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Burwen Bobcat Operating System.

Discussion in 'audio' started by Barry williams, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. analogmusic

    analogmusic pfm Member

    That's a bit like saying bits are bits and all digital sources sound the same.

    Have you heard a chord hugo? what makes it special is many things, but to my understanding it was the Filter inside with custom made software by Rob Watts.

    It is one of the finest DACS I have ever heard.

    So to say that the burwen software is just "EQ" and "perhaps" ambiance extraction is not accurate at all.

  2. strummer

    strummer pfm Member

    Looks interesting. I would definitely try it if it's within my tech capabilities. So plug n play.

    Does this correct my own files or will I have to replace them with a version they have remastered?

    Does it do FLAC?

    Do I have to have a computer running or will it run on Synology NAS?

    Will it run on MAC?

    Do you run your files through it & it alters them once (changing them permanently), or does it work live?

  3. analogmusic

    analogmusic pfm Member

    Can do both : play live files (but only from the windows media player which may not play FLAC) and create remastered versions while keeping the original intact. Speak to Dick about the output file I think for the basic version it was only MP3. The version of the software I bought in 2008 is not the same now, he has enhanced it.

    Once you have created a remastered version you can use it anywhere and that's what I do. These versions are on my synology nas, on my iphone, in my usb. for the car etc etc.

    It alters permanently so does not need to run live once you have the output file.

    not for mac unless you use Vmware fusion (maybe also parallels) and windows 7. I use these on my mac and works just fine.

  4. Werner

    Werner pfm Member

    Well ... I am capable of designing my own digital filters, thank you. I also know a thing or two about music mastering. I know very well what a little bit of the right eq can do. And why.

    There is no magic.
  5. analogmusic

    analogmusic pfm Member

    I am not the technical person that can argue with you and that is not my intention here. I don't mean to upset or offend anyone.

    I am somewhat musically inclined and listen with my ears and can tell fairly quickly whether I like a component or not. 5 minutes maximum

    With the bobcat it took me less than 60 seconds to like it.

    Barry started this thread, and I gave my honest feedback. I've been using it since 2008 and won't part with it.

    It's a good product, and you can read the reviews about it.

  6. strummer

    strummer pfm Member

    Thanks. I'll definitely have a closer look. Some of my favourite music is horrifically mastered.

    Pity no MAC version. If I had to have a PC running, it's a non-starter, but if I can run my files through as a one off, then that's no hardship. Particularly if the results are worth it.

    I'll contact them today. Wonder if they would convert a couple of files as a sample? If they can make Crosstown Traffic sound good, I'm in! :D
  7. analogmusic

    analogmusic pfm Member

    I think the basic version can also output WMA lossless now.

    It's a one off process, and no hardship for me. and for me (and many others who have endorsed it, see on his website) the results have been good.

    I just cannot listen to music without it anymore.

    please read the john mazur review (link on my previous post above)

  8. analogmusic

    analogmusic pfm Member

  9. Martin D

    Martin D Libertarian Division

    Burwen's entire software suite, a Microsoft Excel workbook containing 1.4 million formulas, is called Audio Splendor and costs $14 000. A home version, Burwen Bobcat, which works only with Windows Media Player, is tentatively priced at $3300

    100% foo
  10. monkfish

    monkfish pfm Member

    This is from the link provided.

    Three recessed chambers at the far front provide cavities inside which Burwen's homemade left, middle, and right speaker systems reside—150 tweeters, five midrange horns, ten 16-inch woofers, and four 24-inch subwoofers. In front of each speaker Burwen has hung a mirrored disco ball and set a snare drum on the floor to add to the reverberations, which he says make the sound "more musical."

    Foo indeed, and anyone making money from this is a foo-foo.
  11. analogmusic

    analogmusic pfm Member


    the basic version costs now $109 dollars.

    as I said earlier it is the best hi fi purchase I ever made.

  12. analogmusic

    analogmusic pfm Member

    You are wrong monkfish.

    Richard has a lifetime of experience in how reverberations can make music sound better.

    There are many expensive cables and people pay thousands of dollars for... what exactly? Are mega expensive CD players and streamers that cost as much as German cars worth it? Maybe. What do you get with these? A sound closer to a turntable. More air and space? Less digital sound?

    Air and space/ambiance can be now added digitally. And the Burwen software is only $109 dollars.

    Maybe for some people it needs to come in an expensive and heavy box, with massive power supply and cost at least 10,000 USD for it.

  13. DickBurwen

    DickBurwen New Member

    Let me clear up some misconceptions about Burwen Bobcat Products and provide links to further information.

    My computer audio software has two main parts: multiple easy-to-use tone controls (EQ, like old fashioned bass and treble controls), and patented extreme high frequency reverberation. Both are essential for best sound and they contribute about equally, each by changing the frequency response.

    The tone controls in Burwen Bobcat Tone Balancer software are an improved version of those I designed for Mark Levinson's Cello Audio Palette around 30 years ago. They affect the trend of the frequency response for 1 to 7 channels, over a huge range, in steps of 0.1 dB. Audio Splendor software has more similar tone controls, 313 different high frequency reverbs, mixers, and the power of a 310 slider studio console.

    High frequency reverberation consists of multiple sound reflections at longer and longer intervals. Unlike real or artificial reverberation which is delayed 15 milliseconds or so, and is extremely attenuated above 2 kHz, its strongest effect is above 10 kHz. Reflections commence in microseconds, only microseconds apart. The reflections produce very little echo effect, but thousands of resonant peaks and valleys in the frequency response. When multiple instruments play the same note at slightly different tunings, the sum is amplitude modulation. In a hall this is a shimmering sound, but when it comes out of an audio system it is more like noise. The multiple peaks and valleys reduce the amplitude modulation, delivering smoother, more musical sound.

    The software works with audio files the Windows Media Player plays, and has high speed file conversion so you can make processed files for home, car, or iPod. Burwen Bobcat TR has high frequency reverb, but only slight fixed EQ; it does only half the job. Current prices are $1195, $469, and $109.

    A demo and response curve are at: http://burwenbobcat.com/burwen_bobcat_tr/

    Audio Splendor, biography, and my sound system are at: http://www.burwenaudio.com/

    Burwen Bobcat Tone Balancer, Burwen Bobcat TR, more demos, and complete instructions are at:
  14. monkfish

    monkfish pfm Member

    Can you give us copies of files which are untreated and then treated with your software so we can hear this wonderful transformation please, copyright means not using commercially produced music I suppose, but there are plenty of music files in the public domain which could be used for the purpose of this demonstration.
  15. bownose

    bownose pfm Member

    Dear Dick, I am awaiting the slightly older but cheaper and more grateful version, the Cougar....

    [that didn't come out right]
  16. analogmusic

    analogmusic pfm Member

    no need to be disrespectful to Dick. He is a Highly trained and respected engineer from Harvard and is not here to sell his product.

    I personally requested Dick to come out here to better explain his product for anyone interested in it.

    Dick has not come out to public forums before and I can now see why.

    Let us not make him regret it.

  17. bownose

    bownose pfm Member

    I am not being disrespectful to Dick at all. I did the same joke WRT Apple's past tendency to name their OSes after big cats as well... I have a very limited dynamic range.
  18. analogmusic

    analogmusic pfm Member

    Oh ok, sorry I didn't get the joke. apologies. that's what my daughter keeps telling me all the time that I need to lighten up a bit :)

  19. analogmusic

    analogmusic pfm Member

    Anyway welcome to the forum Dick, it's a honor and privilege to have you here.
  20. http://burwenbobcat.com/burwen_bobcat_tr/
    Buy it use it and get your money back after 21 days if not happy and you can carry on using it.
    Strange way of doing things imo.
    Why not just offer a free trial period like most others do and if its liked you buy it?

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