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[FS] Avondale NCC220 + HCR + Transformers

Discussion in 'd.i.y. classifieds' started by laverda, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. laverda

    laverda pfm Member


    Avondale NCC220 'Voyager' kit, used in a voyager for about 8 months before the NCC300 came along. The NCC300 replaced this setup. About 18 months old and not used for ah....10 months. I have bench tested and all's well.

    Not really for beginners (or why not) there's plenty of info in DIY pages,,,,

    2 x NCC220
    2 x HCR regulators
    2 x 75va transformers for the HCR's

    Over £680 if bought new....

    £480 inc SAVE £200 + free shipping to mainland UK or collection by arrangement OK.
  2. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    £450 before ebay..
  3. chrisn

    chrisn pfm Member

    More interested in the HCRs than anything
    Can you give some information on the transformers?
  4. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    The trans are 100va 25-0-25, (but I need to check the va) wired for 50v out. NCC220, HCR's set for 45vdc as recommended by Les for the front end.

    All supplied by Les at Avondale last year.
  5. coredump

    coredump Press <ALT-F4> to continue.

    PM concerning NCC boards sent.
  6. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    NCC220 now SOLD

    So the NCR's and Transformers £250


    NCR regs: £200 the pair ...

    Transformers: £50 the pair...
  7. chrisn

    chrisn pfm Member

    Pm sent
  8. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    HCR's prov SOLD
  9. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    Just the transformers left...
  10. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    coredump, I sent you a PM, I need a No for the courier.
  11. 337alant

    337alant Negatively Biased

    that lot was a good deal Graham :cool: Fab amplification for little money

  12. coredump

    coredump Press <ALT-F4> to continue.

    Received the boards in perfect shape, thanks!
  13. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    Great news Thanks

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