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Buying from Germany

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by spamnap, Feb 7, 2021.

  1. lawrence001

    lawrence001 pfm Member

    The Scotland thing depends on what you regard as a nation state I guess, but I don't disagree in theory. Thing is, they had a "once in a generation vote" only a few years ago.
  2. Nye Samuel

    Nye Samuel Cymru am byth

    But as John Maynard Keynes said ' when the facts does the theory'...Brexit has changed it for Scotland...Not scared of a bit of democracy are you?
  3. lawrence001

    lawrence001 pfm Member

    Not at all I don't really understand what all the fuss about keeping Scotland is about, we'd be richer without them.
    clap likes this.
  4. lawrence001

    lawrence001 pfm Member

    (Financially richer if culturally a little poorer I'll admit. But that's no reason to force them to stay against their will.)
  5. Nye Samuel

    Nye Samuel Cymru am byth

    We almost agree...the UK will be culturally and financially poorer...but on the leaving part I agree.
    Avinunca likes this.
  6. iansr

    iansr pfm Member

    “(NOTE - UK, NOT the EU)”. Incorrect. The EU is introducing a similar scheme on 1 July. It was planned to happen on I Jan but some member states were not ready. The EU value is 150 Euros. That’s not a coincidence.
  7. Vinny

    Vinny pfm Member

    Not incorrect when written, and not really incorrect now either. What the EU has done or is doing, or is about to do, has no effect, directly, upon the UK anymore.
    Until Jan 1st. there was no requirement for sellers anywhere outside of the UK to register with the UK for collection of UK VAT. There is now.
  8. iansr

    iansr pfm Member

    I was merely pointing out that the UK system mirrors the one being introduced by the EU. You’d be naive to think the similarities are a coincidence.
    VanDerGraaf likes this.
  9. simon g

    simon g Older, wiser but no longer retired

    It's a bit of 'democracy' that bought about the Brexit mess in the first place.

    Be careful of what you wish for, lest it come true!
  10. Nye Samuel

    Nye Samuel Cymru am byth

    Brexiteers can't have it both ways.
  11. rallychief

    rallychief pfm Member

    I enquired about a headhone amp dac on e bay in Germany, the German seller informed me i think it was DHL their courier would charge £5 and i would be liable for vat, and any customs charges that may be applied, plus the delays whilst this was going on, plus any international covid delays, needless to say i thought better of the purchase.
  12. lawrence001

    lawrence001 pfm Member

    Hopefully this will encourage entrepreneurs in the UK to set up businesses to make things we stopped doing, or import them to sell directly. Also, in the long run non UK companies may set up subsidiaries in the UK to sell directly. Same as the US, Japanese etc did to sell to the EU.
  13. Nic Robinson

    Nic Robinson Moderator

    Depressing thread. Well, if you voted for it...congrats. You got it.
    booja30 likes this.
  14. jay

    jay built for speed

    Which was entirely foreseeable by Brexiters (they all know how evil the EU is), so it's a shame we didn't agree to extend the transition period we were offered.
  15. misterdog

    misterdog Not the canine kind

    Dragging the process out for another year of cyclic arguments achieving nothing as we do on here with mains cable threads.
  16. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    Looks like they’re wanting another one. It’s on the manifesto, six weeks from now will confirm their answer.
    Regards the question of this thread, I’m amazed that anyone voting for Brexit now has the temerity to complain about the added cost of buying and selling hifi trinkets in EU countries. It’s the new cost of doing business and it’s going to hit large areas beyond simply their hobby interest.
    RogerJW, albireo and booja30 like this.
  17. Nic Robinson

    Nic Robinson Moderator

    Yes. A micro-economic sign of the macro-reality coming our way, I fear.
    RogerJW likes this.
  18. puddlesplasher

    puddlesplasher pfm Member

    Just sent a package to Europe and its bloody confusing. I wasn’t even able to put the correct value down as it wouldn’t accept the proper amount so a bit concerned to sa the least.
  19. jay

    jay built for speed

    Sure, sure that makes sense...o_O
  20. FrancisClement

    FrancisClement pfm Member

    I live in Spain and sold most of my excess stuff last year thank god. If I need to sell anything else to UK it will have to wait until I can fly over and bring an odd pre-amp or 2 in my backpack. My main worry is having equipment sent to UK for servicing, is VAT due for the cost of the service or the value of the item?? Perhaps there is a Klass A in Europe??

    As far a buying is concerned I see that the bureaucracy is crazy but I discovered recently that a camera I bought from Japan attracted no VAT nor extra charges when it was sent by national postal services but DHL etc would add crippling charges.

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