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Avondale SE200 Announcement on FB

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by Richard Lines, Jul 29, 2022.

  1. Does anyone know when any of these boards will be made available to purchase. I’m very keen to hear them in an amp.
  2. Richard Lines

    Richard Lines pfm Member

    Ask LesW direct?


  3. Mynamemynaim

    Mynamemynaim 38yrs a Naim owner

    Sadly Les doesn't seem to be in that "bare board" market any more
    I'd e surprised if the only thing available is fully built boards at higher prices
  4. bugbear

    bugbear pfm Member

    AFAIK with the NCC300, even the fully built boards were not available - only the full upgrade/fitting service, or fully built in an "Audio T" case.

    All this was via Simon Hamnett.
  5. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    Ready built modules is the way to go IMO or even a retro fit only service to your existing amp/s.

    There is a world of pain and expense for a supplier who has to provide customer support to the DIY community. (As LesW well knows) The fact that these new SE200 and E230 modules have an additional 0V connection would suggest are not suitable for a 'straight swap' into an existing Naim amp but rather the amp be sent to Avondale Audio for the upgrade.

    Without doubt the prices will rise. The MJ15003 devices have risen to over £10 each, resistors have doubled in price in many cases and some values are hard to find or lead times are 6 months. Exotic components have sky rocketed in price, wet tants £50 each, a favourite of many a DIYer for the feed back cap and the associated resistors 15kR = £1 per 1K. Then you have to build two and in many cases I now note you have a min order of 5 off.

    DIY audio is no longer a cheap hobby IMO (Ive just placed an order for some 'bits' I might need = £160) but saying that theres nothing better than building something yourself powering up and wait for the BANG and smoke.
  6. Mynamemynaim

    Mynamemynaim 38yrs a Naim owner

    Yes magic smoke has gone up in price enormously...and getting it into components is very labour prices are bound to rise
    Garrard 401 and Richard Lines like this.
  7. I’d be happy with a fully built, drop in board.
  8. Jo Sharp

    Jo Sharp Pulls on doors marked push

    Close to completing my first pair of SE200 boards. What bias current is required?
  9. Mynamemynaim

    Mynamemynaim 38yrs a Naim owner

    Did Les not specify when he supplied them?
  10. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    60mA I was told. I have run at 100mA without issue with a large heat sink, they run warm at that bias.

    Just to add...there is no sonic benefit to running at 100mA as I can tell.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2022
  11. Jo Sharp

    Jo Sharp Pulls on doors marked push

    No, just got a BoM with a bag of components.
    Mynamemynaim likes this.
  12. Jo Sharp

    Jo Sharp Pulls on doors marked push

    Thanks Graham….I suspected it would be in that ballpark, but best to check.
  13. Looking forward to your impressions on how they sound!
  14. Avon

    Avon pfm Member

    Do you mean the true “bias current”, measured across the (presumably) two 0R22 output resistors, or the “idle current”, drawn by the positive rail? These terms seem to get mixed up here.
  15. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    I set up via current drawn through the positive rail…
  16. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    Here they are built.....Note the Z Foil (RHS of coil)



  17. Paddy

    Paddy pfm Member

    I've been wondering if there were any locations in my NCC300 boards that would benefit from Z-Foils
  18. MarkieW

    MarkieW pfm Member

    but what do they sound like?
  19. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    Sorry to repeat from post 22 sort of.

    The SE200 sounds far superior compared to the NCC220 or Qudos or even the NCC300 and thats not just my opinion many who have had the opportunity to trial these amps are all saying the same thing 'amazing'. Theres more low level detail recovery, a cleaner and transparent presentation if you like, as if a veil has been lifted from the front of the speakers. As one listener said thats 'eerie good' when I asked him what he meant he just replied 'realistic... But its also the musicality which is sublime for me. It truly is sonically outstanding.
    Simon s and Mike Hanson like this.
  20. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    Their part of the feed back circuit in the SE200...Sorry I cant recall the NCC300 feedback resistor/circuit.
    Paddy likes this.

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