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Bloody bloody bloody annoyed

Discussion in 'off topic' started by GruntPuppy, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    Yep, if he gave his phone number out, that would be a thing. I have spoken to him previously when he rang me after I made an enquiry about getting a custom version of his platter... Sadly I didn't make a note of the number he rang from.
  2. Thorn

    Thorn pfm Member

    I can't see your problem. The engraving will be covered up when you're playing a record, and it's hardly "in your face" anyway.
    There's not an item in my set-up that doesn't bear the maker's name, some of it lit up. My car has the company logo all over, inside and out. My jeans have a little tag on.
    I won't buy clothes loudly proclaiming a "designer" name, nor shoes with three stripes or a swoosh, but I'm happy with something discrete.
    gintonic likes this.
  3. Tigerjones

    Tigerjones Bagpuss

    Have you got an angle grinder?
  4. mansr

    mansr Objectionist

    Well, the emblazonment pictured is anything but discreet.
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  5. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK I had amnesia once or twice...

    IME, any problems should be dealt with through eBay or PayPal; try and deal with it more informally (as I tried) and can go t**s up quickly and expensively.
    narabdela, blossomchris and twotone like this.
  6. twotone

    twotone pfm Member

    Try Google mate, try his name or business name or look through your phone if he called you on a mobile (to mobile) and check out the phone numbers on Google around the time he called, you'll be amazed what turns up.
  7. twotone

    twotone pfm Member

  8. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    I wish. I've bought a bunch of hifi things recently - Everything apart from this order has been as described - From custom cables (review forthcoming once I get system cabled up - if the fit and finish of these is anything to go by, it's going to be a glowing review at that), to the sub-platter (which I think I did describe in glowing terms - beautifully made), to little odds and sods like a pair of silicone drive belts and a Rega P8 dual drive pulley.

    Apart from this, it's all been plain sailing, everything as described or pictured. Indeed, the cables I have bought have been specced from end-to-end - connectors, solder used, cable used, overbraid pattern (which I'm aware is not to everyone's taste, but I chose it because I like it, and it kind of blends with both hifi racks), to length - so I can make the cabling as tidy as possible when it's all put together. This one thing - a supplier who hasn't represented his product fairly or accurately on his website - is the fly in the ointment.

    I would dearly have liked the supplier to send the goods as pictured - it's a superb bit of kit, apart from the etching on the top, which just looks cheap and nasty.
  9. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    To be honest, at this point, I'd rather not speak to him. He's basically admitted to lying to me over a couple of things in emails with regards a custom one-off version, he's behaving like a spoiled brat with Paypal Resolutions now as well. The platter is on it's way back to him special delivery, the sooner I wash my hands of him the better. Him trying to make this seem like it's my fault because I'm annoyed that he hasn't send the product as described or pictured has gone down like a lead balloon with me. If I wanted ugly, I'd have bought ugly to begin with. Having this foisted on me is not acceptable.
    twotone likes this.
  10. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    GruntPuppy likes this.
  11. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    Thank you for this, but the link just takes me to a page of products, none of which appears to relate to Rega Planar 2


    Does that meet with approval? Very similar, and has confirmed they don't engrave anything on it.
  12. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

    I can understand how you're annoyed, I sent a late 40's Norton single cylinder engine to be re-built by the the UK's No1 Norton single cylinder specialist, when returned I discovered he had stamped his first name and first three letters of his surname into the left hand side case, just below the bottom of the pushrods, in plain sight for all too see, I was really surprised and shocked that someone would deface a motor like this, especially someone who should know better that knows the value of these engines, it seems there's no accounting for what someone's ego will justify. Luckily the case is quite thick, the stamping not too deep and I was able to polish it out.
    The lack of label recess is pretty crap for a platter that's 'designed' to be used without a mat.
    Fwiw it's a cheap, tacky looking platter anyway, the weights look crap, I'd much prefer a plain and simple black 26mm Delrin platter or perhaps one of Regas own 'upgrade' platters.

    Btw, if you're not happy with a purchase and the seller is not answering emails or being awkward, etc, the best move is to post on their public profile in the social media platforms, FB or Instagram, this tends to get matters sorted out quickly.
    Chops54 likes this.
  13. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

    Yes, it seems to be a bit of an affliction within the high end Hifi industry, whether oversized branding, ugly typefaces, horrible surface treatments, bling plating and overly busy designs and colour use. I guess this reflects the ego of the designer, perhaps wanting to stand out amongst the rest and of course appeals to the demographic.
    Dieter Rams got it right about 60 years ago.
    narabdela and Sue Pertwee-Tyr like this.
  14. Sue Pertwee-Tyr

    Sue Pertwee-Tyr Well, I can dream, can’t I?

    I also think a lot of ‘boutique’ Hifi manufacturers either can’t afford, or don’t understand the need for, good industrial design consultants.
  15. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    I've had similar, but in a hidden rarely seen area, which i don't mind. In watch and clock repairs it is common for the horologist to mark the interior in some way to indicate who repaired and when. Considered part of the history of the timepiece. But never normally visible.
    Sue Pertwee-Tyr likes this.
  16. billo

    billo pfm Member

    I've just read through this. It might, and it is a big,big might, have been acceptable if it was done with prior knowledge or if it had been done with subtlety, flair, or discretion but it is non of those things.
    In terms of monumental cheek I'm surprised they have not suggested turning it over :).
  17. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    you are right, I wouldn't necessarily afford them the compliment of call them "boutique".

    They are typically a bloke in a shed with a vaguely good or even not so good idea for making tat out of scraps of acrylic.

    They are often retired or redundant engineers and use the moniker to shove their credibility down the throat of an unwary customer.
    Nero likes this.
  18. mansr

    mansr Objectionist

    They are certainly redundant in the sense that nobody needs them.
  19. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

    To be honest I think he should have stamped his initials and date in an area that would not normally be seen when the engine is mounted in the bike, plenty of places available whether bottom, rear or front of the cases. To deliberately stamp a classic bike engine where clearly visible is bordering on vandalism, IMHO of course.
  20. mansr

    mansr Objectionist

    Then there's the surgeon who marked patients' livers with his initials:

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