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Cable Question: Morgana Source RCA? Phono? What about Spectre?

Discussion in 'audio' started by schneller, Sep 23, 2022 at 6:35 PM.

  1. schneller

    schneller pfm Member

    I am referring to this specific cable.

    Can I use this cable from say a DAC with single-ended, RCA outputs to the DIN input of my NAIM Supernait 3? Is the DIN input 4 or 5-pin? (I think 5.) Which version of the cable do I order in this scenario? Phono source? Even though I am not using this for my Rega P3?

    Finally, have we heard anything more about the availability and pricing of the new Witch Hat Spectre speaker cable?

  2. Featsdont

    Featsdont pfm Member

    Why not ask Witch Hat ? - I have found them very helpful with queries in the past.

    if you tell them what you are trying to connect they will advise - this includes direction of signal too!

    PS I have had both DIN to twin XLR. - Naim preamp to NAP 250 ( Hatpin) and Morgana - twin mono DIN to XLR - Naim Pre amp to 300 DR.
  3. PerF

    PerF Scandinavian Member

    There was a thread in here and on Naim forum(maybe that got pulled?)

    WH had a introduction discount sales a couple of weeks back, send out to all previous customers email.

    I believe time of delivery were set to at least 3-4 month - doubt anyone have received anything apart from testers.

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