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[FS] Avondale (RMS) Revelation 1 Speakers (Ash or Mahogany)

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by RegH, Jul 9, 2022.

  1. RegH

    RegH pfm Member

    If you got this far, you probably already know about these fantastic sounding speakers which were designed by Les Wolstenholme of Avondale Audio.
    Speakers are black steel cabinets on a tubular stand which acts as a down ported design with "easy level" spiked isolation plate. There are wooden top and bottom covers (I can give you a choice of light ash/mahogany - see pics).
    An inverted dome tweeter gives them the incredible top-end and a single 4" mid/bass unit works deceptiveley well due to the ported stand.
    Can demo (with Avondale NCC200 amp which will be for sale after speakers have gone).

    Due to the weight and fragile nature, I can realistically only offer them as collect-only (Suffolk) but am willing to discuss delivery/meet-up if required.

    Asking: £900

    Will add photos once I can work out how to do ito_O
  2. RegH

    RegH pfm Member

  3. RegH

    RegH pfm Member

  4. RegH

    RegH pfm Member

  5. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart Avoiding Stress, at Every Opportunity

    I’m in Suffolk and wishing I could!!! Lovely looking speakers.
  6. linnfomaniac83

    linnfomaniac83 I bet you can’t wheelie a unicycle!

    Blimey, you don’t see these very often at all, very nice!
  7. Spider

    Spider pfm Member

    Have these got the off board crossovers with them?
  8. RegH

    RegH pfm Member

    Afraid not. They have the Biwired binding posts.
  9. jonnoshore

    jonnoshore physicist, engineer and healer

    Have you run them with the biwire binding posts and no external crossover?

    If you have I would suspect they need two new tweeters.
  10. RegH

    RegH pfm Member

    Sorry Jonno, I should have been more explicit in my reply. The Revelation speakers have their
    own internal crossovers (mounted in the steel upright I believe).
    I do know that some owners have extracted the crossovers and mounted them externally.
    I don’t know if they were available from Les like that; wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

    Rest assured, the tweeters are fine and the speakers sound fantastic.
  11. CDphobe

    CDphobe pfm Member

    He did, at least for the 3-way Revelation 2 so I'd be surprised if not for the 1s - lovely matched wooden enclosure to complement fantastic speakers. If anyone's tempted, I'd say give them a try, they're really rather nice
  12. RegH

    RegH pfm Member

    Thanks for the recommendation; yes, they really are very nice speakers.

    I also have an NCC200 based amp for sale if you want to put together a full Avondale system. They work incredibly well together.
    Amp is Les' 260Z kit, assembled from pre-built components:-
  13. jonnoshore

    jonnoshore physicist, engineer and healer

    I've had Rev2s and know numerous people who had Rev 1s all Rev ones had external crossovers..

    I suspect everyone
    I am waiting to be corrected by Les or someone who has seen crossovers in the stand but suspect not...

    I hope you get a good sale price.

    If I had more £££ I'd be interested in the cabinets to experiment with.
  14. RegH

    RegH pfm Member

    Interesting. I was given to understand (probably from Les) that they had internal crossovers when I bought them.
    I have had them a good while though and memory not what it used to be. Not quite so convinced now that they are in the stand
    but they must have them.

    Looks like I am going to have to pop one of the bass drivers out tomorrow :(
    although a call to Les first perhaps.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2022
  15. RegH

    RegH pfm Member

    Well this pair certainly has internal crossovers!!!
    You can see in the picture there is an inductor (wrapped in foam) connected to the bass driver. There is another (capacitor) above connected to the tweeter. Part of the success of these speakers is due to the use of mechanical crossover between the bass/tweeter units which allowed Les to have such a simple electrical crossover vastly reducing it's impact on sound quality.

  16. jonnoshore

    jonnoshore physicist, engineer and healer

    Great to hear that Reg. Thanks for uploading the pictures.. GLWTS
  17. RegH

    RegH pfm Member

    Interesting use of GLWTS; usually used in the context of trying to achieve the impossible :)
    although I am surprised at the lack of interest on here so you may be right.

    Happy if anyone wants to come and listen to committment. And the kids can have a day out at the seaside.

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