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[FS] BMW 330ci sport auto convertible 2003

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by chutts, Jul 25, 2022.

  1. chutts

    chutts pfm Member

    Lovely example in Titanium silver with grey leather and dark blue hood. Xenon headlights, Harman Kardon hifi, refurbished as new 18 inch MV alloys, electric memory seats, sports seats, M body styling, 6 disc CD, climate, multifunction M steering wheel, auto headlights and wipers, remote locking.

    Low mileage example with 105,000 miles. Full service history. Mot'd until March 2023 and serviced March 2022. A very clean and well looked after car. I've had it 11 years and have kept it in good order.

    Asking £4495.

    Based in Kent.



    More images on request. Thanks for looking.


    More images on request. Please DM with any questions. Thanks for looking.
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  2. Vince Parkin

    Vince Parkin Vince

    That's a lovely looking motor, I love the straight line from the bottom of the windscreen to the very back of the car. Been well cherished.
  3. That looks a very clean car. A lot of car for the money.

    Cheers BB
  4. Funk

    Funk pfm Member

    The E46 coupé and convertible are, imo, the pinnacle of BMW design.

    Lovely-looking example OP, good luck with the sale!
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  5. AnilS

    AnilS pfm Member

    Only if you add the E39 ;)

    Nice car @chutts . I had the same engine in my E39 as @hifilover1979 knows :);)
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  6. Olaup

    Olaup pfm Member

    Bloody good job I bought an MX5 the other day, I might have swayed & bought this otherwise, lovely car.
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  7. hifilover1979

    hifilover1979 Bigger than you...

    Lovely car and agree; the E46, E39 and E38 cars of that era were the best built IMO; about the best looking too

    And the M54 is a superb engine; super smooth BMW straight 6, bulletproof and easy to service & maintain too
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