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Bargain Box Sets

Discussion in 'music' started by merlin, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Pete MB&D

    Pete MB&D Pete Maddex, the one and only!

    Oooo ordered!

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  2. ex brickie

    ex brickie pfm Member

    Cracking value. Is it common to get music bargains on the German Amazon?
  3. suzywong

    suzywong Wot, no electrons?

    I picked up the same BM set a couple years ago (pre-Brexit) from AMZ-France and it was about half the AMZ-UK price.

    Delivery was remarkably quick, so it probably came from the UK warehouse anyway!

    Be interesting to see whether Pete gets hit by import duty or other post Brexit cr@p.
  4. bencat

    bencat Amplifier Destroyer par excellence

    Just to note that Amazon either the UK or Europe sites when they show that they ship to the UK pay all VAT in advance before shipment so if you are logged in as UK then the price including shipping is the price you will pay . I would say that if you see a CD on UK Amazon it is always worth a quick search of DE , FR as noted they sometimes have the same item at lower prices but not always . Used to also be worth looking at the Amazon IN India site but sadly these seem to show lots of items at decent prices but then say out of stock . With regard to duty currently there is an agreement that all items for personal import up to £120 are exempt from duty but not VAT . I have found that any item bought from Europe up to £30 declared value is pretty much ignored as the VAT is not really worth collecting . Anything above that but under £120 is a bit of a lottery some they pull and charge VAT and some they just deliver .
  5. Chris Tarling

    Chris Tarling Yellow Hound

    Mine was delivered today. Total cost 16.48Euro.
    No additional duties.
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  6. bencat

    bencat Amplifier Destroyer par excellence

    This is a very long thread now and this was released a while ago so apologies in advance if this has been listed before . I listened to the Radcliffe and Marconi show last Sunday and the last track they played was the classic Born to be Wild and my memory of this was always liked the track but the recording sound was always weedy and lacked any air . We ll to my surprise this was not the case it sounded very good indeed much better than I remembered . Contacted the show and tried to find out which version they had played and good enough they came back and said it was from this box set . Given the price for eight albums seemed silly not to just buy the box set as the remastered albums were not available singly . So ordered and arrived today in the process of ripping all tracks to my hard drive but did play the Born to be Wild track and it does sound really good enough to make me grin from ear to ear. This was the cheapest I found in a search .
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  7. Seanm

    Seanm pfm Member

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  8. MotelBlues

    MotelBlues pfm Member

    Qobuz have the upcoming T. Rex “1972” box for preorder in 24/44.1 for £14.99, which seems eminently reasonable to me.

    Amazon are preordering the CD box set for £69.99.
  9. onlyconnect

    onlyconnect pfm Member

    May be reasonable but not a box IMO!

  10. starbuck

    starbuck pfm Member

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  11. starbuck

    starbuck pfm Member

    Now sold out on the listing I linked to but if you're interested, keep an eye on the sellers other listings as they do come in and out of stock. They may also get the deluxe 3 CD + bu ray set of Goats Head Soup back in stock too, which was also quite cheap.
  12. Jamie

    Jamie pfm Member

  13. ntom

    ntom pfm Member

    Whether you consider these bargains or not is up to you (and probably only for the anal fans out there who are way behind the curve!!), but these do appear to be about the best prices for brand new unopened copies....
    Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here & The Wall Immersion Box Set editions. £54.99 each (though deduct 10% with code WELCOME10) at (plus postage which i think was about £5)

    Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Immersion Box Set at Amazon Italy for Euros76.50 (inc p&p)

    Not exactly cheap but i've been promising myself copies of these (well DSOTM & WYWH at any rate) for some time and these prices are very little more than common sale prices for used examples on that auction site.
  14. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

    Thanks for this link! Just nabbed one for £15 which includes postage!
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  15. Graham H

    Graham H pfm Member

    Essential IMO - I paid more than that for my copy when it was first released about 15 or so years ago. Well worth every penny of £50 - and you won’t find it on Qobuz. Let’s hope the Francois Bayle complete set is reissued at the same price.
  16. Seanm

    Seanm pfm Member

    You’re in luck!

    Mine arrived at the weekend. Fantastic stuff.
    Graham H likes this.
  17. springer

    springer pfm Member

    Not my cup of tea, but the new Liam Gallagher live CD is just £5 in-store at Morrisons if that's your thing.
  18. smegger68

    smegger68 Mango Enthusiast

    That's not a bargain even if they pay you to take it away ;)
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  19. springer

    springer pfm Member

    Hence my post. Let's not be too snobby! Plenty out there still waiting for another Definitely, Maybe....
  20. davidjt

    davidjt pfm Member

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