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Brexit and selling used gear from the EU to the UK

Discussion in 'trade discussion' started by Zombie, Jan 1, 2021.

  1. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    Has anyone bought anything from Thomann post-Brexit and, if so, is the process still the same as it was pre-Brexit, i.e. no surprise customs charges and courier handling fees upon delivery? The info on suggests that all prices have these charges already baked-in for UK customers. If this is true then I'm wondering how they are still able to offer highly competitive prices? Two items I'm looking at, for example, one of them I purchased in Sep 2020 for £35, has increased in price to £36, a tiny increase you could argue may well have happened anyway due to global inflation and/or Covid. The other item is currently priced at £2,858, which is actually a few pounds cheaper than the cheapest available price from a UK retailer!
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2021
  2. bruss

    bruss pfm Member

    It will depend on their set up. Looking at their site they look large enough to have registered in the UK, and will be applying the rules re vat and reclaiming via the normal cross border rules. For many smaller companies the hassle isn’t worth effort for a relatively small number of sales.
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  3. nmtjb

    nmtjb pfm Member

    I've bought and received 2 £100 items over the last 4 weeks, both arrived quickly, hassle free.
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  4. dgotlse

    dgotlse pfm Member

    Writing from the other side of the Channel, my mind is now totally made:
    - 2nd hand purchases from individuals is a total economical nonsense for any UE buyer : double VAT is a real pain
    - buying new from UK retailers is still an option, but as long as the sale is made with VAT off.

    Some retailers who used to sell further than Dover are ready for that and even show prices in Euro without VAT, some others do not want to bother themselves with that kind of things. Good for them.

    Ps: sorry for my English, not my native language, I'm the other side of the Channel :D
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  5. bruss

    bruss pfm Member

    You can't reclaim vat on private second hand sales from the EU to the UK.

    You can't reclaim VAT on commercial sales from the EU in to the UK unless you have a vat registration in the UK, and a VAT registration in the country of origin.
  6. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    It’s murdered the enthusiast s/h hifi market between Britain and the rest of Europe. Also I see that my mobile provider has told me I’m paying roaming charges in Europe from now on. Backward Brexit Britain. “Leaders in Global Free Trade”
  7. Sonority

    Sonority pfm Member

    & it changes again from January 1...
    While this is supposed to make it easier, well, no it does not.
    We now need a precise invoice / delivery note some days before shipment.
    I supply this to my clearing Agent.
    I'll let you read the rest - going to be mayhem for a few months all over again.
    Total complete and utter CF as far as I'm concerned.
    It is bound to have impacts on other items as well. :=

    I am sure you are aware of the slight change to the importation of goods into the U.K. as of 1ST. Jan 2022. From the beginning of the new year we will raise the import C88 as normal, we will then send you the entry number for your shipment, this entry number must be passed to the haulier carrying your shipment, the haulier will then have to raise a special reference/bar code(GMR) for your goods and this they will have to present at the port of exit Calais/Eurotunnel Etc. As the ship/train leaves France the Customs entry will automatically clear on the ship/train.
  8. oldgit

    oldgit pfm Member

    Mean while in the world of grown ups.
    Am in the market for secondhand expensive toy. there are no examples for sale in UK.
    A decent choice inside the EU.
    Pre Brexit.
    Pick up the phone ,fly down to arrange to view, buy, pay to ship and wait for it to arrive,end of.
    Post Brexit
    Now add 20% UK VAT, even if TVA has previously been paid in EU.

    Perhaps they need the money for redecorating flats or perhaps wine and cheese ?

    We hold all the cards ? :oops:
    ff1d1l and miktec like this.
  9. halvis

    halvis pfm Member

    It’s the same both ways, we in the EU pay ‘Import duty’ (same rate as VAT) on anything coming from the UK. Includes new and 2nd hand items. So that market has gone for sure.
  10. tonerei

    tonerei pfm Member

    It is sadly. I got a pair of speakers home last year but I had to collect myself and went through Scotland to try and avoid getting caught for duties. It worked but I would assume especially with the new rules coming in things will get tighter and it wont be worth the stress. PITA for all of us for no gain on either side.
  11. robbyd

    robbyd pfm Member

    I just bought some new car parts from Holland and the seller gladly deducted VAT at source, as I'd be hit with in on entry (turns out I wasn't, so win-win!).
    In NY a lot of department stores have means for the individual to reclaim sales tax if the item is a tourist/export purchase...
  12. halvis

    halvis pfm Member

    Yes, many companies do deduct the VAT at source, then you are OK. This is only applies for new goods though, the 2nd hand market is dead and gone.
  13. anubisgrau

    anubisgrau pfm Member

    i pity only those who didn't want brexit and voted remain.

    the rest should enjoy what they gained.
  14. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

  15. misterdog

    misterdog Not the canine kind

    Though I can still buy a new Benchmark Amplifier shipped and delivered with 'Brexit taxes' from Germany
    for £ 500 less than in the UK.

    I believe the EU importer is UK based so go figure.
  16. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    It’s a real shame because previously your ad on pfm would turn up on to a global audience and more especially a huge market in the rest of the EU. Off your item went by regular courier and arrived with the buyer without hassle and add on costs. My beautiful German phono stage went to a fellow enthusiast in Rome. I got my asking price and he got a great deal due to the strength of the €. Similarly buying was a doddle. My EAR509 Anniversary amps arrived from Vienna in a couple of days straight from the seller. That’s all gone now.
  17. anubisgrau

    anubisgrau pfm Member

    only remainers should complain...
  18. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

    Why? Brexit stuffs everyone.
  19. anubisgrau

    anubisgrau pfm Member

    what the hell did the brexiters expect? i know they are short on cognitive functions but this sad fact shouldn't pardon them.

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