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Can you make headphones sound like real loudspeakers? We're giving it a go

Discussion in 'trade discussion' started by Sonneteer, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Sonneteer

    Sonneteer Trade: Sonneteer

  2. cartman

    cartman Taking a sabbatical

    Got my Headspace and I’m pretty happy with what it does. I need a better source than my iPad and better cans than SR80s but within these constraints it does add space.
  3. Sonneteer

    Sonneteer Trade: Sonneteer

    Thanks, glad you liked it and it worked for you. We do find you do get a better experience with a better source and headphones, but in general and as a percentage it enhances lesser ones more. More of an observation than a deliberate thing.
  4. Sonneteer

    Sonneteer Trade: Sonneteer

  5. Sonneteer

    Sonneteer Trade: Sonneteer

    Anymore feedback on this? Like to know more of people's experiences so far. Anyone try it with movies or sports matches?
  6. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    If you have binaural recordings and use a Blumlein Shuffler you can have a good go...
  7. narabdela

    narabdela who?

    I think Ann Summers have an offer on these at the moment. ;)
  8. Sonneteer

    Sonneteer Trade: Sonneteer

    It's that time of the evening already :))
  9. jamington2004

    jamington2004 pfm Member

    Anyone compared to the Chord Hugo crossfeed button? I haven’t spent much time using it but couldn’t tell any difference when quickly switching it off and on on a few tracks so have ignored it since :)

    Am using Campfire Solaris
  10. blossomchris

    blossomchris I feel better than James Brown

    Could someone please make me a new head, including contents, I have plenty of old phones.

  11. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    The crossfeed on the Hugo TT 2 made an increasingly noticeable difference on each incremental setting through all of the open-back headphones I tried (IIRC there are 3 crossfeed settings on the TT 2 plus the 'off' setting). The Bard's Headspace has a similar effect though I did not compare it directly to the TT 2's crossfeed.

    The advantage of having a crossfeed button on the amp is that it's very easy to quickly switch it on and off to hear its effect in real-time. With the Headspace you have to rely on your memory a little as it takes a few seconds to unplug/replug it. The beauty of the Headspace is it can be used with any amp you like and is killer value for money.
    jamington2004 likes this.
  12. Sonneteer

    Sonneteer Trade: Sonneteer

    Thanks, also many built in crossfeeds are active (over and above the amp itself) this alone adds a different character. Headspace is a passive, non attenuating solution which hopefully also sounds good.

    jamington2004 likes this.
  13. jamington2004

    jamington2004 pfm Member

    Would you say it’s generally less effective / obvious on IEM rather than open back headphones out of interest?
  14. Sonneteer

    Sonneteer Trade: Sonneteer

    I have a range of headgear and I can't specifically say that it is less effective on a particular type. I would say the improvement in over all performance is better in the less expensive earbuds and over ear phones, but even in the so called high end pro models (which I use a lot for recording) the effect or correction is clear. It (The Bard's Headspace) does make for a more pleasant experience even if sometimes you can't quite put your finger on it. It never sounds 'enhanced' as such in the exaggerated sense.

    It just brings back the music. I hope that makes sense?

    jamington2004 likes this.
  15. jamington2004

    jamington2004 pfm Member

    Yeah thinking of moving on my Hugo anyway for something more portable, plus it’s a bit too hissy - so might get one of your thingys to go with and have a play :)
  16. Sonneteer

    Sonneteer Trade: Sonneteer

    Thanks look forward to your order :)
  17. sazalirazak

    sazalirazak pfm Member

    just got mine, good stuff adds that bit more space on my Beyer T1 v2 - Teddy Pardo rig
  18. Martin Roper

    Martin Roper Member

    Can I use this with my Jabra evolve 80 headset without affecting the microphone?
  19. Rana

    Rana pfm Member

    I don't think so, but Haider will have to confirm.
    I bought one when it first became available and can agree that the Headspace effect on my Master & Dynamic ME05 driven by a "Gatorised" Beresford Caiman does not sound artificial at all. I took it off for a while to see the effect without it, and now cannot find where I put it!
  20. guey

    guey pfm Member

    I bought one for myself; then my husband kept borrowing it if he wanted to do mixdowns on headphones - so I bought him one.
    Then two other friends tried it; so that was their Chrismas presents sorted.

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