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Border Patrol UK @ The Sound Practice

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by The Sound Practice, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. The Sound Practice

    The Sound Practice Trade: The Sound Practice

    Border Patrol UK is a new company providing European sales and support for the world acclaimed range of Border Patrol valve amplifiers.

    Gary Dews will be a familiar name to many enthusiasts as the talented designer and manufacturer of the Border Patrol range. Following Gary's relocation from the UK to Maryland in the USA where he continues to manufacture these stunning amplifiers, it was felt that maintaining a local presence in the UK to support both existing and potential customers was of key importance.

    Working in association with The Sound Practice, an established two channel specialist dealer, Gary has set up Border Patrol UK to provide the following services:-

    - Demonstrations and sales of the full Border Patrol range of amplifiers and power supplies

    - Service and repairs for existing Border Patrol products

    - Upgrades to existing Border Patrol products, including a range of new 'Export' high-performance packages

    - System building utilising a range of complementary products

    We are keen to make contact with as many Border Patrol customers as possible in order to register your products for warranty purposes and discuss potential upgrades etc, and would ask you to e-mail or call with your details.

    Equally we are keen to introduce new people to these products, and as well as comprehensive demonstration facilities located in St Albans Hertfordshire, we will be attending a number of UK Hi Fi Shows.

    We have the following Border Patrol products on permanent demonstration:-

    Pre amps - Control Unit 2

    Power Amps - P21 Push Pull - P20, Push Pull, Dual Power Supplies - S20 Single Ended, Dual Power Supplies

    We also have the following complementary products & efficient loudspeakers on demonstration:-

    Speakers- Living Voice - Devore Fidelity - Art Emotion Monitor

    Sources - Teac Esoteric - Resolution Audio - Scheu Analog turntables - Avid

    Cables - Kondo, Auditorium 23, Mogami

    Phono - Auditorium 23 Transformers

    Accessories - Boston Audio

    01727 893 928

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