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[FS] Audiovector Mi3 Avantgarde (Maple)

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by strocky, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

    Audiovector Mi3 Avantgarde (Maple) RRP £4700 when new
    Newest generation retails for £6320

    VGC, a couple of marks (not indentations) on the back and one small veneer blemish on the top of one speaker

    Dropbox Link showing pics inc link to manufacturer's spec brochure

    2nd owner, purchased in May 2013 privately from Hifiwigwam
    Took me 2 years to find on the SHM, only selling because I've upgraded my fronts

    Original Boxes and can offer man with a van delivery within Mainland UK for those that don't trust the likes of Parcelfarce etc

    Lots of Naim owners run these as they are detailed with well defined bass but not clinical
    Happy to demo

    Looking for £950 collected or £995 insured delivery by man in a van (subject to post code)
    Listed on Ebay at a higher cost, would rather sell to an enthusiast on here and pass on the bargain
  2. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

  3. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

  4. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

  5. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

  6. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

  7. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

    Treat yourself to an early Christmas present
  8. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

    SOLD subject to demo tomorrow
  9. lawrence001

    lawrence001 pfm Member

    Good luck!
    strocky likes this.
  10. Graham Cartwright

    Graham Cartwright New Member

    Great demo and I’m happy to buy them.
  11. strocky

    strocky pfm Member

    Funds received with thanks

    Pleasure to meet you and your family

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