    matthewr spɹɐʍʞɔɐq spɹoɔǝɹ ɹnoʎ sʎɐld

    To be fair to him, I think he is basically self-made. His family are certainly not poor but not rich, rich and he made his original money working a job in the City and then with a non-YouTube business he started. His first car was a souped up Cleo IIRC, so prior to YT he was not exactly rolling in it. Mostly his success seems to be down to hard work and having started car youtube very early.
  2. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    Yes I'll give you that, I guess it doesn't hurt though throwing your eggs into a YT basket knowing you aren't going to be down the food bank if it doesn't take off.
  3. Somafunk

    Somafunk pfm Member

  4. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    Have saved that Barra engined Bedford for a later watch, it is a stonking motor and much underrated outside of Oz. Pity it never made it over here.
  5. Ginger

    Ginger pfm Member

    I can't watch Jayemm. C*ck.
    Suffolk Tony and richardg like this.
  6. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    He thinks he is Clarkson, I can't watch him either.
    Suffolk Tony and richardg like this.
  7. cutting42

    cutting42 Arrived at B4 Hacker Erg \o/

    Cannot stand Shmee, stupid name and a very affected manner to me, soooo pleased with himself, anything he is on is a switch off for me.
    RJohan likes this.
  8. cutting42

    cutting42 Arrived at B4 Hacker Erg \o/

    Number 27 is watchable, initially not convinced but have watched most of his recent stuff so I guess I do like it.
  9. matthewr

    matthewr spɹɐʍʞɔɐq spɹoɔǝɹ ɹnoʎ sʎɐld

    To be clear he is very dull and I blocked his channel ages ago. Indeed I finally seem to have trained the youtube algorithm off car content altogether. Now it's mostly shoe repairs and Finnish nutters camping in the forest in winter with only a pocket knife and a tarpaulin :)
  10. richardg

    richardg Admonishtrator

    Similar delivery but without the purile bits that are half funny when Clarkson delivers them.
  11. topsy

    topsy pfm Member

    I second high peak autos
  12. richardg

    richardg Admonishtrator

    This is what I think. They are just messing about on YouTube. Sort of ****ing their egos off. Jayemm possibly being the best example. No way he makes enough YouTube cash to buy all the cars he buys. But he never lets on that he makes cash elsewhere like others do
  13. wow&flutter

    wow&flutter pfm Member

    I feel the same way, cannot stand him. Thankfully he doesn’t appear on my YouTube feed any longer I guess because I haven’t mentioned him. Aw , he’s going to appear again now isn’t he!:mad:
  14. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    Forgot Jonny Smith/The Late Brake Show. A great mix of old barn finds, new Evs, new ICE stuff etc. plus he knows how to present.

  15. Rana

    Rana pfm Member

    Although I don't mind him, I thought Shmee is of the Burton family (as in Burtons' clothing chain before they were bought out)?
  16. juz400

    juz400 pfm Member

    Finnegan`s Garage
    Although this episode is about kevlar undercrackers and a 1700HP jetboat
  17. Paul R

    Paul R pfm Member

    Quite like samcrac, keep an eye on Soup Classic Motoring for the Esprit. Vice Grip/Iron Trap Garages when the subject matter is intriguing.
  18. andyoz

    andyoz pfm Member

    Savagegeese are good. US centric but when on form with interesting cars are hard to beat.

    Did a great multi part series on MX5.

  19. narabdela

    narabdela who?

    Not interested in supercars. I prefer nostalgia oriented stuff, so Hubnut and Twin-Cam for me.

    Tony Lockhart likes this.
  20. linnfomaniac83

    linnfomaniac83 I bet you can’t wheelie a unicycle!

    Same list as me largely, the owner Italia Auto’s is a friend of a friend, fairly local to me, nice guy and would be my go to if I bought anything Italian, knows his stuff, down to earth and won’t rip you off.

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