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Bargain Box Sets

Discussion in 'music' started by merlin, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Phil UK

    Phil UK pfm Member

    Thank you, I have a set on their way to me.
    wezzywest likes this.
  2. bencat

    bencat pfm Member

    That is a great price for a really superb set these are going for much more used than this . Thank you for the tip sadly I bought mine new over two years ago and paid more for it then .
  3. Junaman

    Junaman Well-Known Member

    Early birthday present for myself. Looking forward to hearing New Boots and Panties again. One of the first albums I bought and foolishly swapped for something else in the early 80’s - A Flock of Seagulls or something equally dire which thankfully I didn’t keep…
  4. Chris Tarling

    Chris Tarling Yellow Hound

    £40 I didn't expect to spend... ;)
    bencat and wezzywest like this.
  5. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

  6. albireo, Engels and tuga like this.
  7. albireo

    albireo pfm Member

    Just got mine and going through the 60 pages booklet. What an absolute TREAT. I had to come back here and thank you for the heads up. Were it not for you I would have likely missed this!
    seagullsnacker likes this.
  8. Thanks ! It’s lovely stuff indeed - great package and superb music
  9. MotelBlues

    MotelBlues pfm Member

    bencat, guey and smegger68 like this.
  10. guey

    guey pfm Member

    Ta muchly.
    It seems I only have Don't Try This At Home, so that's a handy tip.
    MotelBlues likes this.
  11. bencat

    bencat pfm Member

    Thank you bought this set as i did not have any full albums by Billy just a few songs nice way to get an almost complete catalogue for not much money .
  12. GavinB

    GavinB pfm Member

    I got the Billy Bragg too. I've split them out into different albums. Anyone know what Disc 8 from Vol 1 is?
  13. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK Booyakashah, check out my avatar...

  14. GavinB

    GavinB pfm Member

    No, not as simple as that (unfortunately). The audio tracks marked as disc 8 don't match that at all. I'll have to have a listen to try to discern whether they're live or not. (Not that that'll help necessarily.)
  15. MotelBlues

    MotelBlues pfm Member

    At times like this I find the Shazam phone app can help.
  16. deebster

    deebster Half Man Half Biscuit

    The Qobuz link says they're live 'at I Beam – San Francisco 3 June 1985', but as you say it doesn't seem to match the Cooking Vinyl 2006 release
    GavinB likes this.
  17. GavinB

    GavinB pfm Member

    As @deebster says above, the files do actually all say 'Live at I Beam' etc. I don't think that's a recognised album as such, but that's what I'll rename this disc!
  18. bencat

    bencat pfm Member

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  19. vince rocker

    vince rocker pfm Member

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